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The Right Resistance: No Democrat gets by in 2024 without the say-so of The Big O and Michelle

Have you ever noticed that moments after a particularly intense thunderstorm that it’s often bright and sunny, as though the weather discrepancy never even existed?

A similar phenomenon may be taking place in today’s Democrat party. Speculation mounts as to whether senile president Joe Biden plans to run for reelection in 2024 -- and it certainly looks as though he won’t -- so political observers and pundits everywhere are tossing their two cents onto the table as to who they believe will be the bumbling establishmentarian’s next-of-kind. In other words, the storm is raging, the sky is dark, the wind is blowing furiously from seemingly all directions and the streets are filling up with inches of gushing rainwater as though nothing will ever be dry again. But then the tempest abates, inevitably stops and clarity is restored. The civil engineers did their job, too -- drains removed all the excess puddling. Could this describe the Democrats, too? Who will ultimately decide? A lot of people think Barack Obama will serve as kingmaker to the leftist Democrat movement. The two-term former president isn’t eligible to try for another four years -- and there’s no way that either the Republicans or Democrats would consider amending the Constitution to allow for a third presidential term -- so the “Big O” won’t be on the ballot. It’s as certain as a Florida afternoon cloudburst or a rainbow on a Hawaiian west facing slope. Are you preparing yourself for the “Obama primary”? Katherine Doyle reported at The Washington Examiner:

“As speculation grows over a possible Democratic primary field in 2024, a constantly shifting landscape has some looking to party elders, not least two-term former President Barack Obama.

“So far, there’s no white smoke. The former president rallied voters ahead of the Virginia governor’s election and was a looming presence in the race for the Democratic nomination in 2020. Some hopefuls, including now-President Joe Biden, hugged the former leader, while others on the debate stage sought to distance themselves from the last Democratic administration’s policies, including over healthcare, as well as immigration and a record of deportations…

“[Dick Morris] argued, as Democrats approach Super Tuesday and a need to rally black voters in the South, a core Democratic constituency, ‘the major voice will be Obama’s. That’s why he put South Carolina three days before Super Tuesday,’ he said, referring to the Democratic National Committee’s decision in 2007 to legally formalize the nominating process in the state, which had switched off primaries with caucuses. The move meant that ‘the black vote could be structured in South Carolina, and then be carried through the rest of the South and have enough to move the whole convention as it did with Biden — and would be now,’ Morris said. African Americans make up some 60% of the Democratic electorate in the state.”

That’s it! The answer was in front of our faces the whole time and we didn’t even realize it! Like in the thunderstorm example, we knew all along that the horrendous downpour would eventually end, but it was so intense that we doubted our common sense anyway. Happens every time, doesn’t it?

Amidst the rampant rumors of senile Joe’s real intentions -- to declare at some point, probably fairly soon, that he’s not running for reelection -- many of us ignored the real power center of the Democrat party, the one person whose say-so means everything. Donald Trump possesses the same kind of authority in the GOP, and let’s face it, it’s a lot more interesting to talk about Trump than it is Obama or any other Democrat.

Think about it. Early last year as the Democrat presidential primaries neared, the all-seeing eyes of “the chosen one” watched from afar and didn’t say a whole lot. Though everyone who paid attention realized the contest was down to Bernie Sanders -- and someone who wasn’t Bernie Sanders -- the Democrat establishment, including Obama, panicked and threw a tizzy fit.

Make no mistake, Bernie’s unadulterated socialism didn’t scare them at all. In fact, a total government takeover of the economy, people’s private lives and the means of production is every Democrat’s dream whether they admit it or not. It’s a glorified redistribution of wealth from the productive class to the freeloaders who vote Democrat and value abortion over everything else in politics.

These do-gooder wealthy limousine liberals couldn’t care less about high taxation because one, they pay for lawyers and accountants to get them out of most of their liability, and two, even the taxes they do pay don’t make a scratch on their glittering portfolios. The super-rich could just as easily move their dough into offshore tax shelters or simply file appeal after appeal after appeal. No sweat.

But Obama and company recognized that Sanders wasn’t electable. A little less than a quarter of Democrat primary voters loved “The Bern’s” take no prisoners campaign style, but there was no way that a preponderance of Americans would put the raving, bug-eyed, hands gesturing lunatic in the White House. Can you imagine four years of, “If you like your doc-ta, you can keep your doc-ta”?

Something had to be done. Senile Joe hadn’t been completely eliminated, just embarrassed in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. It’s hard to recall now, but there were whispers about Biden bowing out gracefully before his reputation was completely ruined. But with the specter of Bernie hovering over the party like a banshee in a haunted house, Democrats needed a viable alternative.

It wasn’t the boyish homosexual, Pete Buttigieg. The thirty-something former mayor didn’t have the experience or gravitas to get farther after surprising the world with an Iowa win. Nor was it (boring) Amy Klobuchar, who hung around longer than she should have, because everyone else in the field -- including the noxious Kamala Harris -- was so uninspiring.

That left senile Joe. Obama and Rep. Jim Clyburn must’ve gotten together and decided to publicly ramp up their support for the Big O’s veep and bosom pal before it was too late. Understanding that the black vote drives South Carolina Democrat politics, they could’ve endorsed Maxine Waters and she probably would’ve won as a write-in candidate in the Palmetto State over Bernie Sanders.

Yes, Dick Morris is correct. Black voters propel the Democrat party, especially in the south. This means that contests like Iowa and New Hampshire are virtually worthless in the nominating process, used more to weed out the obviously pathetic contenders like Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg. No winner is determined there. If you’re a Democrat, you throw yourself at the mercy of Obama and Clyburn to hit paydirt.

Which makes 2024 all the more interesting. Who will win the magic tap on the shoulder from Barack Obama? One would think that affirmative action darling Kamala Harris would be the frontrunner in the ultimate identity politics derby. The Obamas went headfirst into backing Hillary Clinton in 2016, most likely because she’s more of a woman than Joe Biden was.

But Harris will have the same type of electability conundrum that Bernie Sanders had last year. She’s seen as too far out of the mainstream to attract the Joe Biden “moderate” voters. Independents don’t like her. Conservatives and Republicans loath her. Even the #NeverTrump crowd would have a tough time arguing that she would be better than Trump (though they’d certainly try to assert it).

What about Michelle Obama? The former first lady has repeatedly said she’s not interested in politics, but here’s thinking all she would need is the unanimous blessing of the Democrat establishment and the growing leftist faction of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush types and she’d be a shoe-in. Who on the Democrat side could legitimately challenge the Big O’s main squeeze? How many times did we hear in the media about how elegant and smart and relatable Michelle was?

The only question would be whether the Obamas would opt to give up their Martha’s Vineyard “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” for another political run. They’d risk having to account for the tons of sleaze leftover from Barack’s days at the helm. It’s bound to get pretty ugly after the Republicans takeover Congress next year and seek retribution for all the vitriol Democrats lofted at them during Nancy Pelosi’s four-year return to power.

I’m guessing they won’t do it.

Which leaves… Hillary Clinton? Democrats are apparently laughing at the notion, but it doesn’t seem so farfetched, does it? First off, the Crooked one has kept herself in the media for a lot longer than her loser stature merited. And she always seems to hang around like a stray cat that you feed once and suddenly can’t rid of. Second, the Clintons share the Democrat emotional spotlight with the Obamas. There’s instant credibility with the liberal lot.

Lastly, if Michelle withdraws from consideration, who else do the Democrats have? Elizabeth Warren? Beto O’Rourke? Cory Booker? Chucky Schumer?

Whoever ends up running for the Democrats in 2024, there’s little question that Barack Obama’s blessing will go a long way towards determining the ultimate winner. Like a summer thunderstorm, the picture is cloudy and unclear right now, but don’t be surprised when a bit of time passes that a very predictable scenario unfolds. Great Christmas dinner table topic, don’t you think?

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