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Front Page Headlines

Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
This administration is the most shameless, brazen passel of liars ever assembled in a White House. Even Biden’s presidency is a lie, and not just because of the dubious and underhanded appearance of how the 2020 election was concluded — Biden is, as I’ve said and now as Elon Musk has noted, essentially Ron Burgundy reading a teleprompter. He isn’t running the country, or anything else. Somebody else we didn't elect in 2020 is in charge.

DeSantis Calls Biden’s Loosening Restriction on Cuba Travel a ‘Slap in the Face’ to South Floridians
Jannis Falkenstern, The Epoch Times
“You have people that (are) so badly oppressed that they would get on a raft and go 90 miles over shark-infested waters to be able to get to freedom,” DeSantis said. “You have people whose entire livelihoods were taken from them; their entire liberty was taken away from them, and they’ve come to South Florida.” The “increased tourism” the president announced only benefits the “dictatorship of Cuba” and not the people, the governor said.

Judge Lifts Stay in Florida Congressional Redistricting Case
Grant Holcomb, The Star News Network
Florida Judge Layne Smith lifted a stay on an injunction against his ruling related to Florida’s congressional redistricting case. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the State of Florida appealed Smith’s original ruling that said the proposed and passed congressional redistricting maps were unconstitutional. The plaintiffs, filing suit against the state’s maps, said the Sec of State could not prove the likelihood of success of the appeal.

Trump-endorsed Rep. Ted Budd wins GOP Senate nomination in North Carolina
Kate Scanlon, Washington Examiner
Several television networks called the primary race for Donald Trump endorsed Rep. Ted Budd, who has for months led the Republican field to replace the retiring Sen. Richard Burr in polls, after a slow start in a crowded primary. Budd, a gun store owner who first won his central North Carolina House seat in 2016, will likely go on to face Cheri Beasley, a Democratic former chief justice of the state Supreme Court, in the general election.


When Those Charged With Defending Children Do the Most Damage
Stephen Moore, CNS News
What is so chilling and unforgivable about this tale is teachers and pediatricians are the people entrusted by parents and society at large to care for and educate children. They are supposed to have our sons' and daughters' best interests at heart regarding their health and well-being. But they selfishly put politics and paychecks ahead of child welfare. So Democratic politicians, teachers unions, and pediatricians formed an alliance.

The left’s attack on law enforcement ends in November
Rep. Kat Cammack, The Washington Times
The American people deserve safety and they deserve solutions that ensure this pro-criminal agenda never sees the light of day again. With my Republican colleagues in Congress, we will take the House back this November and put an end to the dangerous ideas pushed by the left to ensure our society remains prosperous, free and committed to the very law and order upon which this country was founded. Thank you and remember, we’ve got your six.


No Data Supports Threat of ‘White Supremacists’
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Biden will rage against an imaginary menace. He will blame Republicans and Fox News. And he’ll demand more stringent measures, including online censorship, to prevent another attack. Biden will use the blood of innocents to paint millions as “white supremacists” and wannabe terrorists simply for supporting the other political party. Rather than comfort the heartbroken loved ones, Biden will exploit their loss for his own gratification.

Ultra-MAGA? More Like Ultra-Incompetent.
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
Democrats are anti-competence and are openly hostile to personal success. You get “you didn’t build that.” You get glorifications of street criminals like George Floyd. You get, well, Gay Mayor Pete. And you get people like Anita Dunn getting paid top dollar to come up with dumb messaging like calling conservatives “ultra-MAGA” for doing and saying things many Americans agree with. It’s better to be the MAGA King than the Potato King.

Stacey Abrams Sponsored Legislation Related to Her Private Business Interests
Michael Patrick Leahy, The Star News Network
Public records indicate Georgia gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams sponsored legislation when she was the Georgia House minority leader that was related to her private business interests. The legislation Abrams sponsored in 2015 – with four other Republicans – addressed taxes paid on debt that was not collected by third parties. The legislation raises concern about Abrams’ possible use of her public office to boost her personal wealth.

DeSantis signs bill outlawing protests in front of private homes
Abigail Adcox, Washington Examiner
Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill prohibiting people from picketing or protesting outside of private residences. The bill, which will allow law enforcement to issue warnings to people picketing or protesting, comes in response to recent abortion rights protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices in Virginia and Maryland. "This bill will provide protection to those living in residential communities and I am glad to sign it into law."

The left has an agenda for every tragedy
Charles Hurt, The Washington Times
The Washington Post accused Rep. Elise Stefanik of inspiring the killer. “Stefanik echoed racist theory allegedly espoused by Buffalo suspect,” they blasted. Why? Because she refuses to go along with The Washington Post’s open-borders agenda, which makes her racist. In other words, the world is racist and inspired the lunatic gunman because every other country on the planet has borders and enforces laws protecting them — especially Mexico.

Why Would US Give a War Guarantee -- to Finland?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
A basic question needs answering: Why, 30 years after the Cold War ended, are we still expanding NATO? Russia does not threaten the United States. As for any threat that it poses to its European neighbors, let them deal with it. Together, NATO Europe is far more populous and economically powerful than Russia, and militarily capable of providing their own defense. Why should this be our obligation more than 30 years after the Cold War?


Inflation: The Price You Pay for Biden’s Delusions
David Catron, The American Spectator
“President Carter’s speech today elevated the fight on inflation to top priority on his list of economic problems.” At that time, the rate stood at 6.6 percent. When the voters fired Carter in November of 1980, it had risen to 12.6 percent. Biden can’t be voted out yet, so the only way to control his delusional economic policies is to fire his congressional enablers. He can’t spend the country into bankruptcy if the GOP controls Congress.

The Cycles of Revolutions in Our Midst
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Going woke is a bully’s paradise, an indemnity against a past tweet or a future peccadillo. Indeed, it is quasi-religious groupthink proselytizing. The world is fragmenting and changing in all different directions. Unfortunately, contemporary America is offering no guidance. To the extent it seeks to lead and inspire, its current elite wish to take other nations and cultures down a nihilist pathway of self-loathing few wish to follow.

Conservatives, Stop Falling in Love with Politicians
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Let's get serious, conservatives. This is not about feelings. This is not about love. This is about ruthless calculation in the service of victory. Now, if Barnette or Oz ends up the nominee, I'll be their No. 1 supporter. Same with Greitens. And I'll watch them all get defeated. But that does not have to happen. You have a David McCormick in PA. You have an Eric Schmitt in MO. All you have to do to win is not fall in love with a loser.

The Not-so-Hidden Meaning of Baby Formula Shortage
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
“The Washington Post is reporting the shift from the White House to disparage their political opposition with the terms “MAGA”, “Ultra-MAGA” and President Trump as the “Great MAGA King,” came from a six-month poll study led by Anita Dunn, the latest senior advisor in the White House... "Apparently ‘ultra-MAGA’ was Dunn’s first branding effort for the White House.” To get rid of the family, first, you do all you can to weaken it. Baby formula?

Still Climbing a Mountain of Anti-Trump Books
Tim Graham, CNS News
The book publishing industry is like a slow-motion version of the liberal media. They have all the same ideological reflexes and the same desires on who they should celebrate and who they should ruin. So we had all kinds of Reagan-ripping books, both during and long after his presidency. Likewise, the Bushes have been dipped in literary oil more than a few times. Then came Trump. "Tell-all" books started before the end of his first year.

The Star News Network-Kaplan Strategies Poll: Trump-Endorsed Hice v. Raffensperger a Dead Heat
Neil W. McCabe, The Star News Network
Georgia Secretary of State Bradford Raffensperger and his main challenger Rep. Jody Hice, who is endorsed by Donald Trump, are locked into a statistical tie at 26 percent going into the May 24 primary, according to Star News-Kaplan Strategies poll executed May 7 through May 13 of 431 likely Georgia Republican voters. In Georgia, if no candidate exceeds 50 percent of the vote, there will be a runoff held between the top two contenders.

Are All Court-Created Rights Now in Peril?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Joe Biden says this generation of Americans is in a struggle between democracy and authoritarianism. But were the decisions to outlaw the Bible and school prayer in the public schools, to declare a right to abortion, homosexuality and same-sex marriage can be found in the penumbras of the Constitution, arrived at democratically or autocratically? Perhaps the solution is to have new rights court decisions subjected to national referenda.

Everything Isn’t Racist, It’s Stupid
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
All the dumbest arguments use race, and accusations of racism, as a shield against being picked apart by far more intelligent people than those making the arguments. Leftists aren’t interested in persuading anyone of anything. Everything is stupid. This is 2022, after all, and POTUS is really POTATUS. But in reality, the racists are the people who project their biases all over the rest of us. Let’s call this crap out and insist it go away.

Whitmer Hoax Defendant: ‘We Beat Them. We Got Justice’
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Caserta is trying to put his life back together. He lost his job. His apartment complex is suing him for damages caused by the FBI raid. Caserta said he hasn’t been out in public much since his exoneration, unsure how people will respond to him. “My life was at stake but this could happen to anyone,” Caserta said. “I was fighting for everyone else’s rights, too. I didn’t want to make it harder for the next guy to fight these bastards.”

Trump wrath may sink House freshman Nancy Mace in South Carolina Republican primary
Naomi Lim, Washington Examiner
Rep. Nancy Mace is in a heated reelection bid against GOP rival Katie Arrington. They're vying to represent Charleston and much of the coastline. The district leans Republican, meaning that in an already strong GOP year, the primary winner is likely to nab the seat in November. Trump has endorsed Arrington, seemingly not so much due to her political and policy virtues but due to sporadic criticism of the former president voiced by Mace.

Biden’s Food-flation
Betsy McCaughey, The Epoch Times
The Biden administration’s woke policies are to blame for food-flation, making your trip to the supermarket sheer agony. Biden is prioritizing climate preservation over your ability to feed your family affordably. His policies are driving up the costs of fertilizer, energy, and farm-to-store transportation—add to that overall inflation driven by excessive federal government spending. The result is sky-high food prices. Shop and vote smart.

Pence breaks with Trump to campaign for Kemp in Georgia’s governor race
Susan Ferrechio, The Washington Times
Mike Pence will campaign with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp next week, splitting with former Donald Trump who endorsed Mr. Kemp’s Republican opponent after a dispute over election fraud claims. Mr. Pence, who may be weighing a 2024 presidential run, called Mr. Kemp “one of the most successful conservative governors in America,” and cited Mr. Kemp’s success in cutting taxes, funding police and passing legislation banning abortion after six weeks.

Imagine the Unimaginable
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
The American people reject the calamitous policies of 2021-2022. Yet the radical cadres surrounding a cognitively inert President Biden still push them through by executive orders, bureaucratic directives, and deliberate cabinet nonperformance. When revolutionaries undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, and face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous — as we shall see over the next few months.

Sen. Tim Scott Demolishes Secretary Janet Yellen’s Claim Unborn Babies Must Be Aborted to Benefit Economy
Susan Berry, PhD, The Star News Network
“I’ll just simply say that as a guy raised by a black woman in abject poverty, I am thankful to be here as a United States senator,” Tim Scott replied to Janet Yellen, and then added: My circumstance is like so many others. Millions and millions of kids being raised in poverty by single-parent households who happen to be black. Telling black teenage moms that there is only one alternative for them is a depressing and challenging message.

Biden's inflation fantasy
Byron York, Washington Examiner
What was striking in Biden's remarks was the degree to which he seemed intent on staying the course, on sticking with the policies that have made inflation worse. The nation needs more spending, he said — in fact, more spending will decrease inflation, in Biden's view. And the country needs less fossil fuel energy production because that will bring the U.S. closer to a glorious renewable energy future. That's what will cure inflation.

Latinx Americans Are Ditching Dems, In Part Because of This Latinx Thing
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Hispanic culture – like all of normal American culture – is at odds with the cultural weirdness of the Democrat Party. This is a culture that respects hard work. Democrats don’t. It respects families. Democrats don’t. It respects service, which is why you see large numbers of Hispanic Americans stepping up to serve in the police, the Border Patrol, and our military. The Democrats not only don’t respect that but despise those who serve.

The Steele Dossier: Pure Democratic Farce
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
The Russians are “laughing their asses off in Moscow,” Trump once tweeted about the Dossier. No doubt the Russians are still laughing. The more the dossier is dissected, the more of a sick joke it all seems. Putin’s interference in American affairs has always been designed to make America look like a dysfunctional paper tiger. As the Steele Dossier episode illustrates, America’s ruling class is perfectly capable of displaying that on its own.

Big Lie of ‘Climate Change’ Caused Today’s Runaway Inflation
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
This giant change in energy policy—which resulted in the United States’ fall from being a net exporter of energy to now being reliant on imports—wasn’t the sole cause of the supply chain and inflation woes we now suffer from, but is most likely the predominant one. It was all based on the complete fantasy that it would hasten some kind of climate nirvana. Mass formation psychosis, sadly, is real. Fight it, in part, by rejecting their language.


The Tiny Group of Abortion-Loving Weirdo Protesters
Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator
Marching through Catholic mass, stealing the tabernacle, screaming outside the homes of Supreme Court justices, fire-bombing clinics that help clothe and feed pregnant women, and all the rest of the juvenile outbursts signify weakness. Their actions will continue to alienate their fellow Americans. Abortion, and more importantly the abortion activists, represent a dying ideology. Screaming louder only makes their weakness more obvious.

Virginia Attorney General Encourages Law Enforcement to Act Against SCOTUS Protestors
Peter D'Abrosca, The Star News Network
“Section 18.2-419 of the Code of Virginia states that protesting in front of an individual’s private residence is a class 3 misdemeanor. Under Virginia law, local commonwealth attorneys are responsible for prosecuting violations of this statute. Attorney General Miyares urges every commonwealth’s attorney to put their personal politics aside and enforce the law,” Victoria LaCivita, spokeswoman for AG Jason Miyares, told The Virginia Star.

Conservatives expose public school gender identity lessons
Sean Salai, The Washington Times
Conservatives are exposing examples of gender identity instruction to small children in public schools. Chris Rufo, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute who publicized some of the gender identity lessons, said a pandemic trend toward schools and teachers sharing materials online has made conservatives more aware of them. “The Left insists this isn’t happening, but we can see the entire curriculum in full color,” Mr. Rufo said in an email.

Beware the Popping of the Housing Bubble
Stephen Moore, CNS News
Fannie Mae, the federal guarantor of trillions in mortgages, is now insuring mortgages of more than $1 million. Millionaires are getting subsidized loans thanks to the tremendous power of the housing lobby made up of realtors, mortgage bankers, and homebuilders. If and when the bubble bursts again, everyone gets hurt. Homeownership rates will crash again — which is the opposite of the desired result from all of these government programs.

Back to the Burqa—It’s Biden’s Taliban Now
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
The left in our country sees itself as the protector of women’s rights. Actually, as in many things, it’s the reverse. Under President Joe Biden, we have what is, in essence, a morally narcissistic foreign policy—everything for show and nothing for reality. The whole world, as they say, is watching. What they have seen since the very first day is a flight from that reality in exchange for moral posturing. American leadership is gone.

Gov. DeSantis hits fundraising record, Casey DeSantis back on campaign trail
Heather Hamilton, Washington Examiner
First lady Casey DeSantis joined FL Gov. Ron DeSantis on the campaign trail for the first time since doctors declared her cancer-free back in March as the GOP governor hit a new monthly fundraising record of nearly $10.5 million in April. DeSantis’s reelection campaign raised $2.297 million, and Friends of Ron DeSantis, his political committee, brought in $8.156 million to total more than $113 million raised thus far this election cycle.

Judge Amit Mehta’s Kangaroo Court
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Appointed to the court by Barack Obama in 2014, Amit Mehta has taken judicial activism to a new level. Mehta is not the only judge on the D.C. District Court to express open contempt for Trump and his supporters while opining about the “unprecedented” nature of the “attack” on the Capitol—in fact, they all have to one degree or another. But he is by far the most powerful. And the powerless Americans before him have no relief in sight.

What’s Roberts Waiting On?
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
The only responsible thing if you’re Chief Justice John Roberts is to publish the Dobbs decision. Once that’s done, there is no further direct motivation for the kind of insanity we’re seeing. Generalized political violence and riots, sure — that motivation is it’s an election year and rioting worked in 2020, after all. But even the dumbest people on the Left know that looting and burning again this year is a dicey political gamble.

Patriot Freedom Project Pleads for Help Supporting Jan. 6 Prisoners, Defendants, and Their Families
Patricia Tolson, The Epoch Times
Hughes said the situation is akin to a humanitarian crisis. “There is so much collateral damage, so many wives and so many children. It’s heartbreaking. It’s not easy when you have young children and you count on someone to be there and they can’t. Someone had to rise to the occasion. Somebody had to step forward and say, ‘Who is helping the families out here? Who is going to step up for these wives and these kids?'” Hughes said. “So I chose to.”

Abortion Activist Rants Outside Catholic Church: ‘I’m Killing the Motherf***ing Babies!’
Susan Berry, PhD, The Star News Network
A woman dressed in a white bathing suit, stuffed in the front to make her appear pregnant, and with dolls hanging from it, ranted outside Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC shouting, “I’m killing the motherf***ing babies!” and “God killed his kid, why can’t I kill mine?” FreedomNews TV provided video coverage, reportedly staged by abortion activist group New York City for Abortion Rights, which blocked the entrance to the Catholic church.

Tucker Carlson: Undermining Christianity Is The Central Project Of The Political Left
Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics
"This isn't just about intimidating Supreme Court Justices.. It's about attacking Christianity, because Christianity stands in their way." "Modern liberals hate Christianity not because it is repressive, but because they are. Any religion that puts God before Government is by definition a threat to their power... Christianity specifically rejects their most cherished dogma -- which is a racial hierarchy. The Christian message is the opposite of the equity agenda."

Is Ukraine's War Now America's War?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
America's vital interests in this war are to prevent it from becoming a U.S.-Russia war or a third world war or a nuclear war. The U.S. goal of imposing a crushing defeat of Russian aggression is secondary to avoiding escalation. America's interests are best served by an early and negotiated peace. Such a goal rules out imposing humiliating terms on Russia, which cause Moscow and Putin to escalate militarily — to survive politically.


The Exasperated American
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Behind the popular furor is a sense of impotence in the face of the untruth they are assaulted with day after day by Democrats the media and the woke elite. In other words, bullied Americans are angry that people who control the nation’s institutions deliberately mislead them and do so because they hate them. Let us hope that they channel this historic exasperation in November in a manner we have never seen before in the modern era.

The Vilification of J.D. Vance
David Catron, The American Spectator
Democrats have been casting a lustful eye on Sen. Portman’s seat since he announced his retirement and, until last week’s primaries, seemed to have a decent chance of flipping it. Then, Vance won the Republican Senate nomination while Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan captured the Democratic nomination. Ryan isn’t a bad candidate, as Democrats go, but he will likely be defeated by a GOP opponent like Vance, together with Trump's endorsement.

'Fact-Checkers' Bored by Biden's Outbursts
Tim Graham, CNS News
PolitiFact has only fact-checked Psaki twice in 15 months. PolitiFact recently awarded Biden a "Mostly True" for claiming "the current spike in gas prices is largely the fault of Vladimir Putin." Studies have shown PolitiFact has checked Biden's critics almost six times as often as they fact-check the president. People who object to this tilt aren't hostile to "facts." Instead, they are hostile to the incessant liberal target selection.

Yawn – Yet Another Never Trump Loser Sucks Up to the Media
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
The next GOP president, be it Trump 2.0 or Ron DeSantis or whoever, needs to hire slowly and fire quickly. There are herds of these Vindman-esque bureaucrats grazing in Washington, all eager to get into positions of influence and push their own agenda, not ours. We can’t afford to let the next administration’s agenda be side-tracked by bad personnel choices. He or she needs to make cabinet picks known in advance, so we can vet them.

DeSantis: Florida Prepared If U.S. Heads into Recession
The Center Square, The Star News Network
Gov. Ron DeSantis, when suggesting President Joe Biden’s economic policies will “plunge the United States into a recession,” says Florida will be prepared. At a news conference this week announcing funding for flood control and water management projects in Lee County, he said that while inflation continues to worsen, Florida’s economy is strong, with revenue exceeding expectations. “There’s a lot of concern about the overall economy.”

The States Can Save Us?
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
The ruling class (Biden, Pelosi & Schumer) in Washington just doesn’t get it, and the less Congress does, the better. So where will the policy reforms come from? How about the governors? The good news is, they are already leading the parade of smart, pro-growth policies—and they are coming from coast to coast. And unlike the toxic and supercharged partisan split in Washington, even some Democratic governors are making positive changes.


The Alito 5 Must Stay the Course
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
If Roe is overturned, it is never coming back. No Supreme Court will ever reinstate it. It will be on the ash heap of history, as President Ronald Reagan used to say. If Biden, Nancy Pelosi's House and Chuck Schumer's Senate majority want to make abortion the issue of 2022 by passing a federal law codifying Roe v. Wade, if they want to die on that hill, it's their call. If Roe is overturned, pro-lifers will have many people to thank.

Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Dobbs
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
The question which needs to be asked is: “Don’t you want to win?” Trump was decidedly not about Failure Theater. He actually tried to give his voters what they voted for. The implications of a Republican Party made up of Trumps and DeSantises who regularly show fealty to their own side are monumental. It’s enough to start a whole new era. A revivalist era. No wonder the soon-to-be-irrelevant “conservatives” are wringing their hands.

Justice Thomas says high court won’t be ‘bullied’ over Roe leak
Alex Swoyer, The Washington Times
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas declared the high court won’t be “bullied” on Friday, briefly referencing the unprecedented leak of a draft opinion suggesting the justices are poised to overturn Roe v Wade, the 1973 case giving women a national right to an abortion. While speaking at the 11th Circuit judicial conference, the most senior associate justice on the bench said society is becoming addicted to wanting certain outcomes.

Roe Ruling: Making Protest Lawful Again
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Will protesters who disrupt the Senate be charged with felony obstruction? Will scuffles with police result in long pre-trial detention and even longer prison sentences? Will calls to reverse the pending ruling or intimidate justices into reversing their opinion be deemed a “threat to democracy?” WIll U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves apply the same charges to left-wing protesters (his wife) he has to Capitol protesters for similar conduct?

Biden Has Been ‘Struck’ by Trump’s ‘Hold’ on Republican Party: Psaki
Frank Fang, The Epoch Times
President Biden has been “struck” by the influence that former President Donald Trump holds over the Republican Party, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki. “He’s been struck by the hold his predecessor seems to have on far too many members—not all, but far too many members of the party,” Psaki said during a press briefing. Her comment came after Trump endorsed J.D. Vance and Max Miller won in OH Republican primaries.

‘Treating Him Very Unfairly:’ Trump Gives Full-Throated Defense of Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania
Star News Staff, The Star News Network
Speaking at a rally in Greensburg, Pa., former President Donald Trump touted his endorsement of Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. "I just think he's gonna win. He's a great gentleman. I've known him so long," Mr. Trump said of Oz. "His show is great. He's on that screen. He's in the bedrooms of all those women," he quipped about the TV host's popularity. "He's taken a lot of horrible, unfair and untrue, shots."


J.D. Vance And The New Right Are Racking Up Wins, While The Establishment Stabs At Their Backs
Christopher Bedford, The Federalist
In this moment, we don’t need silent partners: We need rebels willing to break the institutions of the left; to battle their champions in their own halls of power. We need men and women willing to fight for traditional wisdom and values; men and women who understand mankind is fallen, and that our elected leaders must protect families, workers, traditions and the unborn. We need men and women who are willing to fight for the truth.

What Would a Post-Roe Landscape Really Look Like?
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
Of public opinion in a democracy, Lincoln famously said, “With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed. Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statues, or pronounces judicial decisions.” As long as public opinion remains mixed on abortion, both a national ban or a national codification are impossible to imagine anytime soon. Pro-lifers may soon have the chance to put Lincoln’s adage to the test.

Losing the People? Then Change the Rules
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
The hard Left had detoured from the mainstream onto a radical trajectory. So it will never find 51% public approval for any of its extremist and crackpot initiatives. Instead, it sees success only through altering the rules of governance or changing the demography of the electorate — or both. Still, leftists should be careful about what they wish for. Leftists are greenlighting powerful precedents for the next Republican president.

Florida Officials React to SCOTUS Leak
Grant Holcomb, The Star News Network
In the wake of the national news that an initial draft of a United States Supreme Court decision had been leaked to the public indicating the high court’s intentions to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade case, Florida officials have both been chanting and jeering the news. Florida’s anti-abortion politicians have said this could be a good indicator, while pro-abortionists are worried this will lead to more restrictive abortion laws.

Right-to-Work States Gained Jobs During COVID-19, Big Losses Elsewhere in US, New Data Show
Mark Tapscott, The Epoch Times
A total of 27 states with right-to-work (RTW) laws on their books saw a significant increase in household employment during the CCP Virus-induced pandemic, while the 23 states without such statutes saw huge losses, according to the most recent data from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overall, seven of the top 10 in terms of employed individuals are RTW states, led by Utah, which showed a 5.94 percent increase.

We Can’t Let Ourselves Be Oppressed by Weirdos, Losers, and Mutations
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
You weirdos, losers, and mutations could have been cool. You could have done your own thing and ignored us like we ignored you. But no. No, you wanted more. You wanted to be the Big Non-binaries on Campus. Except you don’t get to, because you suck and we’re not going to be ruled over by theater dorks, infanticide fetishists, and bitter fringies. Keep away lest you figuratively end up hanging by your Fruit-of-the-Looms from the flagpole.


The Undemocratic Defenders of Roe v. Wade
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
The scaremongering about Alito’s opinion is absurd. The American people should welcome, not fear, the return of a restrained judiciary that his opinion represents. And if it leads to other rulings against the judicial activism of the last 50 years, that is all to the good. That would mark a rebirth of our democracy and a return to the Constitution’s faithful reading. Could the dirty trick of the anonymous leaker work? Let’s hope not.

10 Ways Information-Shapers Have Infiltrated Our Institutions
Sharyl Attkisson, The Epoch Times
The recent leak of a draft related to the landmark Roe v. Wade case underscores how corrupted so many of our important institutions have become by those dedicated to shaping public opinion in a sometimes-dishonest way. Nearly every facet of our American institutions has been infiltrated by activists, corporate and political propagandists, and even criminals. 10 key institutions have been successfully infiltrated by information-shapers...

Democrat Officials Think DeSantis Might Be ‘Unstoppable’
Grant Holcomb, The Star News Network
Democrat operatives are continually showing signs that they feel they cannot win in Florida in the 2022 gubernatorial election observing that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seems “unstoppable.” A recent report from German-owned Politico showed that Democrats in Florida and Washington, D.C. are not feeling confident, the latter determining how many resources will be sent to the Sunshine State to attempt to unseat Republican Gov. DeSantis.

Paging Justice Thomas: Eric Swalwell says Republicans want to ban interracial marriage
Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times
Rep. Eric Swalwell insisted Republicans will next try to outlaw interracial marriage, which may come as a shock to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni. “The Republicans won’t stop with banning abortion. They want to ban interracial marriage. Do you want to save that? Well, then you should probably vote,” tweeted Mr. Swalwell. He was immediately reminded that Justice Thomas and his wife Ginni are an interracial couple.

A Big Night for Vance and Trump
Susan Crabtree, Real Clear Politics
Vance’s win brings to a close a crowded and contentious Republican contest to fill the seat of retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman, a respected moderate. It also marks a major victory night for Trump, who has taken the unusual step for a former president of picking sides in primaries – a way to solidify his role as party kingmaker while he weighs another White House run in 2024. Trump's endorsement undoubtedly tilted the race in Vance’s favor.

Canceling Student Loan Debt Is Welfare for the Rich, Would Hike College Costs
Stephen Moore, CNS News
Who would benefit under blanket loan forgiveness? The most recent Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances found that only 22% of families had student loan debt and that "student debt has consistently been disproportionately held by higher-income families." So this is a giveaway to the financially successful students and families paid for by middle-class workers, millions of whom didn't go to elite universities in the first place.


January 6 Committee Targets GOP Donors Ahead of 2022 Elections
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Democrats know they will likely lose control of the farce January 6 Commission issue by the end of the year—they see no reason to halt their scorched earth crusade anytime soon. They can’t beat Republicans at the ballot box so Democrats are using every governmental, legislative, and legal weapon at their disposal to destroy them in court and in the court of public opinion. And thanks to judges like Tim Kelly, Democrats are succeeding.

Supreme Court Has Decided to Overturn Roe v. Wade, Leaked Opinion Suggests
Matthew Vadum, The Epoch Times
The leaking of the document constitutes an unprecedented breach of Supreme Court protocol. In a 2,400-word article, Politico describes the draft opinion as “a full-throated, unflinching repudiation of the 1973 decision which guaranteed federal constitutional protections of abortion rights and a subsequent 1992 decision–Planned Parenthood v. Casey–that largely maintained the right.” The opinion is 67 pages long, followed by a 31-page appendix.

Roe, our constitutional system, and Democratic rage
Byron York, Washington Examiner
The substance of the decision is, of course, historic. Roe has been law for 49 years. If the decision holds (it's a draft), the abortion question will return to the states and to state legislatures. Even without the leak, a decision overturning Roe would have caused an explosion inside the Democratic world, fueling long-standing anger about the nature of our political institutions. Now it has happened. What comes next is difficult to predict.

The New York Times Can’t Cancel Tucker Carlson
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
While NYT's Nick Confessore will no doubt be slathered with yet another journalistic award for his craven hit piece attacking Carlson as racist for articulating what the bulk of the American people believe, in Realville this is nothing more than a fart in the wind. And if the Times’ editors think that trying to discredit Carlson will hold back the wave coming for their friends in the Democrat Party this fall, they’ll be quite disappointed.

Kemp Takes Fire During GOP Gubernatorial Debate, Perdue Campaign Claims Victory
Aaron Gulbransen, The Star News Network
Incumbent GOP Governor Brian Kemp took rhetorical attacks from all of his opponents during the Georgia Public Broadcasting-hosted GOP gubernatorial debate on Sunday evening. The debate took place as part of The Atlanta Press Club’s Loudermilk-Young Debate series, which aired on GPBS. Trump-endorsed David Perdue treated the other candidates cordially while training all of his fire against Kemp. Both pledged to support the GOP primary winner.

Are Biden Democrats Holding a Losing Hand?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
With President Joe Biden's disapproval rating already running 10 points higher than his 42% approval, the economic issue could bring an even larger rout of House Democrats than would be normal at the midterms. Is whether Moscow controls Luhansk and Donetsk, which it did for the duration of the Cold War and for decades before, more important to us than whether the America we grew up in becomes more of a Third World than a Western nation?


Inflation Can’t Be Censored
David Catron, The American Spectator
Neither corporate news outlets nor social media can bury the story. The prices you pay for groceries, gasoline, and housing tell you all you need to know about inflation. They also tell you that our president and his congressional accomplices have no idea how to fix it. Economists often refer to the term “price” as a package of information. The information contained in today’s skyrocketing prices can be summarized thus: Throw the bums out.

The New Disinformationists
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
As the disinformationists see no way out, expect more disinformation ministries, censorious czars, and hack grandees to emerge from the shadows. As good Orwellians, they will try to convince us that high gas prices are welcome; negative growth is good; borders are ossified ideas; unaffordable housing aids the economy; inflation can prove useful; a declining stock market is encouraging; crime is a mere construct in the eye of the beholder.

Use Biden’s Student Loan Rich Jerk Giveaway to Destroy Academia
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
We need to ensure everyone has skin in the game except those of us with no investment in a particular student’s future. We need to use the righteous fury that will ensue in response to the total moral abortion that is canceling student loan debt. We might not be able to stop President Joe Worsethancarter, but we can take this huge political error and make something out of it. We can use it to pop the political pimple that is academia.

Silence on Hunter Biden's Widow-Trashing Emails
Tim Graham, CNS News
Clint Lancaster, a lawyer representing Lunden Roberts, told CNBC that Roberts gave federal prosecutors "a significant amount of Hunter's financial records" after being subpoenaed in March. "I expect him to be indicted," Lancaster said. This would be quite a disappointment for CNN. When the Hunter memoir came out, they posted an article with the headline "Hunter Biden's story is a window into America's soul." This is a very dark place, indeed.

Youngkin Celebrates First 100 Days in Office
Eric Burk, The Star News Network
Governor Glenn Youngkin is celebrating his first 100 days in office with a video highlighting key accomplishments including an executive order banning divisive concepts in schools; signing a bipartisan school mask mandate ban; bipartisan legislation protecting cats and dogs; and welcoming businesses to Virginia. “I think this is the commonsense approach that Virginians were looking for when they elected us,” Gov. Youngkin said in the video.

D’Souza’s ‘2000 Mules’ Is an Absolute Must-See
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
See this movie! Equally, if not more, importantly, try to get your liberal and progressive friends and family to see it. I know this will be difficult, that they will resist at all costs or reject as disinformation what is in front of their eyes, but changing even one mind is worth the effort, possibly even heroic. As of May 7, it will also be available for digital download on Rumble-owned platform Locals and Salem Media platform SalemNow.


New Jan. 6 Bodycam Videos Show DC Police Officer Assaulting Unconscious Protester
Joseph M. Hanneman, The Epoch Times
A District of Columbia police officer used a wooden stick to strike the body and head of protester Rosanne Boyland three times as she lay motionless on the ground on Jan. 6, 2021, according to bodycam footage. Use-of-force expert Stanley Kephart, upon reviewing the previously unreleased footage, concluded that the three full-force blows by D.C. police officer Lila Morris constituted a felony assault with intent to cause great bodily harm.

McConnell’s ‘Exhilarating’ Insurrection
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Is there a dark explanation for January 6? What unfolded that day on McConnell’s watch ended Republican demands for an election audit; criminalized criticism of the 2020 election, which McConnell still describes as “fair” and legitimate; vilified Republican lawmakers; and prompted Trump’s second impeachment. McConnell also believed the protest would spell the end of the Trump movement, something the Beltway crony long attempted to quash.

Minorities are finding a new political home with the Republican Party
Ronna McDaniel, The Hill
Democrats thought they had a monopoly on minority voters. Democrats are simply doubling down on their failed policies and overplaying their divisive rhetoric — without offering solutions or plans to keep families safe, empower entrepreneurs and create opportunities for advancement. Meanwhile, Republicans are committed to enacting policies that will lift all Americans from every background. Come November, Democrats will be in for a rude awakening.

Start Spreading the News: Many Dems Are Leaving in November
Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator
New York lost one seat in reapportionment. California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania also lost a seat. Montana, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, and North Carolina each gained a seat from reapportionment, and Texas added two. Notice something? The states gaining population generally went for Trump, and the states losing (relatively) population generally went for Biden. The drama captivates more as November encroaches.

Democrats Are Lost at the Border
Kimberley A. Strassel, Wall Street Journal
They see polls like this week’s Politico/Morning Consult survey showing that 60% of voters favor extending Title 42 and only 24% think it should end. Images of even more border chaos could spell November disaster. Yet the White House—as ever—remains in thrall to activists who insist any border security is “inhumane,” and who are gunning for Democrats who dare object—Democrats like Mr. Cuellar, whose district is a microcosm of these dynamics.

Will Putin Submit to US-Imposed 'Weakening'?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Will Putin accept a U.S.-induced permanent reduction in Russia's standing as a great nation? Or would Russia resort to weapons that could avoid that fate and avoid the long and debilitating "forever war" that some Americans want to impose? If we are going to bleed Russia into an irreversible strategic decline, is Putin a ruler of the mindset to go quietly into that good night? Are Putin & Co. bluffing with this implied nuclear threat?


Conservatives Are Not Giving Spineless Leaders Any Second Chances
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
You can’t betray us anymore and survive. W did. Mitt did. McCain did. The cons have one thing in common with Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit – they’ve been cheated on a zillion times, but unlike that lumpy harpy (who recently, and utterly predictably, came out foursquare in favor of censorship, as losers often do) modern conservatives are refusing to tolerate adultery, in our case of an ideological nature. It’s time to unify for the big win.

The Unhappy Political Marriage of Joe and Kamala
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
The Democrats have only themselves to blame for this deteriorating Biden/Harris political marriage mess. They knew from her anemic performance in 2020 that Harris is a political dud, an utter mediocrity who would never have risen in the party without its blind embrace of woke politics. For cynical reasons of race, they pressed Biden to select her. But they are learning once again that those who live by identity politics often die by it.

DeSantis Calls Out So-Called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Moniker and Migrating Californians Staining Red States Blue
Grant Holcomb, The Star News Network
DeSantis was a featured guest with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and participated in a Q&A segment. In it, DeSantis tells some of the back story behind the recently signed Parental Rights in Education bill as well as deriding Californians for their main export being ideology. DeSantis specifically pointed out the number of California companies who are moving to states like Texas and Florida and bringing their employees with them.

Tearing Down the Silicon Valley Wall
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
Are the recent Netflix implosion, the CNN+ disaster, the Disney debacle, the Virginia statewide and San Francisco school board elections, the polls showing massive defections of Latinos from the Left, and the grass-roots pushback against government-imposed mask wearing, and explicit transgender education in the k-3 grades–also symptoms of a reckoning on the horizon? The country is ready for a revolution. And Musk believes he can lead it.

Wanted: Brave Reporter on the 'Right-Wing Media'
Tim Graham, CNS News
The New York Times warned about "the right-wing media ecosystem that now serves many conservative Americans who no longer rely on the mainstream media to inform themselves." The job notice continued: "The ideal candidate is resourceful, persuasive, and prepared to inhabit corners of the Internet that popularize far-right or extremist ideas, providing our readers with a critical listening post on those ideas before they achieve wider circulation."

Another High-tech Titan Falters
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
The market is doing that just fine in policing our businesses, thank you. The late and great Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter called the process of inventing new products to challenge the extant corporate power structures in business “creative destruction.” The Netflix and Facebook sell-off is a jolting reminder that the market is a better way than government to keep companies honest and on top of their game. It also keeps prices low.


Joe Biden Could Be History
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
The real question isn’t which Hard Left socialist ride a media-driven wave to the Democrat nomination over Biden and then get annihilated by Trump or DeSantis to key the birth of America’s next political era. It’s whether the GOP is able to transform itself fully out of the Bush-Republican Stupid Party mold and learn to win that next era.  The suffering under Biden might produce the historical, transformational change we’re overdue for.

Big conservative wins, fighting ‘woke’ Disney propel rising star Ron DeSantis to new heights in GOP
Susan Ferrechio, The Washington Times
Gov. Ron DeSantis has solidified his rising-star status in the Republican Party. He’s burnished a reputation as a conservative champion poised for reelection this year. He has become a top antagonist for the political left, which denounced his public opposition to COVID-19 mandates and lockdowns and is suing to block several new laws, including an aggressive congressional redistricting as well as new voting laws and abortion restrictions.

DeSantis Signs Election Integrity Bill
Grant Holcomb, The Star News Network
DeSantis signed SB 524, which creates an Office of Election Crimes and Security within the FL State Dept and will “investigate election law violations and increasing penalties for violations of election laws.” Additionally, the legislation will increase the penalty for ballot harvesting from a first-degree misdemeanor to a third-degree felony. The Florida Legislature prioritized the legislation to ensure the elections process is safe and secure.

Tucker Carlson calls Kevin McCarthy 'puppet of the Democratic Party'
Daniel Chaitin, Washington Examiner
Tucker Carlson warned Republicans against supporting California Rep. Kevin McCarthy for House speaker if the GOP wins control of the House. "Unless conservatives get their act together right away, Kevin McCarthy, or one of his highly liberal allies, like Elise Stefanik, is very likely to be speaker of the House in January. That would mean we will have a Republican Congress led by a puppet of the Democratic Party," Carlson said on his show.

McConnell, Schumer React to Twitter Sale: 'Incredible Event' vs. 'Dark, Dark Place'
Susan Jones, CNS News
The Senate's two leaders both responded to Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter at their respective news conferences. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said, "Twitter has been a dark, dark place. I hope it doesn't get any darker." And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called Musk's purchase "an incredible event." "It'll be interesting to see what it -- what impact it has on the way Twitter operates," McConnell added.

Can Musk Buy Facebook Too?
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Bad as Twitter has been—and it has been very bad (i.e., blocking reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop)—Facebook is even worse, just because of its remarkable reach (Facebook accounts: 2.9 billion). Can Musk buy Facebook too? And Google, while he’s at it, whose reach is greater still with its famous hidden algorithms that, through the ordering of links, exercise more subconscious thought control over world opinion than anything yet devised.


Conservatives fighting over Florida action against Disney is OK
Mark Fitzgibbons, American Thinker
America is indeed in a cultural and spiritual cold civil war, and the Left has not merely abandoned the Constitution, they have burned it. Leftists don’t want our Constitution. Constitutional conservatives want to follow the Constitution, and still cheer on Florida. The feeling is, let’s give the Left a taste of not having the Constitution and the impartial rule of law over government that they so despise. This argument concerning Disney is healthy.

Did a Key FBI Agent in Whitmer Plot Attempt to Surveil Steven Crowder?
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Steven Crowder travels to college campuses to engage students on controversial subjects; in a recent episode, Crowder visited the University of North Texas. Without question, the FBI continues to target Americans on the political Right. A 2019 audit found a pattern of misconduct associated with the FBI’s “sensitive investigations” that involve political targets including elected officials and journalists. Was Steven Crowder one of them?

Please, DNC, Do What Dean Obeidallah Says
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
What’s funny is Dean Obeidallah not long ago was exhorting people to cut the cord and dump their cable subscriptions because basic cable prices include money that goes to Fox News. Now he thinks it’s “extremism” for the other side to engage in the same kind of chicanery. Hopefully he convinces the whole Democrat Party that he’s onto something. I’m sure it’ll work out really well if they take his advice. Maybe not like he expects, though.

David Perdue Lambastes Brian Kemp in First Georgia Gubernatorial Debate
Aaron Gulbransen, The Star News Network
In the first gubernatorial debate face-off held on Sunday, April 24, Trump-endorsed former U.S. Senator David Perdue hammered his GOP primary opponent, incumbent Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. During an exchange, Perdue blamed Kemp for failing to secure Georgia’s elections, leading to his 2021 Senate runoff loss. “The only reason I’m not in the United States Senate is because you caved in and gave the election to liberal Democrats in 2020.”

The French Center Holds -- In a World Coming Apart
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
In France Emmanuel Macron rolled to a 59% to 41% victory. As Macron was rolling up his election victory, Ron Klain, Biden's White House chief, chortled at the outcome. "An interesting observation, just FYI," tweeted Klain. "President Macron appears to have secured a double-digit victory over LePen, at a time when his approval rating is 36%. Hmmm ... " If Macron can pull it off, why can't Biden, Klain is contending here. Unconvincingly.

Liberal Corporations Are Confused and Scared Because Conservatives Now Fight Back
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
After years of big companies leveraging their power to screw us over, from the NFL to Delta to Coke, now we’re over it. They are free to use their power – a potent cocktail of cultural, economic, and political power – as they see fit. And so are we. We have freed ourselves of the arbitrary rules that formerly prevented us from responding with our own brand of power – which is a little bit economic but mostly political – to fight back.


Remembering Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch: The Old Lion of Conservatism
John Gizzi, Newsmax
“Roarin’ Orrin” was what admirers dubbed him and when Richard Viguerie wrote his 1981 book “The New Right: We’re Ready To Lead,” he was clearly thinking of Hatch. Golfing chums Hatch and Viguerie often spoke of the newly-minted senator from Utah running for president. But Hatch was fully committed to Reagan in 1980. While he arguably softened his roar as an “old lion,” conservatives recalled him with warmth and respect. And many loved him.

The 25th Amendment Won’t Fix Our Biden Problem
David Catron, The American Spectator
Biden's administration consistently ignores the checks and balances to limit the president's power. Even worse, it is entirely possible he has been compromised by his family’s multifarious business deals with unfriendly foreign powers. Consequently, Biden’s corruption provides more scope for removal than his cognitive impairment. Impeachment is hard to get done, but there is no real chance Biden will be ejected via the 25th Amendment.

DeSantis-Drawn Districts Map Begets Big GOP Boost in Congress
John Haughey, The Epoch Times
DeSantis's map will have impacts beyond the Sunshine State. “This has about as big of a Republican bias that Florida’s congressional map could have — and darn close to the most egregiously partisan map in the country,” FiveThirtyEight senior elections analyst Nathaniel Rakich wrote. “This map will significantly shake up Florida’s congressional delegation, as it virtually guarantees that Dems will lose three of their House seats in Florida.”

Superhero Obama Fights 'Online Lies'?
Tim Graham, CNS News
The liberal media have a frustrating tendency to put themselves on the side of "information" and conservatives on the side of "disinformation." Don't try to argue it's more complicated than that. They're not listening. Can the media have any humility about the idea that sometimes conservative journalists can ferret out and verify information they don't like? That if it's not "disinformation" if it's accurate, but may help Republicans?

Our Spanish Civil War?
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Human nature is constant, despite radical changes in technology, social systems, and physical landscapes. That bleak reality should remind us the veneer of civilization is always very thin, while the innate barbarity of humankind is very deep. We saw that in 1936-1939, and what followed in World War II. And now, in 2022, we have awakened again out of our complacency—with a deep foreboding of what will soon follow in war after Ukraine.