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Front Page Headlines

Disband the FBI
Chris Farrell, Gatestone Institute
The FBI needs to go away. It should happen in an orderly and thoughtful process, over a period of months. Congress should authorize and create an investigative division in the U.S. Marshals Service and open applications for law enforcement officer seeking to be rigorously screened, vetted and then accessed into the new organization. Similar action was taken before in the very creation of the FBI. It is time to clean house.

What Jim Jordan would have said
Byron York, Washington Examiner
Jordan noted that officers from the Capitol Police force testified at the session. "I would have said, 'You guys deserved to have more people there to help you that day,'" Jordan said. "That is the fundamental question — why wasn't there a proper security posture? I would have said, 'You deserve better. You protect us. You all deserved to have this place with the kind of support and reinforcements you needed to safeguard the Capitol.'"

The Yawn 6 Committee
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
What’s clear is Pelosi and her crowd simply have to have it, as tired and idiotic as it is, because they don’t have anything else. Their operatives are already panicking about 2022, grousing that election reform measures in several states have destroyed their chances of revisiting the very irregularities that caused One-Six in the first place — and whining that without those the voters will deliver them to the electoral abattoir.

Former Drudge Report Editor Joseph Curl to Launch New Conservative News Aggregator Site
Cooper Moran, The Star News Network
Joseph Curl, the former editor of the Drudge Report, announced that he will launch a conservative-oriented news aggregator to deliver to individuals who “devour news all day.” The new site, dubbed “Off The Press,” will deliver 24/7 access to breaking news with the goal of preventing the continued mainstream media echo that many sites produce. Curl noted the need for his new site emerged with the decline of the Drudge Report.

Donald Trump: ‘We Won’t Go Back; We Won’t Mask Our Children’
Craig Bannister, CNS News
“We won’t go back. We won’t mask our children,” Donald Trump declared after the Biden Administration’s CDC reversed course, saying that unvaccinated and, in particular, school-age children should resume wearing coronavirus masks. Americans have learned how to live safely in the face of the virus, Trump said in a statement released through his Save America PAC. The Biden Administration has “learned nothing from the last year.”

Leftist Protestors Interrupt GOP Lawmakers Inquiring Into Treatment of Jan. 6 Prisoners
Ken Silva, The Epoch Times
Despite the interruption, the Republicans did have about 15 minutes to explain why they were at the DOJ: to demand answers about how the Jan. 6 prisoners have been treated. According to numerous reports, Jan. 6 inmates have been beaten, held in solitary confinement, and denied access to evidence about their own cases. “Are we housing political prisoners?” Rep. Gohmert said at the press conference. “We need to know the answers.”

Why the Left Can't Let Go of Jan. 6
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Why are Pelosi and the media doing everything to keep Jan. 6 alive? What are the stakes involved? As of today, Jan. 6 is the biggest and last best stick the Democrats have for retaining control of Congress in 2022. For if that election is not about the worst day for the GOP of the Trump years, it is going to be about the successes and failures of the first two Biden years. Jan. 6 is their last best hope for holding power.

Five Years Later: The Spawn of Crossfire Hurricane
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Like five years ago, when Glenn Simpson and the Democrats used Trump-Russia collusion to obscure a legitimate scandal and then destroy Donald Trump, the Capitol breach probe and January 6 select committee are the diversion from a real American scandal: a rigged presidential election that gave Joe Biden the White House. The media is playing along, insisting January 6 was a terror attack comparable to 9/11. Will it work?

Bet on Rand Paul against Anthony Fauci
Jack Hunter, Washington Examiner
The possibility of Senator Rand Paul being right on this front yet again won't fit the narratives of Dr. Anthony Fauci, CNN's Don Lemon, or Joy Behar. But it is not far-fetched to consider that what we eventually learn about possible funding for the Wuhan lab and gain-of-function research could look close to what Paul alleges. Right or wrong, we should be glad someone in Congress thinks it important to ask these questions.

Americans have already tired of Biden’s hyper-partisan agenda: Optimism in nation’s future plunges after 6 months
Ben Domenech, New York Post
Biden claimed his campaign was about the soul of America and bringing back a sense of unity. But he has governed as a partisan with a vanishingly slim window of political relevance, white-knuckling it toward a 2022 election that has Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer shaking in fear. Gaslighting only works for so long until reality reveals itself. Biden and Harris are utterly unequipped to lead the nation through this moment.

It’s Time to Balance the Budget
Newt Gingrich, The Epoch Times
The only way to deal with a spending mess the size of the Biden-Democratic program is to re-establish the goal of a balanced budget. There is a moral case for balancing the budget. There are already building blocks for a balanced budget. And the scale of waste and corruption that will be saved by balancing the budget is astounding. This is the best path forward for stemming inflation without devastating American families.

The Upside-Down Church
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
The spectacle of a pope disloyal to Catholic tradition issuing litmus tests is an outrageous one. By disregarding the authority of past popes, Francis erases his own. He is not solving crises but creating them so his modernist revolution can be fulfilled. In the past, orthodox Catholics defended the pope from enemies of the faith. Now they must defend the faith from a pope who has shown himself repeatedly to be their enemy.

America Isn’t Dead Yet
David Catron, The American Spectator
Recent polls suggest the goal of eliminating the infinitesimal Democratic congressional majority is eminently achievable. Gallup reports that President Biden’s approval rating is sinking fast, and a new ABC News/Ipsos poll reveals the percentage of Americans who are pessimistic about the direction of the country has spiked from 36 percent to 55 percent since May. The only way the good guys lose is by succumbing to defeatism.

China’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Wars can be prevented by deterrence. But deterrence is complex. In truth, China is far weaker than the U.S. It should be politely reminded of that fact, as the United States carefully recalibrates deterrence based on its superior military and economic strength, iron resolve, and confidence in its institutions. The current Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere is as dangerous—but also as vulnerable—as its failed Japanese predecessor.

Joe Biden’s unity vow ‘left’ behind
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
In a party bursting with flamethrowers, Biden stands out for the harshness of his rhetoric. He brazenly and repeatedly lies about the efforts in numerous states to reform voting laws. His claim that the demand for voter ID in Georgia and other states is the new Jim Crow is preposterous and proves he prefers fearmongering to facts. It is impossible to see it as anything other than an intentional attempt to further divide the nation.

It’s Fun Watching The Press Humiliate Itself
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Imagine being lib reporters. They aren’t breaking stories. They aren’t uncovering wrongdoing. They certainly are not comforting the afflicted or afflicting the comfortable. They are the ruling caste’s janitors. They are drones, thralls to their elite masters, marching in grim conformity in step to the official narrative, never complaining, never questioning, never dissenting. These are licensed, registered, regime journalists.

CNN'S Lemon of a Town Hall Meeting
Tim Graham, CNS News
A real town hall would let the locals ask whatever was on their minds. But not CNN. It was an "invitation only" audience, which means nobody boos or laughs at inappropriate times. CNN was talking over the video, but when Joe Biden waved goodbye at the limited crowd, they gave him a standing ovation. It loudly signaled that the people who pose as saviors of democracy don't want any actual dissent to break out on their network.

What We’ve Learned from COVID-19
John Fund and Joel Hay, National Review
Public officials seem blind to the harmful impact of lockdowns, and they will now reap the whirlwind of economic and social dislocations. Twisting public policy dials as if humans responded like chemical feedstock valves or like dogs jumping for treats isn’t working. Economists have known for decades — you can pull a string, but you can’t push. At this point, policy officials may not have room to even pull on their strings.


Former President Trump Holds Rally in Phoenix, Highlights Election Security
Laura Baigert, Star News Network
Former President Trump took the stage at his rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, where he highlighted efforts across the country he said are needed to ensure the integrity of elections. The trip to the important swing state marks Trump’s third rally-style event since leaving office earlier this year — with more expected. At an Ohio rally in June, the former president , “There’s no more important issue than the 2020 election.”

The Liz Cheney Meltdown, and What It Means
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
McCarthy, a little like Sen. Lindsey Graham, does appear to be evolving. McCarthy has a lot more fight in him now than the GOP on Capitol Hill is known for. It’s clear his frequent conversations with Trump have borne some fruit in the last several months. And the politics are changing. Not fast enough to meet the demand of the electorate, but the change is notable. That augurs well for what’s likely to come in January of 2023.

A January 6 Detainee Speaks Out
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Curzio’s suffered another major setback. “I lost everything. I’m sleeping in a friend’s RV for now trying to get on track.” But he’s not the only one. “Some of us didn’t have anything to begin with but these guys are losing everything, too.” Most of the men are veterans and small business owners. “They’re losing their businesses. Their assets have been frozen. Some are losing their wives and girlfriends. And they are losing hope.”

JFK -- Accept Our Diverse World as It Is
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
For John F. Kennedy, national interests transcended democratist ideology. During his speech at American University, Kennedy mentioned a crucial fact about the long history between Russia and America: "Almost unique among the major world powers, we have never been at war with each other." Maintaining that 230-year tradition should be at the apex of our concerns, not how Vladimir Putin rules what is, after all, his country.

Democrats, double standards, and the Capitol riot committee
Byron York, Washington Examiner
At various times, Reps. Thompson, Schiff, and Raskin have been on the conspiracy-theorizing fringes of the political debate. Any reasonable look at their careers would suggest they need to have their assertions challenged, that when they come up with their next theory, they need to have colleagues in the opposition party to push back on it. Colleagues like Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. Now, Pelosi has made sure that will not happen.

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Take Back the Culture for Freedom
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Brits Van Morrison and Eric Clapton—two of the greatest stars of the last fifty years—have broken from the oh-so-tired, conventional “progressive” mold of popular music with not one, but two songs that push the content envelope. They are actually taking back the culture for freedom from the leftwing conformists. Maybe guitar great Eric Clapton should have been playing and singing the songs on the steps of the Capitol on Jan. 6.

These Aren't the Democrats of Old
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
So what happened to turn the party of Harry Truman, JFK and even Bill Clinton into a woke neo-Maoist movement? Traditional Democrats were seen increasingly as namby-pamby naifs who rotated power with establishment Republicans. Now with money and institutions in its hip pocket, and cool popular culture on its side, the left would not just damn American institutions but infect them — reengineer them into revolutionary agencies.

Biden’s Border Crisis Is About To Make History
John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist
The media can continue to ignore what is shaping up to be an historic crisis at the border, but Americans know something is wrong. According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, a majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border, and in Texas, which is bearing the brunt of his immigration policies, another recent poll found that immigration and border security are the top concern of voters in the state.

Attend a School Board Meeting
Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator
It’s especially important that informed people who don’t have children in the system attend and speak for those who can’t. Parents with kids in schools rightfully understand that what is said can, and sometimes will, be held against their child. Get to know these locally elected officials. Talk to them. Give them educational material to combat nonsense. Promise them your vote when they do something sensible and courageous.

Free Larry! California Goes Full Iran on Larry Elder
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Elder (along with Caitlyn Jenner) is the only candidate with enough name recognition possibly to rival Newsom, is vastly more articulate than any of his adversaries, and he, more than almost anybody, is capable of unmasking the lie of lies that dominates our society as no other, significantly via California in recent years, the real lie that dares not speak its name nowadays—“what the Democratic Party did to black people.”

Black Lives Matter Blames America for Cuba's Woes
Star Parker, CNS News
The one thing Black Lives Matter gets right is that almost a third of Cubans are black and brown. Yet, somehow, Black Lives Matter thinks it will enhance the lives of these people of color by supporting oppressors rather than bringing them more freedom. The question is why this perverse group has so much credibility and power? What is wrong with our political and business leaders that support these enemies of human freedom?

Destroy Woke Hollywood
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
We should destroy woke and boring Hollywood. We should destroy the entire entertainment industry, by which I mean we should just simply choose not to participate in this nonsense anymore. We refuse to patronize garbage at Fort Schlichter. If we get a couple episodes into a show and suddenly they’re slamming on Christians, or talking about how those gun owners are evil, done, click, off. Just say “No” to trash that trashes you.

Twilight of the Free Press, Thanks to the Left
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
Grasping for a monopoly on the truth is the hallmark of dictatorial regimes since Lenin, if not before. It’s a tactic of every tyrant of the information age, and it’s abundantly clear the current Left has studied their history well. The 2022 and 2024 elections can’t get here fast enough. Though if the Left thinks they can get away with it, there’s no reason to believe they won’t deny us even the chance to vote them out then.

Top Biden officials finally admit COVID-19 could have emerged from Wuhan lab
Joseph Curl, Washington Times
It’s sad that until recently, liberals and their cohorts in the media — along with the social platform giants — derided anyone who dared even ask the question. Mr. Biden, along with the ever-equivocating Democrats, are finally saying, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t take China‘s word on this.” They’re realizing the coronavirus that ripped across the world just happens to share a name with the lab in the city where it first emerged.

In Biden's America, Everyone Is Entitled to Everything
Stephen Moore, CNS News
The federal government will feed you, pay your rent, educate you, take care of your children and your grandparents, pay for your college and day care, pay you if you aren't working, and pay for your health care, your toothbrush, your internet service and, soon, free iPhones (that should be an entitlement, shouldn't it?). The real mystery about this new cradle-to-grave entitlement state is why people still bother to work at all.

Be Aware Of Performative Wokeness
Ben Domenech, The Federalist
Every part of woke ideology that gets cultural traction — open borders, entrance exam reform, Juneteenth, indoctrination in public schools — either serves the economic interests of rich white progressives or doesn’t touch them. The stuff that would threaten it — reparations, single-payer health care, etc. — somehow seems to fall along the wayside. Look at the shiny object, while Sheldon Whitehouse’s club stays as white as snow.

Cyberhacks: What does China have on Biden?
Monica Showalter, American Thinker
Does China have something on Biden to explain his weak response? Are Hunter's China dealings, which as his laptop emails claimed, involved the chief of China's intelligence, having an impact? It's a question that seems reasonable, given the evidence of House Biden's compromises, and all the money involved. There are also Biden's allies, in Big Tech, the press, and beyond, who act a bit compromised on China's money stream, too.

Why does Biden team ask thuggish regimes to lecture US on racism?
Editors, Washington Examiner
Blinken issued a “formal, standing invitation” to various U.N. functionaries to analyze “contemporary forms of racism” in the U.S. and applauded the U.N. Human Rights Council’s adoption of a “resolution to address systemic racism against Africans and people of African descent in the context of law enforcement.” For the Human Rights Council to investigate or sit in judgment of U.S. practices is not just insult but abomination.


Why Can't Biden Stop This Invasion?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
The only way Biden can have a political crisis on the border is if he is seen as failing in his duty to defend the states against invasion. Either he can't do what is needed, or he won't do it. America's border paralysis is induced by liberal ideology. The left does not want the illegals coming here. "Do not come!" Kamala H. said in Guatemala. But when it comes to the necessary toughness to stop the invasion, they recoil.

Biden Regime Jails a ‘Domestic Terrorist’
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Jan. 6 defendant Paul Hodgkins, who had nothing much to start with, will lose everything. He will live the rest of his life as a convicted felon. A broken man railroaded by a broken country. But it was clear on social media that the bloodlust of the Left still is unsatiated. Destroying him isn’t enough; they want heads to roll. “We are a country ruled by cancel culture now,” (his attorney said). “There is no compassion or grace.”

Truth and COVID-19
Cal Thomas, The Epoch Times
“To Tell the Truth” could serve as a kind of truth serum. The contestants would be Dr. Fauci, Dr. Ghebreyesus, Dr. Walensky, and Joe Biden. The panel might include Sen. Rand Paul, who has been critical of Fauci, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who has been nearly alone in confronting statements by Biden administration officials, and an average citizen who followed all the guidelines but got COVID anyway and barely survived.

Are There Any Good Apples?
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Everyone who is part of an institution – FBI agents, soldiers, journalists, professors, dog catchers, and whatever the hell they call the people in the Space Force. Stop enabling the rot. You must report the corruption and incompetence you see, loudly and publicly. You must stand up and say “No.” And maybe you need to quit. But you don’t get to be silently complicit and pretend you’re a good apple. There is a higher duty.

Political zealots seek to erase MLK’s history
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
The great heroes of the civil rights era called it the “second Revolution” because they celebrated the ideals of the first Revolution — no matter how imperfect the immediate outcome. In civil rights marches, protesters carried American flags and wrapped themselves in the Constitution. Too bad the anti-history political zealots (Joe Biden and Dems) of today work so hard to erase the inheritance Dr. Martin Luther King left us.

Fighting critical race theory – here's how we stop this blatantly racist ideology
Dr. Ben Carson, Fox News
Results of CRT have been devastating. The rioting in Portland and other parts of the country, are the fruits of a generation raised on racial grievance indoctrination. And big city prosecutors, also steeped in CRT ideology, are letting violent rioters go free. This does nothing more than free criminals to continue menacing their communities and victimize the very disadvantaged populations the radicals claim to be protecting.


Viguerie: None as bad as Biden
Chad Groening, OneNewsNow
"I think he is on a path to be the all-time worst, without any serious competition," Viguerie says of Biden. "Jimmy Carter -- say what you want, but he was alert; he was in charge of his faculties. There's serious concern that Joe Biden is not fully competent mentally. And he's got a socialist, maybe even a Marxist, as vice president, and she makes Hillary Clinton look warm and comfortable and just [like] a really wonderful human being."

The American Descent into Madness
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
In the last six months, we have seen absurdities never quite witnessed in modern America. Madness, not politics, defines it. There are three characteristics of all these upheavals. One, the events are unsustainable. They will either cease or they will destroy the nation, at least as we know it. Two, the law has largely been rendered meaningless. Three, left-wing political agendas justify any means necessary to achieve them.

Will CRT Flip Congress in 2022?
David Catron, The American Spectator
If the Dems wish to survive the 2022 midterms, they would do well to redirect their attention from time-consuming lawsuits involving state election reforms to the very real and growing revolt among the nation’s parents against CRT. The latter know this toxic ideology is indeed being taught to K-12 students and that the NEA and the AFT intend to continue doing so — with the blessings of Pelosi, Schumer and President Biden.

Fate of Biden’s ‘Great Society’ Plans May Hinge on Virginia Governor’s Race
John Fund, National Review
The delay in getting final votes on President Biden’s legislative package may mean the Virginia governor’s race could play an outsized role in determining success or failure. If R's succeed in recapturing the governor’s office for the first time since 2009 — and in a state that Joe Biden won by 10 points — the political tremors may spook moderate Dems in Congress. McAuliffe hasn’t been a vote-getting powerhouse in Virginia.

Fake conservatives target Tucker Carlson
Robert Knight, Washington Times
Fox’s Tucker Carlson, got a front-page hit piece, with three full pages inside, all trashing him with no balance whatsoever. For four years, the Washington Post has pushed the discredited “Russian collusion” scheme while labeling any and all allegations of 2020 election fraud as “false” or “baseless.”  The paper employs a stable of fake conservative columnists who attack actual conservatives like Tucker on a daily basis.

The 2020 polling disaster
Byron York, Washington Examiner
The polls were not only wrong but more wrong than they had been in decades, including their dismal performance in 2016. A new report from the American Association for Public Opinion Research found that national election polls overstated Joe Biden's lead over Trump by 3.9 percentage points. And state-level polls were even worse, overstating Biden's lead by 4.3 points. The polls' performance in statewide races was even worse.


Is Biden Really the Lincoln of Our Time?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
What lies ahead? Having raised the stakes in this fight, Biden has raised the cost of his likely defeat. Out of this will come anger at Biden among progressives for his not going public to demand suspension of the filibuster, rage at Manchin and Sinema and other Democratic senators who secretly back retention of the filibuster, another victory for Mitch McConnell, and more lost time for the bigger items on the Biden agenda.

The Capitol Cover Up
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
What is Joe Biden’s Justice Department and the USCP trying to hide? Double standards abound in everything related to January 6. Enough with the Capitol cover up: If Americans really deserve the truth, as Democrats routinely insist, it cannot be a selective, politically favorable version of the truth. Release all the tapes. Officially release the name of Ashli Babbitt’s shooter. And release Joe Biden’s political prisoners.

The Cuban Revolution Won’t Be Televised
Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator
The beautiful idea of equality, sharing, heaven on Earth, and a brotherhood of man that communism promises blinds devotees to the ugly facts. Ideology overwhelms reality. But a worker cannot eat ideology or sleep under ideology or retire on ideology. That explains the current rebellion of reality against abstraction. Wise men do not underestimate the power of abstract idea against someone else’s hunger in any fight.

Cuba, Iran, and the Shame of the United States
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Democrats clearly had and have more important fish to fry than Cuba, like prolonging the fiction that another freedom-oriented demonstration (Jan. 6), was a veritable “insurrection.” (The poor folks just somehow forgot to bring guns.) Furthermore, Russia, China, and Iran have warned America not to meddle in Cuba or else. Not to worry, Axis of Evil. Whatever rhetoric they may spout, our government is not really against you.

Biden administration goes full jihad with COVID-19 vaccine
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
The Biden administration now wants to go door-to-door to collect information about whether innocent citizens have submitted to the new experimental vaccines. Because, you know, privacy. And choice. “We want to give people the sense that they have the freedom to choose,” Mr. Becerra said. In other words, you are free to feel like you have a choice — so long as you choose what you are told to choose by the federal government.

Joe Biden’s troubling TECHnique
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
The First Amendment protects the right to disagree with the government. But two developments are converging that make this moment so ominous. First, the Big Tech platforms are so huge that they really operate as monopolies. When they work together as one (as they did with Hunter Biden stories), they have almost absolute power. Second, some Democrats and others on the left embrace the cancel culture habit of silencing dissent.


The Dictatorial Democrats
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
For Democrats, “democracy” means nothing more than liberal power and whatever preserves and expands it. Whenever the people’s will and liberal power conflict, Democrats support the latter. Perversely, the more undemocratic they become, the more they lecture others on the erosion of democracy. Democrats posture solemnly and say that they are “afraid for” the people, but what they really mean is that they are afraid of them.

Democratic Party Won't Admit It's Become the Party of Wealth
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
Increasingly, the Democrats are a bicoastal party of elites from corporate America, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the media, universities, entertainment and professional sports. Liberal Democrats have lost much of their support from working-class whites, especially in the interior of the country. But they are also fast forfeiting the Hispanic middle class and beginning to lose solidarity among middle-class African Americans.

The Cuban Freedom Protest Is Awkward for Our Garbage Elite
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Elites like Cuba’s rulers, and they like them better than they like you. They’ll portray it as wielding a searchlight to keep democracy from dying in darkness. Controlling information and debate? Well, we can’t have misinformation! Targeting opponents with law enforcement? But they’re insurrectionists! Getting kids to tell on their parents? Who better to identify thoughtcriminals? See Cuba today, and you see America tomorrow.

Bogus Claims From the Poor People’s Campaign
Star Parker, The Epoch Times
The average poverty rate in black households headed by a single woman was 29.5 percent, and 41 percent of black households were headed by single women. But the Poor People’s Campaign has nothing to say about the data connecting family breakdown and abortion to poverty. Many Americans do understand this connection. So, when the Poor People’s Campaign storms the Senate, we hope our elected officials will heed other voices.

'I'm From the Government, and I'm Here to Vaccinate'
Tony Perkins, CNS News
2020's Democrats, led by Joe Biden, spent months sowing doubts about the shots. They're the ones who stoked fears and undermined the scientific progress. Now, suddenly, they want to flip a switch, undo that damage, and blame all of the hesitancy on conservatives. You can't have it both ways. It was their politicking that put people's lives at risk. And now, their heavy-handedness threatens to do the same -- to our freedoms.

Florida Republicans lead way out of wilderness
Michael McKenna, Washington Times
Chris Sprowls, speaker of the Florida House, is a talent. The 37-year-old has been creating an impressive body of work, as Florida, along with Texas, have embraced their role as shadow governments. Willingness to fight is necessary but not ultimately sufficient. You need knowledge and ability. If we are going to avoid the fate of the previous admin. — which was, mostly, a missed opportunity — we need people like Chris Sprowls.


Cuba Libre!
Sen. Ted Cruz, National Review
The dictatorial president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, said that “we are willing to do anything, and we will be in the streets fighting.” I fully expect Cuba's communist government to widen its violence to suppress the brave protesters in the streets. America must be clear: We support the protesters against the crackdown, and anyone who participates in suppressing the Cuban people will be held accountable by us — and by them.

Our Cubacrat President and His Revolutionary Handlers
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
President Joe Biden hasn’t called for his own people to take to the streets. He doesn’t need to. They already did it last year, and when they did, Kamala Harris encouraged them. So no, the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians have nothing to worry about. We aren’t going to help the Cuban people throw off communist tyranny. Not when the people in charge of Joe Biden are on the side of the communists and have been for a long time.

Summer’s a bummer for socialists in denial
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Communism has wrecked Cuba's economy, so an island rich in resources and talent is impoverished and ignorant. That’s the record of socialism and communism throughout history and around the world, but Sanders et al. can’t come out and admit it. To do so would be the death knell of their dreams of a leftist revolution here — and their own prominence. In their twisted minds, Americans should be rushing to the border to escape.

Kamala Harris: The portrait of how desperation slides into frantic idiocy
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
There is someone who is lost and clueless, and it’s Kamala Harris. She can’t even find her job. She can’t find diplomacy while in another country. She can’t find out how to do a press conference properly. She can’t figure out how to not giggle when asked a question she doesn’t like. She can’t even answer questions from the adoring press without sounding like a fool (“I’m not finished yet!” “I’ve never been to Europe either!”).

OPEC and Big Oil’s New Best Friend, Joe Biden
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
Here’s the worst part of the story. The Biden energy plan is bad for jobs, bad for consumers, and bad for the environment. My prediction is that global and U.S. carbon emissions are going way up this year and next. The irony of this story is that the industry that Biden and the greens hate the most is benefiting from his foolish policies. And, yes, those are the Saudi sheikhs you are seeing rolling on the ground laughing at us.

President Biden’s pathetic attempt to rig the rules
Editors, Washington Examiner
By banning voter identification requirements, making it harder for localities to maintain clean voting lists, and legalizing ballot harvesting, liberals hope they can rig the rules, guaranteeing a generation of control of federal lawmaking. GOP states have every right to manage their own elections and return to the election systems they had before COVID-19. Returning to the voting rules we had in 2018 is not a return to Jim Crow.


A Hard Week for the Hard Left
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
Bernie Sanders and AOC, and lots of the others in the pro-communist crowd, don’t have a lot to say. It’s not a surprise. But it sure is welcome for a change. Here’s hoping those demonstrations in Cuba sweep out that murderous regime, and if the potholes in the streets have to be filled with blood in order to free Cuba, so be it. The repudiation of that regime, and its fellow-traveling shills here stateside, is long overdue.

Are the Good Times Over for Biden?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
If the Democratic Party goes into the election of 2022 defending Biden's border failures, decrying rogue cops rather than addressing the shootings and killings, and explaining away inflation and rising interest rates as "not our fault," the result would seem to be foreordained. Then there is the matter of race. As for the progressives' agenda, it could all wind up dead on the Senate floor, killed by Joe Manchin filibusters.

The Government’s Case Against a ‘White Supremacist’
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Tim Hale-Cusanelli might not be the easiest January 6 protester to defend. A cursory view of the government’s evidence against him raises eyebrows. They do not, however, make him a criminal. None of it makes any sense—but it doesn’t have to. The Biden regime is getting exactly what it wants from the manhunt for Capitol protesters who opposed Biden’s election and supported Trump. People like Hale are merely collateral damage.

Republicans, Democrats, and the vaccine
Byron York, Washington Examiner
If Donald Trump had won re-election, vaccine skepticism might have leaned more to the other side. Traditional anti-vax thinking has mostly been confined to a small group on the fringes of the left. But in today's supercharged political environment, there is a partisan element to some Americans' attitudes toward vaccines, because there is a partisan element to their attitudes toward everything. That applies to both parties.

Will Cuba Be Biden’s Iran?
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
It doesn’t look good for the demonstrators. Could we even give support if we wanted to? America, once a bastion of democracy, no longer is one. The State Dept. and the White House equivocate, making pronouncements that sound okay but are no more than that. Are they going to give out money, as they so often do, to calm things down and return to the status quo, as horrid as it is? We are left to wonder, “Which Side Are You On?”

Was America’s Afghanistan investment worth it?
Cal Thomas, Washington Times
The question is whether the investment in Afghanistan was worth it. What did we learn from Vietnam? Obviously, nothing because we have repeated history in Afghanistan. There was no “end game,” except to hold off the Taliban, an entity motivated by religious fervor that has no intention of quitting. If Al-Qaida regroups and another terror attack is launched against us, what will be our response and who will be assigned blame?

Trump Winds and Biden Whirlwinds
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Under our new precedents, Biden has more exposure to investigations of his own family’s criminality and behavior than Trump ever had. The Left is well on its way to incurring a pushback in 2022 comparable to 2010, with the potential to make the Tea Party boomerang seem like small stuff. And the difference this time around is that there are no customs, no traditions left in treatment accorded a political opponent in office.

Why Big Tech Will Lose the Censorship Wars
David Catron, The American Spectator
Do the oligarchs really want to fight everyone forever? That's what they'll need to do. If their increasingly arrogant censorship practices are creating concern among leftists like Bernie Sanders and right-wing populists such as Donald Trump, they are making enemies everywhere. If Trump’s class action lawsuit fails, others will be filed. It’s difficult to imagine Mark Zuckerberg (or Jack Dorsey) as Horatius at the bridge.

The Devil went down to Dallas
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
At CPAC, Mr. Trump was viciously funny, scathingly honest and electrically entertaining. The maestro of improvisation also was back. As ever, Mr. Trump was the unrepentant bad boy of politics — ensuring all the socials would kick him and his speech off their dishonest platforms. Mr. Trump did not win any new friends in Washington with his Sunday night performance. But he sure made clear that he is back and ain’t backing down.

The Coming of Strong Man Populism and the Power of 'No!'
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
“No” is the weapon of the Strong Man Populist; it is our weapon. It is a rejection of elite hegemony, and the ruthless use of power to enforce it. The establishment should have heeded the warning that was Donald Trump. But if it was smart enough to do that, it never would have botched its cultural curation so spectacularly that it made him necessary. The best part of the coming Strong Man Populism will be watching them cry.

Hunter Biden’s Art: Con or Creative Coup?
John Fund, National Review
When Trump was in office, his steering of government resources to his properties was a constant headache. Even Trump toadies never had to deal with the nightmare of an ethically challenged presidential son under formal investigation by the DOJ, a son who has suddenly become an “artist” without any formal training and who has put his work on the commercial market, at prices ranging from $75,000 to $500,000 for a single piece.

The Critical Conservative Race 'Panic'
Tim Graham, CNS News
There is zero doubt that after all the overwrought journalistic elevation of George Floyd's death into a "landmark" historical event that exposed "systemic racism," the schools would follow. The so-called "hard conversations" — one-sided "anti-racism" diatribes about how America remains hopelessly, structurally racist — are happening in classrooms all across America. But the media says it's the parents who are "pouncing."

Stop Wasting Time and Match the Left’s Radicalism on Education
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
To win on education, hire rabble-rousers and go radicalize the suburbanites into the idea that these “great” schools aren’t even good, that they actually suck, and that they’re not worth paying for, and that the whole thing ought to be broken apart and rebuilt to satisfy the customer, which is them. Do it right and long enough and one day we’ll see vouchers and charter schools as the pitiful baby steps they actually are.

No Relief for Lego Man or Other January 6 Detainees
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Joe Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland, who despicably compares January 6 to the Oklahoma City bombing, recently bragged his office reached a “benchmark” of 500 arrests. (Who knew criminal investigations had quotas?). In more than 100 cases and counting, Garland’s prosecutors have sought and often received pretrial detention for first-time offenders, including defendants not accused of committing any violent crimes.

Fear, Incorporated: 6 Months After Jan. 6 Riot, The Only Thing Democrats Are Serious About Is Power
Christopher Bedford, The Federalist
The six-month anniversary of the Capitol riot exposes exactly how unserious the left is about the reality of that day — and how serious they are about using it for their own political ends. Fear is an industry in politics. In Washington, fear earns votes, it mints money, and it concentrates power. But it’s a hungry thing: It requires fences, museum exhibits, and especially daily headlines to keep going, or it fades away.

A Defeat in the Courts for Biden’s Racist ‘Equity’ Policies
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
There's been an exploitation of black people inherent in the Democratic Party since Lyndon Johnson and well before when they could be overtly racist. We find this playing out in our time in an extreme, though covert, manner. Joe Biden and Democrats see race as the royal road to power. Nothing could be more reprehensible, more retrograde and more dangerous for the future of our country. They should be opposed at all costs.

Pelosi to the people: Drop dead!
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Innocent citizens around the country and struggling families living in the very neighborhoods prosecutors are supposed to protect, the murder rate is skyrocketing. Vicious, brutal attacks are carried out every day in broad daylight — as these prosecutors pursue their Great Orange Whale over 15-year-old, murky tax charges. Marie Antoinette said of her starving people, “Let them eat cake.” Mrs. Pelosi tells hers: “Drop dead.”

Is Afghanistan a Failed Mission?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Enemies of the United States are likely to be energized by what they perceive, not wrongly, as a strategic defeat of the USA. We did it to ourselves. Hubris was our failing, as it often is of great powers, the mindset exhibited by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright when she declared: "If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future."

The Party Against Parental Rights
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
Liberal Dems long ago rejected the Founding Fathers' notion of a self-imposed restraint on government, stacking the courts with judicial activists who routinely rule against parents in the name of this or that invented right. It falls to the Republicans to resist this juggernaut and reassert the God-given right of parents to be the primary educators of their children — a stance that is both good policy and good politics.

Naming the Capitol Police Officer Who Killed Unarmed Jan. 6 Rioter Ashli Babbitt
Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations
While the USCP has an inspector general, he does not make reports public, unlike other agency watchdogs. His report on Jan. 6 remains secret. Critics say the 193-year-old agency is in dire need of reform. They point out that even the Secret Service complies with FOIA requests and releases reports and audits by its internal watchdog. The Capitol Police, in contrast, won’t even reveal how many sworn officers it has on hand.

Who the Hell Is in Charge?
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
What we have in the Joe Biden * Administration seems to be a patchwork quilt of bureaucrats, politicos, and social media blue checks each pushing individual fetishes instead of their awful agenda as a whole. The result is not just chaos– ah, glorious chaos– but the ham-handed way they are going about it is also energizing we normals’ resistance. It’s a perfect storm of failure, and we should help them fail however we can.

Supreme Court confuses religious grounds while destroying traditional values
Cal Thomas, Washington Times
Problems arise for nations when standards of right and wrong are abandoned. Moral anarchy has been one of the contributing factors to the collapse of empires and great nations of the past. Apparently, we think we can escape the judgment of history and the judgment of God by “believing whatever our itching ears want to hear” and doing “whatever seems right in our own eyes.” Those two quotes are from Scripture. Not inclusive?

We the People must get these RINOs out
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Who are the RINOS actually? Not all are as obvious as Georgia's Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger -- and Liz Cheney. The Tennessee rank-and-file are, to put it mildly, angry, as they are in Georgia. It is public officials like Kemp, Raffensperger, and Lee that are the harbingers, whether they realize it or not, of turning red states blue, putting a virtual stake in the two-party system nationwide (Nancy Pelosi’s greatest dream).

The News Media Versus the Flag-Waving Weirdos?
Tim Graham, CNS News
Flag-waving or singing the national anthem or fireworks displays could be unifying. But our media isn't interested in that. They seem more interested in shaping America in their own revolutionary image. They sound like their knees jerk dramatically at anything that makes patriotic Americans happy and proud. That good feeling can't possibly be indulged. It has to be "corrected." Then they wonder why the "news" business is sinking.

The Glorious Death of American Legacy Media, and What Comes Next
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
The news media is just one more cultural institution in America the Left — not just the liberals, who have run the news media in America almost from the very beginning, but the Left, as in the Marxists of cultural and other bents — has utterly destroyed. The real question is what arises in its place. Because people are still going to get information about the world. Where it comes from is the subject of the next great game.

20 Questions for Nancy Pelosi About January 6
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Americans deserve the unvarnished truth about what happened before, during, and after January 6. Spin replaced with reality. It’s unlikely, of course, that Pelosi’s truth-seeking mission will result in anything more than reheated political spin, recriminations, and fuel for nonstop media attention. But Americans, and GOP leaders including Donald Trump, should keep asking legitimate questions and demanding truthful answers.

The future of Hunter Biden’s laptop
Byron York, Washington Examiner
The most important thing to remember is that the Hunter Biden laptop story is not about Hunter Biden. It's about Joe Biden, President of the United States. The laptop news blackout continues at all those media and social media sites. Will that ever change? Miranda Devine wrote, "This is not a story about Hunter Biden, private citizen... It involved the president and his claim he knew nothing about Hunter's business dealings."

As America Recedes, China Rises
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Where do we go from here? China's assets are impressive. At 1.4 billion people, it has the largest population on earth. In the Cold War, time, it turned out, was on our side. But in the last decade, Xi Jinping might fairly see time as having switched sides. Either way, we are surely better off relying upon our abilities rather than our weapons to win the competition and settle the rivalry that may settle the future of mankind. 

Weimar Los Angeles: ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
America, in its blue states at least, and they are doing their best to spread the poison, has turned us into a land of the “woke” where near-total conformity rules the day, the populace terrified to speak up against the real intention behind this basic Marxist behavior—the destruction of the family as we know it. The direction of our republic is similar to that of Weimar, Germany, in everything from social mores to inflation.

Chicago’s Lightfoot plays victim in city’s crime spike
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
Democratic policies and attitudes end up destroying people’s lives, and then those same divisive narratives are used by the perpetrators to avoid responsibility. We know there is racism and sexism in society but using those serious issues to distract is like callously using regular, innocent Americans as human shields. Unfortunately, Ms. Lightfoot is not an anomaly, she is exactly what the Democratic Party in 2021 has become.

The Genesis of Our American Collective Meltdown
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Our adversaries can’t quite believe their good fortune. Had they thought up ways to divide and impoverish America, to see its cities burned, and looted, to weaken its economy and currency, to erode the unity of its once-feared military, and to entrench the most effective critics of America in America -- not in Beijing or Moscow -- they could not have improved on what has happened in 2020-21, the era of our collective meltdown.

The Credo of the Catholic Democrats
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
It speaks to the strength of secularism and the weakness and division within Church leadership that these Democrats would even undertake this self-indulgent attempt to redefine Catholicism and its sacramental requirements. Such hubris would have been inconceivable in past eras. But this is the age of the shameless secularist pol, who can at once declare independence from his religion while micromanaging its internal affairs.

Unworthy Americans
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
The elite wants to shear the sheep of self-respect, and the sheep line up. The sheep are told to pretend they aren’t sheep. And they do so even if the shame of their submissions somewhere, deep down inside them, gnaws at them. We are the greatest nation on earth, which is a sad commentary on the human race as a whole. And sadly, so many of our fellow Americans are unworthy. Be worthy, and prepared, because change is coming.

The Spirit of Independence and the Future of the United States
Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times
In this era of bloated governmental intrusiveness upon the rights and liberties of citizens, it is worth pondering what future that revolutionary spirit is likely to enjoy. “Well, Doctor, what have we got — a Republic or a Monarchy?” someone asked Franklin as he left the Constitutional Convention in 1787. “A Republic,” replied Benjamin Franklin, “If you can keep it.” Can we? I wish I felt more certain about the answer than I do.

Divisive critical race theory spits on the Civil Rights Movement
Rep. Byron Donalds, Washington Times
As a Black man in America, our history of slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement is deeply personal. My wife and I teach our children about this history, their schools teach them of this history, and we must continue to teach all children of this. But we cannot use our troubled history as a rubber stamp to hold America hostage (CRT) from her past sins and as a wedge between White and Black Americans.

Why Does the Supreme Court Hate Property Rights?
Stephen Moore, CNS News
The government's argument was that the CDC believes the COVID regulations are necessary to "prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases." Never mind that the pandemic is over and that anyone who wants to be protected against COVID-19 has ready access to the vaccines. This country really is headed down the road of tyranny when the government tells our citizens they don't have to pay their bills.

The Genesis of Our American Collective Meltdown
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Our adversaries can’t quite believe their good fortune. Had they thought up ways to divide and impoverish America, to see its cities burned, and looted, to weaken its economy and currency, to erode the unity of its once-feared military, and to entrench the most effective critics of America in America -- not in Beijing or Moscow -- they could not have improved on what has happened in 2020-21, the era of our collective meltdown.

The Credo of the Catholic Democrats
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
It speaks to the strength of secularism and the weakness and division within Church leadership that these Democrats would even undertake this self-indulgent attempt to redefine Catholicism and its sacramental requirements. Such hubris would have been inconceivable in past eras. But this is the age of the shameless secularist pol, who can at once declare independence from his religion while micromanaging its internal affairs.