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I was born in Missouri on a farm that my great-great-grandfather land granted I went to the same small school from first grade to senior high. And then got a math and physics degree at the Truman University in kirksville Missouri and a degree in engineering at the University of Rolla Missouri. How's the field engineer for the Bell telephone company for 4 years. I then went to Bell labs for 3 years and worked on the design of number one electronic switching systems. And then took a job at Emerson electric in St Louis Missouri. At this job by design automatic testing equipment which was a new occupation. After 3 years of Emerson I then took a job with Martin Marietta in Denver Colorado. I work for several different compartments there for 30 years one of which was the development of classic wizard which was the unclassified name. I then took retirement and move to Mesa Arizona where I now live.



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