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Front Page Headlines

Media Alarmism Is the Real Threat to Democracy
David Catron, The American Spectator
It has now become all but impossible to find a major media news outlet that doesn’t feature at least one apocalyptic opinion piece warning us that democracy is under attack by the diabolical GOP and its sinister leader Donald Trump. These people don’t give a damn about democracy, and that what they really care about – like everyone else in Washington – is power. That makes their alarmist fictions very dangerous indeed.

Anatomy of the Woke Madness
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
How did such collective madness of wokeism infect a once pragmatic and commonsensical America? As the virus fades, the lockdown becomes porous, pent-up demand fuels an economic recovery, the absence of law enforcement becomes far more deadly than its omnipresence, violent crime spikes and seeps into the suburbs, and the people resist the Left’s unconstitutional hijacking of state protocols of voting, then what happens?

The Coma Before the Storm
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
You can see the signs and hear rumblings out there. You can feel the growing anger. Change is coming throughout the West. It’s not clear what’s going to happen, but this mess is unsustainable and what happens next may get ugly. They aren’t just going to shrug and give up power any more than we’ll shrug and submit to the serfdom they have planned for us. So, enjoy this coma before the storm, because the storm is coming.

News Flash: Trump Was Right
Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times
It is the infernal work of a self-engorging clique that more and more controls the levers of power and the spigots of information. Their object is partly to push the “woke” agenda of identity politics but, deep down, their unalterable goal is the acquisition, deployment, and retention of power. They are not well-meaning people who happen to disagree with us. They are mandarin apparatchiks who seek to compass our destruction.

Democrats trapped in progressive echo chamber
Byron York, Washington Examiner
A new report looks at why Democrats failed to win a bigger House majority and any Senate majority. It is good news for the GOP. First, it shows a significant number of Democratic voters are open to at least some GOP messaging. Second, it shows that many Democrat leaders do not understand all of their voters. And third, it shows new outreach opportunities for GOP candidates in 2022 -- if GOP leaders take advantage of them.

You Can't Question the Racial 'Crisis' in Wisconsin
Tim Graham, CNS News
The news media, which imagines itself as the essence of democracy, is in reality a force for suppressing all dissent from the "racial justice" or "Black Lives Matter" narrative. Debating the left is a sign of "white fragility," that one cannot accept how deeply racist each white person is by default. The media insist they embody the idea that facts matter. But facts take a back seat when "racial justice" is the media topic.

Joe Manchin: Racist or Profile in Courage
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
If the senator, who has consistently voted for his party's agenda, can be charged with racism for standing on principle and tradition, does that not suggest that Manchin is right about the poisoned character of our politics? No. History is not going to condemn Joe Manchin. History is more likely to judge Manchin's actions as meeting standards that former President John F. Kennedy set for senators in "Profiles in Courage."

Obama’s Revealing Resentments
George Neumary, The American Spectator
Obama maligns the motives of his opponents and absolves himself of any responsibility for dividing people by race. The American people rightly resent this demagogic hectoring. It is a form of guilt-tripping political hypnosis that seeks to lull them into non-resistance at the very moment resistance is needed most. That resistance is not contrary to the health of American democracy, as Obama absurdly contends, but proof of it.

Letters from a D.C. Jail
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
“All that I’m saying is fact and truth . . . it can be verified by all of the Patriots . . . most of which are like me and committed no violence and ARE HERE WITH MISDEMEANOR OFFENSES. We are the object of ridicule all because of leftist media pushing a false narrative. Its ironic how we are in our Nations Capitol yet being treated as Un-American as one can be treated.” We will continue to update reports from the DC jail.

Team Biden transforms into the ‘new Carter administration’
Michael McKenna, Washington Times
What are we getting for the trillions Biden proposes? Nothing. The budget submitted a few days ago by Team Biden projects slow economic growth — in the neighborhood of 2% a year — for as far as the eye can see. It turns out that the Biden years will not be a rerun of the Clinton administration or the Obama administration. They will be a rerun — complete with runaway inflation and slow growth — of the Carter administration.

The ‘Root Causes’ Of The Migrant Crisis Are Biden’s Border Policies
John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist
The U.S. cannot control illegal immigration by improving conditions in impoverished countries. The border crisis could be fixed overnight. All the Biden administration has to do is stop letting people into the country. Turn them back at the border, and tell them they’ll have to wait in Mexico for the outcome of their asylum hearing. It won’t take long for word to get back to the sending communities that the trip isn’t worth it.

My Top 10 media lies
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
I saw such conduct as an outgrowth of bias. Because much of the press is an echo chamber of the far left, my assumption is slanted coverage results from political prejudice. That is true in many cases, but too benign to fully explain our new era. Five years after the NY Times and others abandoned standards of fairness to become anti-Trump activists, press misconduct is repeatedly exposed as willful malpractice. In a word, lies.


America at the Precipice
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
If you think things are bad at this moment in our history, if you think relations between the two halves of our country are strained now, just wait. We can only hope the situation will be resolved without escalating the violence we already see in places like Portland. Who or what will be responsible for adjudicating what we may well have to deal with in our country so that some form of calm prevails and there is a resolution?

Don’t Ban Assault Weapons – Make Them Mandatory!
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
It’s hard when you have a weapon. You have to be responsible. You can’t be a knucklehead. And you might get in a situation where you could get hurt. But those aren’t bugs – they are features. Doing hard things makes for a hard people, a serious people, not a collection of perpetually offended weenies just waiting for the Chi Coms to turn us into a colony – or some leftist caudillo here at home turning us into Venezuela II.

This Isn't Your Father's Left-Wing Revolution
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
Our 21st  century revolutionaries are multibillionaires with flip-flops, tie-dye T-shirts and nose rings, but with the absolute power and desire to censor how half the country communicates. While this elitist leftist revolution is more dangerous than its sloppy ’60s predecessor, it is also more vulnerable, given its obnoxious, top-heavy apparatus — but only if the proverbial “people” stand up and say, “Enough is enough.”

Bubba was right about Obama …
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Now you are a bitter, gray-haired, washed-up rock star. And now you tell us that America — the country you led for eight years as America’s real first Black president — is racist. What is amazing about this is how you never mentioned a word about how racist America is during your campaign for president in 2008. Quite the opposite. It was all about “hope” and unity. Are you lying to us now? Or were you lying to us in 2008?

What’s Most Plausible About UFOs?
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
We’ve all but given up on the idea that religion has much to say about our lives, and we're hardly better off. Perhaps what’s really behind all this is far more spiritual than scientific. The last several years, in which the scientific community has brought us global warming hysteria and gain-of-function virology experiments leading to millions of deaths, should have taught us not to put all of our eggs in their basket.

PolitiFact Isn't Partisan? Pants on Fire
Tim Graham, CNS News
Fact-check? Pants on Fire. PolitiFact is transparently selective in its "fact-checking" targets and "Truth-O-Meter" ratings. Liberals love to claim that conservatives just lie a lot more, and they've used PolitiFact to claim that somehow, inveterate liars such as Hillary Clinton are the most honest politicians. All of that underlines the fact that PolitiFact is a partisan liberal media outlet that unfairly targets conservatives.

Liberals Ignore the Roots of ‘Our Democracy’
Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator
What does “our democracy” really mean if it does not refer to the system of government and law that emerged from the colonial uprising against the Stamp Act? Patrick Henry’s bold defense of Virginians as possessing all the “liberties, privileges, franchises, and immunities” their English ancestors gained in generations of struggle against royal power was an inspiration to American patriots. It should still inspire us today.

Sorry, Joe: Fixing Roads and Bridges Doesn’t Cost $2 Trillion
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
If we take out $1 trillion-plus spending in the Biden plan for fake infrastructure — I'm speaking of the deluge of subsidies for wind, solar, and electric vehicle manufacturers — then it's easy to pay for road repairs and fixing bridges and modernizing Internet access services with about $600 billion. Take the money from the unspent slush fund inside the bloated $1.9 trillion American Recovery Act, which passed in March.

Will Biden Nullify This Founding Principle?
Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News
Can Democrat President Joe Biden initiate a global tax system that applies to the United States? What Joe Biden wants to do is profoundly wrong: He is trying to leverage the will of foreign powers against the will of the American people as expressed through their elected representatives. Congress should reject any deal Biden makes to impose international control over the constitutional authority of Congress to cut taxes.

Kamala Harris’ unbelievable warning
Byron York, Washington Examiner
"I want to be clear ... Do not come. Do not come," VP Harris said in Guatemala. While Harris tells Central Americans not to come -- the U.S. government is working 24/7 to accommodate, to care for, to house, and to re-settle the tens of thousands of migrants who are crossing illegally despite the warnings. The government is not only making it easier to cross into the United States, it is making it easier than ever to stay.

Fauci’s Cost-Benefit Calculation: You Absorb The Cost, He Benefits
Kylee Zempel, The Federalist
Electeds and bureaucrats across the country did cost/benefit throughout the entire pandemic because the benefits of increased government power far exceeded the costs of lost freedom. The problem isn’t that Fauci, or any of these other elites who capitalized on pandemic suffering, weighed costs and benefits. It's that they were willing to impose life-and-death costs on unwitting Americans in order to benefit themselves.

Stacey Lies. Black Business Dies.
Bruce LeVell, Real Clear Politics
Radical left-wing activists like Stacey Abrams have been using the Black community as a cudgel with which to beat their political opponents and push through their partisan pet projects. But they don’t really care about Atlanta's Black community, or the diverse individuals with diverse opinions who comprise it, and they are entirely willing to cause pain and suffering to the Black community in order to advance their agenda.

Another January 6 Falsehood: $30 Million in Damages to the Capitol
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Much of what the public has been told to believe is being exposed as a series of falsehoods. It wasn’t an armed insurrection... and it was not even close to being the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” as Joe Biden insists. The protest was not orchestrated or executed by white supremacists or “domestic violent extremists”. If it was as bad as they say, why do they have to keep lying about what happened?

Can Manchin Be Trusted on Voter Integrity?
David Catron, The American Spectator
Sadly, Sen. Manchin has contributed to the cynical view of his intentions regarding so-called "voting rights" legislation. He’s a gun-totin’ Mountain State patriot once he crosses the border into West Virginia, but his constituents wouldn’t recognize the man he becomes once he arrives back inside the Beltway. Manchin is 73 years old, and he may well be trying to do the right thing this time. But how can the voters tell?

What Is America's Cause in the World?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
We Americans are all over the lot about what our foreign policy should be and what it should do. Should we energetically promote democracy worldwide, because it is the right and moral thing to do, though the American people clearly do not see this as America's cause? Is preserving the independence of Taiwan worth a war with a nuclear-armed China? What role should public opinion play in the shaping of U.S. foreign policy?

The 1619 Project Comes for the Second Amendment
David Harsanyi, National Review
Like free speech, for most of our history, self-defense was seen as an immutable right that existed with or without the sanction of the state. “Remember that the musket — the United States musket with its bayonet of steel — is better than all mere parchment guarantees of liberty,” is how Frederick Douglass made the case for natural rights. He did it better than many of the Founders did, though all of them defended it.

In your heart do you believe Trump is right?
Cal Thomas, Washington Times
The past can’t be changed and so Mr. Trump should be directing his energy and efforts to next year’s critical congressional elections. Mr. Trump’s best line of the night was in response to critics who say he is damaging our democracy with his talk of election fraud. He said, “I am not the one trying to undermine democracy, I am the one trying to save it.” That’s a line he might continue to use. It has a nice ring to it.

Joe Biden warned as a court slaps down race-based COVID relief
Editors, Washington Examiner
The crackpot ideology embraced by academia and the Democrats is psychopathic. Because it discriminates only on the basis of race, its answer is to reward and punish indiscriminately. Its aim is to abolish basic realities such as individual free will and replace them with a collective guilt, collective victimhood, and collective responsibility that bears no resemblance to the equal justice for which this nation stands.

The Lethal Wages of Trump Derangement Madness
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
For five years, anything that Trump touched was ridiculed or discredited—regardless of evidence, data, or cogency. The lethal examples of the wages of irrational and deranged Trump hatred are nearly countless. A once calm Trump border is now the scene of utter chaos, misery—and death—as the erstwhile advocates of immigrant children abruptly grow mute. Irrationally hating everything Trump touched was deadly for Americans.

Obama Still Accusing Trump of ‘Completely Ignoring Science’
Jack Cashill, The American Spectator
From his beachside manse in Martha’s Vineyard, Obama seems as unworried about a populist revolt against “science” as he does by rising sea levels. “[T]he data is here. We know it. And we have the tools to make real progress with it,” Obama told Klein. “One thing that the pandemic has done is to start getting people to think in scale.” Sorry, Barry, but “scale” is not exactly what people are thinking about, not even your people.

GOP Sweeps in Texas Races Signal Growing Hispanic Support for the Party
John Fund, National Review
Nearly one in five Democrats now tell pollsters that Biden’s spending binges are too much for them. The revolt of some centrist Democrats is small so far, and it remains largely ignored by the corporate media. But in places like Texas — with its varied populations of aspirational minorities — we can now see through a smudged political window how a potentially big problem for Democrats is getting bigger as 2022 approaches.

Yale Is Dead—and That’s a Good Thing
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
The Ivies are not alone in the onslaught of woke that has destroyed American higher education with only a very few exceptions. It’s everywhere, in part because Ivy graduates—starting in traditional “woke” areas (humanities, social studies) have metastasized to virtually everything now, including the sciences—go out to spread these noxious doctrines as if it were the Gospel in supposedly lesser colleges and universities.

Why Are All the Experts Such Dopes?
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Normal people can hold them accountable. Normal people should stop simply shrugging and heeding the urgings of the alleged experts. Instead, we should ask questions and demand results. And the conservative media, unlike the mainstream’s bunch of licensed, registered regime apologists, must continue asking tough questions like, “Why do you think that?” and “Where’s your proof?” instead of swooning over toads like Tony F.

The Media Proclaim Themselves 'Infrastructure'
Tim Graham, CNS News
It's appropriate to be concerned when liberals are now pouncing on the idea of massive government subsidies for local news. CNN's Brian Stelter is an unsurprising champion of local news as subsidized "civic infrastructure". Republicans never have any success in reducing funding for NPR or PBS. If they let the liberals start funding these local news properties, the same inevitable government-subsidized propaganda will result.

Democrat Showdown: Kamala vs. Manchin
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
In publicly handing Harris the portfolio on both the Democrats' voting rights bill and border crisis, Biden may have set up his VP for a great fall and a major humiliation. Yet, Harris is said to have asked Biden for the assignment. If Sen. Joe Manchin holds his ground this June, he will prevail, the filibuster will survive, the For the People Act will die a deserved death, and Joe will become legend in West Virginia.

Biden’s Dishonest Domestic Terrorism Claims
David Catron, The American Spectator
As time goes on, Biden's stretchers are getting scarier. By far the most unnerving lie was that domestic terrorists constitute a more lethal threat than ISIS or Al-Qaeda. This is refuted by the FBI and DHS, and it’s eerily reminiscent of the clueless terrorism policy pursued by the Clinton admin. in the late 1990s. Anyone who recalls 9/11 knows how that turned out. Is Biden fit to be our commander in chief? Really?

H.R. 1: A Cautionary Tale of Unintended Consequences
Ken Cuccinelli and Dominic Rapini, Real Clear Politics
Government doesn’t always get it right and taxpayer money is often wasted. H.R. 1 would solidify these short-term mistakes into a law with broad long-term consequences that would increase threats to the integrity of American elections. States have run their own elections for over 230 years – never perfectly, but certainly better than an H.R. 1 takeover would achieve. The misnamed For the People Act should be rejected.

For Many of America’s Elites, China and Communism Have Already Won
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
American true believers can refuse to be American versions of Chinese communists, first by not buying their products, second by not patronizing companies that deal with them (very hard but doable—at least we can reduce), by publicly and loudly opposing them at every turn, exposing their mammoth hypocrisy, in the streets, if necessary, and finally by electing officials willing to do the same (at least we hope they are).

Democrats condemn world in pursuit of Great Orange Whale
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
The most obvious explanation is that Facebook, The Washington Post, Dr. Fauci and the Democrats in Congress were all part of a very real conspiracy to shield China from any responsibility because they were still in singular pursuit of their Great Orange Whale. Any suggestion that China might be at fault would diminish their blinding efforts to blame the whole pandemic on President Donald Trump — in an election year.

A battle over the future of truth in news
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
A dispute over whether a New York Times writer should get tenure at the University of North Carolina would seem to be of little national importance. But in fact, the outcome will signal whether traditional standards of journalism can survive the onslaught of racialized advocacy the Times embraces. On one side is Nikole Hannah-Jones, the creator of the Times’ 1619 Project. Her chief critic is Walter E. Hussman Jr.


Biden’s Bogus Fear for Democracy
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
Joe Biden’s whole agenda — from the promotion of toxic critical race theory to forcing Americans to pay for abortions — stands as an audacious attempt to break down the “moral and religious people” to whom John Adams entrusted the Constitution. Biden’s goal is not to revive the “soul” of democracy, as he likes to say, but to corrupt it in service to a new political order the Founders would not recognize as American.

Never Let a Plague Go to Waste
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
During the COVID lockdowns, thousands of unelected bureaucrats, as well as federal and state governments, assumed enormous powers not usually accorded to them. Many members of the left-wing elite became wealthy by monetizing their political careers through lucrative insider networking. They didn’t go full reset until they first got filthy rich — allowing them not to live like, think like or listen to the rest of us.

China’s US apologists
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
When it comes to China, Biden is severely compromised. He has been identified as “the big guy” scheduled to get a secret 10 percent cut of a deal cooked up by son Hunter Biden to work with a Chinese energy giant, and the Biden family received at least $11 million for work done while Joe was vice-president. China knows everything about the deal, including Joe’s planned involvement, but Americans are largely in the dark.

House GOP pushed Biden to probe COVID origins
Byron York, Washington Examiner
The investigation that Devin Nunes urged is even more important in light of the newly-revealed emails from the nation's top virus-fighter, Dr. Anthony Fauci, which show Fauci, who last year was dismissing the lab leak theory in public, knew it was not only possible but it might have been part of research ultimately funded by U.S. dollars. The emails have led some Republicans to accuse Fauci of covering up what he knew.

Democrats Want to Destroy Democracy to Save It
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
We’re not going quit securing our elections, and it doesn’t look like their high-pitched, girlish shrieks are going to cause Joe Manchin to commit ritual electoral suicide in his deep red state. The Dem’s trash election fraud initiative is swirling down the toilet. Experts schmexperts, they’re just going to have to live with an electoral system that is almost, but not quite, as fair, honest, and secure as Mexico’s.

To Stop Critical Race Theory, Fight to Control School Boards
Betsy McCaughey, The Epoch Times
It’s time to shift to fighting for control of local school boards. These boards hire superintendents, set policies, and have the clout to stop critical race theory. Of course, schools should teach about America’s past failures, along with its triumphs, and probe racial injustice where it still exists. But of paramount importance, young people should learn that their character and deeds matter more than their race.

Our Legacy Corporate Media Is Full of Liars and Propagandists
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
For an entire year these people, aided by the totalitarians who run the Big Tech social media sites, have done everything they could to squelch any notion that COVID-19 is the product of irresponsible, if not downright evil, virology research gone wrong in Wuhan, China. This despite the quite obvious factual basis of the lab-leak theory of how the Wuhan virus got out. The reason why they did it? They hated D. Trump.

Suddenly, ‘The Population Bomb’ Is a Population Bust
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
As the climate changes in one direction or another, which it certainly will continue to do, humans will react through innovation and technology and changes in the way we live and work. What is certain is if we have to rely on government and the United Nations, we truly are doomed. Politicians will make the same tragic mistakes they made in response to the false population bomb. Go out; get married; and make babies.

The Six-Trillion-Dollar President Gambles with the Economy
John Fund, National Review
The Biden White House believes that the pub­lic’s will­ing­ness to ac­cept gov­ern­ment in­ter­ven­tion to fight the pandemic pro­vides the per­fect cover for Joe Biden's economic gambling Binge. The problem is that the budget chips being pushed into the middle of this poker game belong to the American people and their descendants. They have yet to fully realize it’s their economic future that is being gambled with.

Were the Wars Wise? Were They Worth It?
Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators
Where is the accounting from those who sent them to fight, bleed and die in what turned out to be unwinnable wars — or, at the least, wars they were not given the requisite weapons or forces to win? What makes these questions of importance, and not only to historians, is the cry of the hawk may be heard again in the land. We should think long and hard before we launch any more unnecessary, unwise, or unwinnable wars.

Media opts for frenzy of cartoonish smears over COVID-19’s likely source
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
The outrage over the Wuhan lab theory is not the whole story, it’s a symptom of something much more serious and encompassing. Consider this: If they’re subject to allowing their emotions, in this case hatred, to dismiss important information about a serious issue, the same condition would also compel them to blindly report about and accept statements as true that are made by people whom they like, admire and perhaps love.

The Hunter Biden Omission Continues
Tim Graham, CNS News
Right now we're getting a feeling that echoes the feeling from last fall, a sense every new piece of investigative journalism on Hunter Biden's alleged laptop will be ignored by the "mainstream media." They constantly implied it was a Russian disinformation plot. "Willful naivete" pretty much describes the entire pro-Biden press corps when it comes to Hunter Biden. It's see no Hunter; hear no Hunter; speak no Hunter.

The Blatant, Obnoxious Suckage of Paul Ryan
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
Cultural issues are where the Right represents the vast majority of the people now. It perhaps wasn’t that way a decade ago, but it certainly is true now. What else is true is Paul Ryan doesn’t have anything to offer to the GOP. If he thought this speech was going to resuscitate him as a national political figure, he was sorely mistaken. It didn’t. It just showed us how Ryan’s out-of-touch brand of Republicanism sucks.

Debunk This
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Of course, if you’ve been watching, you already know the garbage media is a simmering cesspool. It’s exhausting to keep pointing out how it sucks, but there are still some who stare slack-jawed at the TV – like President * when he watches his stories wrapped in a shawl and being fed his mush – and who actually believes what the liars say. For them, we must keep debunking. And as for the media, it can go debunk itself.

The Jan. 6 commission Americans really need
Cal Thomas, Washington Times
How about a commission to examine the source of the anger that produced the attack? The sources aren’t conservative talk radio or cable TV. They are merely conduits for many Americans who are fed up with their government and want it to return to the boundaries established by the Founders. Let's understand the depth of feeling held by those rioters who believe their country is being taken away without their consent.

The Media's Humiliating Incuriosity About Wuhan
Tim Graham, CNS News
The explicit reversal on the coronavirus origin — undebunking — exposes the ridiculousness of the media's assertion that they represent facts, truth, and science, and aren't emotionally blinded by Trump hatred. It also exposes the "independent fact-checkers" and their clients such as Facebook who squashed this theory because the liberal media knee jerked at every presidential utterance of "China virus" and "Wuhan flu."

Free speech under attack
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
If just Facebook and others in Big Tech lusted for such power, it would be bad enough. But free speech is under attack everywhere over the simple right to express ideas that break with the party line. It’s no coincidence that the party line happens to be mostly identical to the Democratic Party line. Most troubling, law enforcement and much of the media joined Dems in trying to squelch dissent, covering up for Biden.

Memorial Day Regret: I Did Not Serve
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
What I want to point out is that many of us celebrate the occasion in a bit of bad faith. That includes me. In many of us—again that includes me—is the lingering thought that the reasons we did not serve were not entirely idealistic. A touch of cowardice might have been buried somewhere not too far below the surface. Maybe more than a touch. It was so convenient to be against the war. It got you out of a lot of things.


Does Our Diversity Portend Disintegration?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
"Racist" and "racism" are now commonplace accusations in a public square where whites are expected to ritually denounce their "white privilege". Is there no limit to the racial, religious, ideological, political, cultural and ethnic diversity the nation can accommodate? Something is seriously wrong with a country that professes to be great but whose elite cannot abide the mildest of heresies to its established truth.

The New Regressive Dark Ages
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Once upon a time long ago, we agreed there were certain immutable laws of human nature. It may seem a stretch to suggest that the Left is leading us back to the pre-Enlightenment, given its corporate wealth, academic monopolies, Silicon Valley technological wizardry, and progressive sanctimoniousness. But arrogance, wealth, and received authority are always the super-spreaders and force-multipliers of false knowledge.

The Media Aggressively ‘Others’ Trump Voters
David Catron, The American Spectator
Republican challengers to incompetent incumbents' support of former President Donald Trump during and after the 2020 election must be portrayed by the media as the behavior of cynical opportunists. As to Trump voters, they must be written off as delusional members of a personality cult composed of racist, homophobic, sexists with an inclination toward violence. They must be “othered” and banished from the public square.

Kamala Harris' Navy
Byron York, Washington Examiner
Vice President Kamala Harris delivered the commencement address at the U.S. Naval Academy on Friday. The last two vice presidents (Mike Pence and Joe Biden) framed their speeches differently, but each showed a deep appreciation for what the Navy and Marines do. Harris described a much different Navy and Marines, with missions in which fighting is done mostly in a figurative sense, against a threat like climate change.

Fauci and the Media Have Serious Blood on Their Hands Over COVID
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Trump Derangement Syndrome is too weak of a term, considering the degree it dominated even medical science during a pandemic. We need something stronger. “Paranoid Trumpophrenia” perhaps. Dr. Fauci became the spokesperson for those Trumpophrenics, seemingly adjusting his opinions according to their needs. Anyone who disagreed with His Majesty, no matter his or her bona fides, was ridiculed in the press and social media.

Insurrection Obsession
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
1/6 > 9/11? Yeah, no. It’s hard to formulate a response to something so inane without profanity. You could observe, for instance, that 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11. You could also observe that, unlike with the Capitol Hill thing, we know who did the killing on 9/11. And you could observe that 9/11 resulted in a war we are still fighting and – thanks to the woke jokes who now control our military – still losing.

Will the Madness of 2020 Last?
Victor Davis Hanson, Real Clear Politics
From March 2020 to spring of 2021, the country went through a mass hysteria. Despite its ideological pretensions, the collective insanity was not unlike the Tulip mania in early 17th-century Holland or the June bug epidemic paranoia of 1962. Will Americans institutionalize or reject the frenzy remaining from the destructive stampede that took the country over the cliff during the most unhinged year in American history?

BLM Flags at US Embassies
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
What would once have been called anti-Americanism is now the platform of the Democrats. It exists not to solve problems but to create them, and its most cherished imaginary problem is “systemic racism.” Of all the images already associated with Biden, perhaps the BLM flags atop U.S. embassies serve as the most vivid and mortifying. It is yet another sinister foreshadowing of Biden’s fundamentally transformed America.

You Knew DOJ's Kristen Clarke Was a Radical, But It's Much, Much Worse Than They're Letting On
J. Christian Adams, PJ Media
Newly confirmed Assistant AG for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke is a thoroughly modern woman. She could never have been confirmed even during the Clinton admin. because of her racially-soaked radical worldview. But these are revolutionary times, where skin color has gained newfound importance in a way we haven’t seen since June 1964 when segregationists chased civil rights marchers down the streets of St. Augustine, FL.

Battling Biden’s Racist Rescue Plan
Betsy McCaughey, The Epoch Times
The public agrees with Chief Justice Roberts that “the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” In 2022, the GOP should present itself as the anti-discrimination party, offering voters a stark choice. For now, the battle to defeat the anti-white provisions of Biden’s American Rescue Plan will be decided in court, where fortunately, the Constitution still matters.

Victory for the Santorum Squashers
Tim Graham, CNS News
The liberal bubble is thick. CNN Pres. Jeff Zucker has the network's "news" hosts dropping hourly editorial bombs on the GOP and getting out their hankies to cry on camera over how the socialist revolution isn't yet complete. Emoting is in, and reporting is out. Unanimity is in, and debating is out. Why would any conservative or Republican waste a moment on this never-ending infomercial, except to expose and correct it?

Enough of Fauci’s lies!
Miranda Devine, New York Post
“Everything about the stepwise evolution over time strongly indicates that [this virus] evolved in nature..." Fauci has changed his mind about almost everything else, from masks to herd immunity to opposing Trump’s ban on flights from China. But on this, potentially the most consequential of all of his errors, he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to a final acknowledgment of the obvious. Time for Fauci to resign.


GOP performs sloppy fake-voting burlesque
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
For generations what we have seen is a slow march toward the cliff of liberalism when it comes to policy and the direction of the country. Democrats know when they propose four steps toward the cliff the Republicans will “negotiate” two feet back. No wonder Americans in general, and certainly Republicans especially, look at both sides of the aisle and see a “uniparty” agenda in DC leading to more and more alienation.

Memorial Day and a Nation of Narcissistic Ninnies
Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator
Turning this around means turning many things around: encouraging service, extolling the benefits of motherhood, and, on days like Memorial Day, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice and explaining why it was a noble thing to do. A belief in God, rather than limiting life, expands possibilities and encourages living for greater ideas than living only for oneself. It’s about love. Live fully and Pay it forward.

The Coming Un-Silent Majority Will Bring Victory to GOP in 2022 and 2024
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
America is poised for a big reaction. And I’m not a Pollyanna… well, not completely. I’m just a one time high school physics student who remembers Newton’s third law about action and reaction. The big winner in those coming elections will be the Trump-DeSantis party, in whatever order emerges, and among the big losers, besides the Democrats, will be the thirty-five House Republicans who voted for a Jan. 6 investigation.

Why Republicans Must Rethink Antitrust
Rachel Bovard, The American Conservative
Much of Big Tech’s power—its ability to crush small competitors, limit and distort the flow of news and information, and anoint itself as primary arbiter of who can speak in the digital public square—is directly linked to its market power. Breaking this nexus and ensuring a free market is available to allow competition to take many of these concerns away is not rocket science. It is traditional antitrust enforcement.

America’s public enemy No. 1 — crime
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
A charitable way of looking at these developments is to say America has conducted an unplanned experiment on human nature in the last year. First we demonized the cops, talked about defunding them and even the cities that didn’t do that handcuffed them. Another part of the experiment has prosecutors, politicians and judges, their hearts bleeding with social justice demands, setting the accused free and emptying prisons.

Biden's 'Gas Tax' Is a Pain at the Pump
Stephen Moore, CNS News
Joe Biden's "America last" energy policy is not just a frontal assault on our economy, transportation system, and national security. It is a policy that imposes a hefty tax on poor people. The 84-cent-per-gallon price hike is a highly regressive "tax" on motorists, just as lower gas prices during the Trump administration were the equivalent of a tax cut for consumers. People of all incomes are paying Biden's gas "tax."

The Liberal Media’s Impotent Rage
Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator
The post-Trump ratings slump has hit every TV news outlet, including Fox News, but liberal networks have suffered much worse, so that last week’s headline was “Fox News Dominates Cable News Ratings For 13th Straight Week.” We’re all now forced to live with the consequences of this madness, and the only upside of the situation is that we get to watch Trump-hating media types like Scarborough losing their minds live on TV.

Time to Confront the U.S. Capitol Police About Its January 6 Lies
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
USCP does not deserve an infusion of new tax dollars. Rather, it deserves harsh scrutiny from congressional Republicans and the news media for its conduct over the past few months. House Republicans unanimously voted against Pelosi’s $60 million payback to USCP; GOP senators should do the same—but not before confronting the department about its numerous lies, obfuscations, and flagrant politicking on behalf of Democrats.

Who Didn’t See This Coming?
Derek Hunter, Townhall
Who didn’t know that demonizing police, cutting their funding, making it as clear as day that a city’s political leaders not only won’t defend them, but will actively throw them to the mob without any due process considerations might lead to problems for a city? Turns out pretty much every left-wing activist in the country. Worse, most of them still don’t care. We know violence will spread, economic depression will spread.

Merkel Flips Off Biden's Protest -- to Buy Putin's Gas
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Would a Germany that is doubling its dependency on Russia for the natural gas that fuels its economy be willing to go to war against Russia, and send its troops to fight alongside NATO and threaten its energy supply? Fifty years ago, we confronted a grave threat to U.S. energy security and independence: an oil embargo imposed by the Saudis and other OPEC countries. Are we still prepared for something of that magnitude?

A Ceasefire Solves Nothing
Cal Thomas, The Epoch Times
Israel should never have withdrawn from Gaza. The response to this continuing warfare should not be a false sense of satisfaction about a ceasefire, or a pledge to rebuild Gaza while the terrorist occupiers re-arm. Rather, Israel should be encouraged to wipe out the terrorists who do not even put the interests of their own people first. A ceasefire is worse than a truce and even a truce is no substitute for total victory.

Kevin McCarthy wants to arm his caucus for the 2022 battle
Salena Zito, Washington ExaminerMcCarthy, the House minority leader, said spending time focusing on the latest outrage on social media or the daily spectacles coming out of Washington, D.C., won't get them anywhere. Between the border crisis, the culture wars, the lingering effects of pandemic shutdowns, inflation, and the gasoline crisis, McCarthy said he wants to arm Republicans for an election-year debate that will allow them to earn their majority back.


Feet-of-Clay Icons
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Until recently there were still a few institutions we considered sacrosanct, incorruptible, and invincible amid faith-based assertions, toxic woke fads, civil dissension, and hatred of the past. But the institutions are losing the trust of Middle America. I doubt they will easily recover it, or find any such loyal supporters among their new coterie of fair-weather, progressive sycophants—and to the detriment of us all.

Will SCOTUS Finally Reverse Roe v. Wade?
Doug Bandow, The American Spectator
The Supreme Court should overturn Roe, one of the most egregious judicial abuses in American history. Then the issue would return to the people in the messy process known as politics. The famed German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck warned us about watching our laws or sausages being made. How true. Still, making our own political meals would be better than having the courts continue to force-feed us their legal sausages.

Bring on the 'Asperger’s Republicans'
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
An Asperger’s Republican (such as Florida's Ron DeSantis) has a relentless focus on conservative achievement, of doing what he/she wants done, and he/she is not distracted by the disapproval of the media or even his/her peers. An Asperger’s Republican simply does conservative things, heedless of liberal howling and calumny, and then the liberals are stuck having to battle on the hostile terrain of actual achievements.

The Capitol Riot Narrative Is Collapsing, but Its Political Exploitation Persists
Benjamin Weingarten, The Epoch Times
We are supposed to take the government at its word about the relative extent of the domestic violent extremist threat, even though the government has never clearly defined the size, scope, and nature of the threat, and even as the government has in recent years clearly targeted its perceived political opponents. Yet the collapsing Jan. 6 narrative has been used to justify a raft of liberty and justice-infringing measures.

Manchin Is Not the Media's McCain
Tim Graham, CNS News
The only dissent liberal media outlets seem to enjoy comes from the left of their "mainstream." Joe Manchin isn't their idea of a hero. They also don't want to disparage him ...since he could always switch parties and upset their whole 50-50 apple cart. Journalists aren't happy when their "blue wave" doesn't crest. Their grand power grabs are failing. Republicans should be pleased as much as the media are disappointed.

It’s time to get impatient about lingering COVID lockdowns
Editors, Washington Examiner
People are impatient. They know the science and data. They know the efficacy of the vaccines and the low rate of the virus's spread. If there are others who still cannot accept reality, they still have no right to impose their superstitions on everyone else. Apply pressure to governments to say out loud what the science and data tell us: The pandemic is over. It’s time to restart life, and not at a distance, but up close.


Did the GOP Just Dodge a Bullet?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Not to excuse what took place on Jan. 6, but if it was an insurrection, an act of sedition, an attempted coup, an act of domestic terrorism, the conspirators should be charged in court, for each of these is a specific crime. And if anyone plotted to kill Pence, then they should be charged and tried. The Jan. 6 national commission idea, understandably supported by every congressional Democrat, belongs in the dumpster.

BLM and Hamas; The Rockets and Ronald Greene
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
It’s now four wars with Israel Hamas has touched off in the last dozen years. And why? Because without war against Israel they would have nothing. They can’t run any of the territories where they’ve seized power. They’ve proven that. They’re an utter disaster. They’re subscribers to the exact same grievance-based cultural Marxism as Black Lives Matter is, and the only result of that is failure, atrocity, and conflict.

Regime vs. Regime
Angelo Codevilla, American Greatness
The sooner Americans realize we are being governed by people at war with our Constitution and contemptuous of ourselves, the sooner those people may be treated as the enemies they are. Nor can we persuade them about right and wrong. If we are to avoid becoming the oligarchy’s mere subjects we can and must treat them as the enemies they are: deny their legitimacy, and rebuild the republic amongst those of us who love it.

‘Woke’ Values Boomerang on Coca-Cola
John Fund, National Review
Controversy surrounding Coca-Cola isn’t going away. Liberals and conservatives are suddenly noticing that the same company that has been so sanctimonious in its “woke” warrior role hasn’t delivered on promises to clean up the glut of plastic waste it produces. It’s a problem. Putting plastics in landfills forever after they’ve been used a single time is wasteful and inefficient. The "woke" pedestal has its consequences.

The Media’s COVID Origin Coverup Campaign Has Begun
John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist
Journalists like Frum are scrambling to re-write the history of how their industry dismissed and demonized anyone who suggested COVID might have escaped from a lab. Their hatred of Trump and his supporters made it impossible for them not to politicize the pandemic, because that would benefit Trump and validate his supporters. And now it will prevent them from telling the truth when it eventually comes out. Just watch.

Logic no obstacle for Nancy Pelosi and her lawless party
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
A new book by a Washington Post reporter reports that Donald Trump supposedly undermined the Secret Service. This assault came in the form of at least two members of the Trump family falling in love with Secret Service agents — like scenes ripped from that cheesy movie called “The Bodyguard” featuring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Anyway, it seems like a strange way to express hatred or disregard for the Secret Service.


The Deep Roots of Radicalism
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
No one is more authoritarian than a triumphant liberal. Liberalism decries “authoritarian” institutions, such as the Catholic Church or the military, until it runs them. Once in power, liberals make the authoritarians they displaced look like pikers. Converting conservative institutions into instruments of liberal power has long been the left's goal, and liberals wield that power, once secured, with dogmatic tenacity.

Democrats, Not Trump Supporters, Are the True Jan. 6 Insurrectionists
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
If you think I am hard on Democrats, well, I am. I can’t stand them. And I was once a Democrat. Unfortunately, today’s GOP isn’t much better. With the exceptions of Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, none of them stood up for the Constitution and electoral fairness on Jan. 6. And now these same cowards have to oppose the calls for this phony “commission.” It’s up to us to put as much pressure as possible to make sure they do.

S.1 is not a voting rights bill, it's a partisan power grab that will harm faith in elections
Sen. Tim Scott, Fox News
I support making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. So do my fellow Republicans, and so do voters. But the Democrats so-called "For the People Act" would actually make it easier to cheat and harder to vote. It is not a voting rights bill. It is a partisan power grab that would destroy confidence in our election system. Democrats' crusade to overhaul our elections has done nothing to advance the cause of voter trust.

People Are Getting Tired of Woke Nonsense
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Wokeness is really about enshrining bigotry in our society and leveraging it for power. But, while we are conserva-woke to this scam, many normal folks are not. It takes time and repetition to explain that the cynical hucksters calling themselves “anti-racists” are actually the only significant group of active racists left in society. But everyone understands immediately that harumphing all over social media is stupid.

Why Does the Left Seemingly Hate Israel?
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
The Left claims its anti-Israelism has had nothing to do with anti-Semitism. But it is almost impossible now to make that distinction, when woke criticism obsesses over democratic Israel and ignores far greater oppressors and oppressed elsewhere. Hating democratic Israel while it is under attack is not just a reflection of the new woke and ethically bankrupt Left. It is also a symptom of a deeper pathology in the West.

How Democracy Works, According to CNN
Tim Graham, CNS News
Rioters of all ideologies are wrong. But CNN's view of rioting seems to depend on the ideology of the rioters. If you want to defund the police, abolish immigration enforcement, and basically end the criminal justice system? Well, Bell says "that's how democracy in America has always worked" in the streets and the courts. "Democracy" seems to work when a small group of radical rioters get to overrule millions of voters.


Will Roberts and Kavanaugh Stand With the Unborn or the Unjust?
Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News
Mississippi has said you cannot kill an unborn child after 15 weeks of gestation. Will Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh say they have to stand by the wrongly decided Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey cases — because they are precedents? Or will they stand on principal — and the Constitution itself — and let Mississippi and other states protect the right to life of the innocent unborn?

Democrats use regulations to nudge you into their wish fantasies
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
Knowing about C.G. Jung's nudge theory doesn’t solve the problem, but it does provide an explanation about why crazy things keep getting planned and implemented by the swamp. So the next time you see some tiny tyrant using regulations and rules to force you into complying with a particular liberal “wish fantasy” agenda, remind yourself this is not normal, it’s not freedom, and it’s imperative we resist and reject.