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Louisville: ‘Burn It Down!’
Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator
BLM has issued “demands” that Louisville disarm and defund its police department, with the implied threat of mob violence. This is simply terrorism, and Dem politicians like Joe Biden are complicit in this when they parrot BLM’s rhetoric about “systemic racism.” Earlier this month, Biden said that the officers involved in the Taylor shooting “need to be charged,” but after the Wednesday decision, Biden’s campaign issued a statement questioning “whether justice could be equally applied in America,” speaking of a need “to do more to deliver justice for Breonna.”

Civilization Requires Collective Common Sense
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
Experts have given the American public contradictory and weaponized election-year directives on masks, social distancing, lockdowns, school closures, and workplace policies. Most people instinctively sense that when vast swaths of dead trees are not removed from dense forests, they will eventually serve as kindling for raging firestorms. And when scientific expertise offers ever-changing, inconsistent, and occasionally absurd public health advice, then people turn to their own instincts and innate common sense to protect themselves and their livelihoods.

Liberal media already targeting Amy Coney Barrett with anti-Catholic bigotry
Editors, Washington Examiner
Barrett may not even be the nominee. But in preemptively disparaging her faith, liberals have already shown their hand. They hope to turn this nomination, and by extension the coming election, into a Holy War. Their fundamentalist dogma of wokeness has become their basis for launching a religious conflict — an anti-Christian crusade. It is, of course, despicable, but Democrats also ought to ask themselves whether it is wise. Is this really how Democrats wish to treat the millions of their own voters who believe in Christ and belong to communities of worship?

Bullets Over Louisville
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
The Marxist-led Black Lives Matter… is the modern version of the KKK. The skin colors may be different but the murderous instincts and racist loathing are the same. The veneer of social justice is less than paper thin. “No justice, no peace,” is the hollowest slogan imaginable. The question is who is putting the rioters, looters, and destroyers up to their mayhem? Who, for example, rented the U-Haul from which all sorts of ad hoc weaponry was disgorged to the supposedly peaceful protestors before the Taylor decision came down? And who paid that person and so on?

In Leftist Land, Who Will Protect You?
Lori Roman, Townhall
In Leftist Land, regular law-abiding citizens are left defenseless. Police are defunded, disarmed, and deterred. Elites have armed private security details. And criminals are free to terrorize over and over. This is the antithesis of what should happen in our constitutional republic. In such times, we must hold on dearly to our Constitution, which gives Americans the right to protect themselves and which establishes a system for law and order on which they can depend. This means every position in every city, county, state, and federal office matters.

Ginsburg's death punctures Biden's carefully crafted 'Seinfeld' campaign
Michael McKenna, Washington Times
Unfortunately for Mr. Biden, the death of Justice Ginsburg, and the nomination and confirmation of her replacement, guarantees that the internal disagreements among the Democrats will now break into public view. Leaders, most especially Mr. Biden, will be compelled to take positions with respect to institutional changes including ending the filibuster, packing the U.S. Supreme Court and providing statehood to places that may not want it (Puerto Rico) or to places to which the American people may not want to tie their fates. Mr. Biden’s silence will be pierced.

Democrats' threats against the country have worked for too long. The GOP should stop listening
Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner
"Decide wrong, and we will blow things up." At some point, one has to stop giving into the threats. When Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Schumer, and Pat Leahy assault the old norms and practices of the judicial wars, they aren’t reacting to Republicans, they are responding to their activist base. Unless somehow Democrats can undo the 50-year culture war over the courts led by the abortion lobby, Kennedy, and his lesser shadows in the Senate, Republicans should tell the Democrats to just cast their no votes, give their angry speeches, and stop threatening the country. 

No-Show Joe
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
It’s hard to see Team Biden putting their guy into the debate. The most obvious way for him to lose this election would be to have an utter meltdown in which he descends into a nonsensical word salad while Trump berates him for his lack of preparation and offers the crowd a “See what I’m telling you?” indictment of Biden’s lack of fitness. Far better to be accused of cowardice than to have that meltdown in front of the Americans COVID-19 hasn’t taken from us. Better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. 

Biden Won’t Answer Court-Packing Question
Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review
“I’m not going to answer.” If the former vice president answers the question about ending the filibuster and packing the High Court, President Trump and the rest of us will surely be pointing out, non-stop, “what Biden said or didn’t say.” But that is because he is running for president. If he is elected, what he says, what he does, and whom he puts on the Supreme Court will affect, profoundly, the way we live and are governed. That’s a reason to make him tell us now, not let him play hide-the-radicalism and then spring it on us after Election Day. 

Democrats are the real hypocrites in latest Supreme Court saga
Joseph Curl, Washington Times
Let’s be clear: If Democrats controlled the Senate, they would’ve rammed through a replacement for Scalia. And (to be crystal clear) it would’ve been their right. They held the White House, they controlled the Senate, and the Constitution spells it all out. Politics ain’t beanbag, and elections have consequences. The phony outrage from Democrats has been hilarious to watch. And liberals will continue to decry the fact that President Trump wants to seat a Supreme Court justice — right up to the moment that Mr. Trump seats a Supreme Court justice. 

Proof the 'Silent Majority' Really Does Exist
Beth Baumann, Townhall
After a few days in Bay and Saginaw Counties – both Presidents Obama and Trump won – it became apparent that the fear is real. Trump supporters would quietly make comments under their breath, but only loud enough to where someone they felt agreed with their stance could hear. Trump supporters in the area are so cautious that most weren't comfortable giving me a name or any identifying information. The ones that agreed to talk with me would only do so as long as I agreed to record audio, not video, and didn't use their name, place of business or image.

It All Comes Back to Language and Thought
Walter E. Williams, CNS News
Sloppy language permits people to get away with speaking and doing all manner of destructive nonsense without being challenged. Let's look at the concept of "white privilege," the notion that white people have benefited in American history relative to, and at the expense of, "people of color." It appears to be utter nonsense. The best thing that we can do is clean up our language. That will have the added benefit of straightening out our thinking so that we do not permit leftists to get away with making us feel guilty and believing in utter nonsense.

Last Best Chance to Capture Supreme Court
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Consider the issues that the new nominee will decide. The cause of right to life. Affirmative action. Religious freedom. Immigration. Gun rights. All could be lost if the opportunity to fill the Ginsburg seat is forfeited by GOP defectors. The 50-year struggle to recapture the Supreme Court would be over. Assume that Amy Coney Barrett, Catholic jurist and mother of seven, is nominated. Would fellow Catholic Biden demand that his Democratic colleagues reject Barrett because she might be a vote against Roe v. Wade, which Joe now enthusiastically champions? 

Who’s Afraid of Amy Coney Barrett?
David Catron, The American Spectator
Obamacare has another rendezvous with SCOTUS next year. This time, with a Justice Barrett on the Court, the “reform” law is in real danger. On the health-care “reform” law and abortion, Amy Coney Barrett is the Left’s worst nightmare and consequently the perfect SCOTUS nominee at this crucial point in President Trump’s reelection campaign. By nominating her, he will further energize an already enthusiastic Republican base, wreck the Democratic strategy for beating him in November, and leave his bumbling Democratic challenger even more befuddled than ever. 

GOP Senators must vote to restore role of Supreme Court as interpreter of the Constitution

Cal Thomas, Washington Times
Some jittery Republicans up for reelection fear whomever the president nominates would harm their chances. Even so, this is a chance to do something great for the country and leave a mark worthy of the most patriotic citizen. There is no point in having power if one does not utilize it. Senators who do not like Mr. Trump’s personality, but agree with many of his policies, should swallow their pride and vote to change the Supreme Court back to the role the Founders intended for it. One hopes a Senate majority puts the country ahead of personal gain.

Biden Anti-Business Agenda Would Wreck the Economy
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
The costs of Biden's “consumer protections” fall hardest on the lowest-income families. Economists estimate that the Biden regulatory stranglehold and his ban on fracking would reduce the incomes of the poorest households by about 15 percent. The average household would see losses of about 4 percent by going back to the Obama regulatory regime. Bernie Sanders suggested that Biden would be the most progressive and radical in history. He may be called “Lunch Bucket Joe,” but for blue-collar America, the Biden agenda would be a real blow to the wallet.

Here Are Some Questions For Joe Biden
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
There are many good questions. But we’ll never hear them – not until there is a sense that Biden is already going down. That may happen soon. The Harris/Biden ticket is in trouble. Brace yourself for the next disastrous Biden misstep – them pulling out of the debate. Oh, they’ll blame Trump for making them do it – but no one else will buy the excuse, except the media. That bubbling cauldron of dung will buy whatever the Democrat elite tells it to buy, and that’s what none of these questions or any like them will get asked until it no longer matters.

NFL's Social Justice Experiment Is No Touchdown
Salena Zito, Washington Examiner
In 2016, when Villanueva was asked for his thoughts on Kaepernick's anthem protests, his response crystallized what many people believe: "I don't know if the most effective way is to sit down during the national anthem with a country that's providing you freedom, providing you $16 million a year ... when there are black minorities that are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for less than $20,000 a year." What the NFL needs is a lot more people like Villanueva, not for his patriotism but for his willingness to search outside what everyone else thinks he should do.

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg May Help Reelect Donald Trump and the Republican Senate
Doug Bandow, The American Spectator
Republicans should use time until the election to sell the nomination to the public. The confirmation vote should be set for a lame-duck session shortly after November 3, and treated almost as a separate project. Of course, the two are intimately connected, but if the former is handled well, the second should fall into place. Indeed, if the nomination fight helps reelect the president and Republican-controlled Senate, the second will be perfunctory. The vote could even be put off, deflating claims that McConnell was rushing the vote and abusing the process. 

A Woke Joe Biden Ends His Hibernation
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Don’t expect that Joe Biden suddenly will become comprehensible. Instead assume that Democrats will obstruct and make more wild accusations. The media will offer more scandals and slanted polls. A new tell-all book will line up for its 10 minutes of fame. An angry former administration employee or yet another “heroic” retired four-star general will emerge to tweet out his disgust. More mass signed letters of “concern” will appear from doctors, or retired military officials, or state department grandees. More billionaires will give Joe Biden millions.

Joe Biden Resurrects False College Claim That Helped Ruin His 1988 Presidential Run
Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
Biden’s first failed run was ended by his dishonesty over his academic record and his plagiarism, including the biography and speeches of British Labor politician Neil Kinnock. Biden came clean about his plagiarism, his dishonesty about his academic record, and the fact that he was not the first person in his family to attend college back in 1983. He even addressed the scandal, which forced him out of the presidential race, in a subsequent book. It is unclear why he has resurrected one of the false claims that got him in so much trouble 33 years ago.

Why the country needs a filled Supreme Court for the 2020 election
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Trump and Biden are loading up with lawyers ready to fight it out. The approach makes it almost certain some cases will get to federal courts, and one or more likely will make it to the high court. While it's a no-brainer for Dems to oppose a lifetime Trump nominee as they aim to win the White House and Senate, the prospect of a deadlocked Supreme Court on the election presents an unacceptable danger for the entire nation. Elections need to be seen as fair and final if Americans are to keep what little faith we still have in our government institutions. 

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: ‘Kavanaugh II’

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
If the Dems repeat the performance of the Kavanuagh hearings so close to the election, they will do irreparable damage not just to their party, but to all of us, RBG’s supposed plea for another president to replace her notwithstanding. The repeat Kavanaugh performance will be made yet more treacherous for the Democrats since Trump has already announced that he is nominating a woman. The nauseating sexual innuendo and unsubstantiated sleaze that dominated that hearing will be difficult to pull off against Amy Coney Barrett, a woman with seven children.

President Trump’s ‘1776 Commission’ on Patriotic Education Is an Overdue Effort
Editors, National Review
Informed patriotic education was once seen as a necessary component of citizenship. No prior generation of American leaders would have argued that we should be indifferent to whether our citizens know their own history. Abraham Lincoln returned often to the unique history of America, not only to hold together the nation in crisis but to call it to its highest ideals. So long as children are educated by the government what they are taught will be a political issue. Conservatives are overdue to enter that essential fight. We applaud the president for doing so.


Trump isn’t likely to shrink from Supreme Court fight in election year
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
If you thought the presidential election was already too hot and too nasty, brace yourself. You ain’t seen nothing yet. The decision about whether to try to fill the court’s vacancy is up to Republicans. Republicans have both the right and a reason to use their power until the congressional term ends Jan. 3. Indeed, because the confirmation likely would not be settled by Election Day, it’s conceivable that the Senate could take its final votes in late December, even though some members of both parties may have lost their elections. Talk about ending 2020 with a bang. 


Amy Barrett — Immediately, If Not Sooner
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
This nomination is there for the confirming, it gives the country an excellent justice who will do excellent service for a protracted period of time, it’s a transformational choice which creates a new Supreme Court for the 21st century, it’s a political win which delivers Catholic voters and suburban women for the president’s party, it creates a feminine cultural icon setting precisely the right tone and it demonstrates once and for all to conservative voters that unlike the Republican Party of the Bush era, this GOP has the will and the sand to deliver on its promises. 


Trump Hate Is Not Enough
Conrad Black, American Greatness
The farce will be over soon. The standing of the Dem nominee in the (mainly Democratic front) polls is a levitation that defies all laws of nature and politics. Joe Biden is not a political bumblebee, he is a lumbering guided-missile whose engine has failed. Violence is a far more profound, less explicable, and less remediable problem than the coronavirus. COVID-19 fatalities and the unemployment that resulted from the shutdown Biden wishes to perpetuate or restore continue to decline and an effective vaccine now appears likely in the next few months.  


Nashville Government Lied About the Coronavirus—Does Everybody?
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Nashville Metro lied. The coronavirus figures for the honky tonks (country music bars) were nowhere near what the city had said or implied they were in order to keep them shut or semi-shut, revealed in a series of private government emails. Mayor Cooper is shaping up as a national villain. This should not just be local news, or even national. It should be international for what it tells us about the virus. Does this mean that the game is rigged, that Nashville (and other cities undoubtedly) stays locked down in perpetuity… or until Biden gets elected? 


Why Is Biden So Frightened by a Drug Test?
David Catron, The American Spectator
Biden can improve his odds by accepting the president’s drug test challenge. Biden might even be able to beat Trump if he passes, particularly if he will produce a credible cognitive acuity test. The voters worry when the former VP fumbles a softball question with an incoherent response. They notice when he halts his campaign schedule at 9 a.m. So, why doesn’t he call Trump’s bluff? What’s he hiding? If you were applying for a job, would you refuse a drug screening or decline an aptitude test? Of course not. So, why is Joe Biden afraid to do so? 


Is Peace at Hand in the Middle East?
Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators
The Gulf Arabs could be signing up to recognize Israel because they see the Jewish state as an indispensable ally in the Arab Sunni clash with the larger and more powerful Shiite Iran. The Palestinian issue also seems no closer to resolution. What the Gulf Arabs are saying with these recognitions is that the seemingly irreconcilable Palestinian-Israeli conflict can no longer be permitted to interfere with the Arabs' pursuit of allies in the conflict that more immediately concerns them — that of Iran against the Sunni Arab nations of the Persian Gulf.

Americans angry at Washington should be looking in the mirror
Cal Thomas, Washington Times
This year’s pre-election rioting, looting and shootings is not only a consequence of the failure or refusal of politicians to fix problems; it is also a failure by too many citizens who look to government to find solutions for things it was never created to address. It is not the fault of a train that it cannot fly. A car mechanic should not be blamed because he can’t perform open-heart surgery. Government has a purpose, but it is not to solve problems only an individual can address. People who are angry at government should be looking in the mirror.

The News as We Once Knew It Is Dead
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
The public is fed a series of fantasy “bombshells” much like the daily hysterias of the Robert Mueller investigation into alleged collusion — a two-year, media-hyped dud. Trump, we are told, has decided never to concede his sure loss in November and might have to be forcibly removed, perhaps by the military. The news as we once understood it is dead. It has been replaced by the un-news: a political narrative created by partisans who believe the noble ends of destroying Trump justify any biased means necessary — including destroying their own reputation and craft. 

So, How Do They Dump Biden?
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
As the Democrat presidential campaign degenerates into “Weekend at Gropey’s,” a question arises: Assuming the Dems and their media minions somehow drag that rickety, basement-dwelling weirdo across the finish line, how do they get rid of him post-inauguration? Clearly, he would be a figurehead as Dr. Demento – sorry, Dr. Jill – and Kamala Harris joust for control before a backdrop of scheming pinko puppetmasters. But sooner or later, probably sooner, the Dem elite is going to try to put him out to pasture. How could they pull it off? And can they? 

California Doesn’t Need to Burn
Steven Greenhut, The American Spectator
Reforming regulatory barriers isn’t as sexy as talking about climate change, but it could help mitigate our recurring wildfire problems. Certainly, climate change may be exacerbating the wildfire problem. “Mountain regions that are normally cooler and wetter have dried out more rapidly in the summer, adding to the potential fuel load,” the BBC reported. But that doesn’t excuse the “blame climate change” approach that Newsom has taken, which amounts to little more than an effort to deflect attention from the state’s slow and bureaucratic wildfire responses.

Biden’s Energy Plan Could Kill 5 Million Blue-Collar Jobs
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
Biden is telling us we are going to bring jobs back home by decapitating our energy industry. Wind and solar account for about 5 percent of our energy consumption today, so we still need access to other energy. It looks like we will have to get it from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and even China, which is planning to build hundreds of coal plants over the next decade. What the leaders of Beijing care about is global economic domination by knocking America off our pedestal. Biden’s energy plan would give Pres. Xi Jinping and his fellow communists a big assist.

GOP has good chance of scoring Trump and Senate upsets in Minnesota
Salena Zito, Washington Examiner
Pundits endlessly discuss the narrow upset wins Trump scored throughout the Great Lakes states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin and his vulnerabilities because of those thin margins. But at the same time, the narrative should go both ways since Trump only narrowly lost in Minnesota, coming within 45,000 votes of upsetting Clinton. The same could be argued about New Hampshire, where he lost by less than 3,000 votes. Like Wisconsin, Minnesota is a state that has been incrementally trending red for several cycles in the rural, suburban, and exurban areas.


Anti-Cop Rage in Pennsylvania
Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator
The “change” the rioters want is the election of Joe Biden, and it has become increasingly obvious that these violent mobs — which have wreaked havoc in cities nationwide — are being sponsored by Democrats who believe such “activism” will help them win the White House in November. Biden has repeatedly accused President Trump of fostering “systemic racism,” a charge that echoes BLM’s anti-police rhetoric. For all intents and purposes, Sunday’s riot in Lancaster was a Biden campaign rally. It could prove to be the tipping point that cinches Biden’s defeat. 

Did the New York Times ‘Shoot the Sheriff(s)’ in Compton?
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Holding the NYT culpable for shooting the deputies may seem like an exaggerated claim, but an indelible line exists connecting the dots from the NYT’s 1619 Project to the blood-stained sidewalks of South-Central Los Angeles. That along with such empty and meretricious academic inventions as “critical race theory” and “systemic racism” are the supposedly intellectual underpinnings of a movement yielding nothing but nonstop social unrest cum physical and psychological destruction. Does anyone have a question anymore about who really “shot the deputies”?

The art of the peace deal, Trump’s masterful détente
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
American strength is what most appealed to the Arab states. They fear Iran more than Israel. The agreements signed are fittingly called the Abraham Accords. They mark a new era of trade, tourism and opportunity for millions of Jews, Muslims and Christians. Trump clearly savored the moment but, ever restless, says he’s not finished yet. He told reporters he believes the Palestinians eventually will want to negotiate and predicted that, if he wins a second term, he will make a deal with the Iranians, too. The changes, he said, are just the start of a “new Middle East.”

Republican 'Commitment to America' abandons spending restraint
Editors, Washington Examiner
“Americans are fed up with politicians who say one thing and do another,” Kevin McCarthy declared in front of the Capitol steps. “Instead of empty rhetoric, they deserve results. This is why we are announcing a ‘Commitment to America.’” But this "Commitment" departs from the “Contract” (and the 2010 “Pledge to America”) in many important ways. It has less substance, does not call for any fundamental changes to Washington, and most importantly, abandons any semblance of fiscal responsibility. Republicans don't even pay lip service to fiscal discipline.

The Same Old, Same Old California Suicide
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
The rich got really rich, the poor came in and got a little less poor (than their native countries), and the middle fled either out of state or to the Sierra and coastal foothills that are now aflame. So California’s destruction can be summed up in the hypocrisies and paradoxes of its bankrupt elite, who believe that their money insulates them from their own toxic ideology, and their virtue-signaling squares the circle of feeling guilty that they want nothing to do with the millions of poor they invited in and are relieved that they drove out millions in the middle classes.

Democrats exploiting more disasters
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
Because we can’t have the Democrats admit that their idiotic and deadly policy failures, Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden made a statement about the fires and climate change attempting to blame President Trump for the massive fire destruction, bizarrely labeling Mr. Trump a “climate arsonist.” The devastation wrought by Democratic policies is clear, and the only thing Democratic leadership cares about is not getting caught by cravenly attempting to gaslight you into believing another one of their malleable schemes.


Trump Leads Biden on Top Voter Issue
David Catron, The American Spectator
The voters praise President Trump’s economic performance prior to the pandemic, and it is why they still believe he is more qualified to manage the economic recovery than Biden. Moreover, no matter how many times the latter says so, they know it isn’t plausible that Trump is responsible for the depredations of a pandemic that originated in China and has affected over 200 countries. The economy is the most urgent issue facing the U.S. this fall, and it is the primary criterion the voters will use to select the next president. Good news for Donald J. Trump.

Are the Forever Wars Really Ending?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
With the cuts in troops in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the appointments of Ruger and Macgregor, Trump has signaled a new resolve to reconfigure U.S. foreign policy in an "America First" direction, if he wins a second term. Will he follow through? Joe Biden has signaled where he is headed — straight back to Obama: "First thing I'm going to have to do, and I'm not joking: if elected I'm going to have to get on the phone with the heads of state and say America's back," Biden said, saying NATO has been "worried as hell about our failure to confront Russia."

Conservatives’ Crushing Counterattack In the Culture War
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
The culture war is not some niche distraction for Bible thumpers and repressed weirdos. It is not an inconvenience to our GOP establishment and a frivolous distraction from the serious business of managing America’s decline to keep it at a slightly slower rate than under the Democrats. It is the battle over the things that we normal Americans live with every day. The nature of our country and society is vitally important, and we demand a say in it. Under Trump, we have that say again and in his second term look for Trump’s admin. to stay on the cultural offensive. 

Confessions of the secret suburban Trump moms
Anonymous, Spectator USA
I made the comment, how did we get here? She quickly proclaimed that it didn’t have to be like this: if we’d had a true lockdown like other countries and if we had consistent messaging from the government, we’d be on our way out of this mess. Yeah, it’s all Trump’s fault. What about China? What about the wealthy business and leisure travelers who spread the disease to our most vulnerable populations — the nursing home residents, illegal immigrants and essential workers? Am I just a wimp? Maybe, but there’s so much hate targeted towards Trump and his supporters. 

Biden pushes Woodward's 'Rage' to politicize COVID-19 against Trump
Cal Thomas, Washington Times
Democrats, led by candidate Joe Biden, are trying to turn the interviews and Mr. Woodward’s forthcoming book, “Rage,” to their advantage. The problem for them is that they said little or nothing about the coronavirus early on and many took positions opposite the president’s. They now claim they were ahead of the pandemic curve. The virus should never have been politicized. Now that it has become political, like everything else, it is fair to ask those who wish to maintain, or obtain power, why the public should trust either candidate to deal with it going forward.

Vindman media tour obscures key fact about impeachment
Byron York, Washington Examiner
One of the many noteworthy aspects of the Trump impeachment was that, even though it was a matter of the most serious public concern, it began with an anonymous complaint that remained anonymous through secret and public hearings, through committee investigations, through a House impeachment vote, and, finally, through an impeachment trial. The identity of the whistleblower remained a secret. And related to that, the identity of the final person with whom Vindman discussed the Trump-Zelensky call remains a secret, too — one he appears ready to keep for a long, long time.

Biden, ‘The Great and Powerful’
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Reality has outdone art with the Biden campaign. Will this joint project of progressive ideologues of the Dem Party and the major media work? So far the rope-a-dope has succeeded in slowing down somewhat the pace of the erosion of Biden’s lead. And Biden as the tough-talking Wizard projection will continue until, when, or if the polls show an undeniable Trump surge ahead. For now Biden’s best hope is that some Emerald City media lackey does not play the role of the tiny dog Toto, rip away the curtain, and reveal the tiny man and his machinery behind the projection. 

Joe Ain’t No Rookie — And He and the Truth Have Never Gotten Along
Larry Thornberry, The American Spectator
For those who’ve followed, covered, and generally attended to American politics, Biden is a known quantity. Oh how the skeptical have fallen. Back in the day, even mainstream media types, fully credentialed Swamp creatures, could spot the fraud that Biden was. Joe is still a fraud. And transparently so. But now our media robots are either too blind to see it or, more likely, so invested in flogging the progressive agenda that they won’t tell their viewers and readers that the would-be emperor is not only not wearing any clothes but is a damn fool into the bargain. 

Trump will win in November -- Here's why I believe that bold statement
David Limbaugh, Fox News
Democrats are so confident they have irreversibly tarnished Trump that they believe they can defeat him with a candidate who's already ripe for the 25th Amendment. They are brazenly hiding Biden in the closet. Various polls reinforce their arrogance, though it's not hard to imagine that when prudent people are afraid to wear their Trump hats in public, they may not answer polls forthrightly. So, take heart, Trump supporters. We have a strong candidate with a remarkably successful record, running against a party that bears little resemblance to the party of JFK. 

Why Trump Is Winning Over Hispanics
Rich Lowry, National Review
Donald Trump, who is presumed to be anathema to all Hispanics, has notably enhanced his standing with these voters in a material boost to his chances in a must-win swing state. Florida Senator Rick Scott has no doubt what the outcome will be in Florida: “Oh, Trump’s going to win. I told Trump this back in ’16 — all the polls said I would lose in all three of my races, and I won. Right? Because the polls are generally — in my races it looked like they were off three to seven points. So if the polls are saying Trump’s tied, he’s up three to seven points.” 

How A Big Blue Lie Fueled A Summer Of Riots
Jim DeMint, Daily Caller
The rioters are rioting because they know Democrat politicians and the leftist media will let them get away with it. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that wealthy elites on the left are supporting this mayhem for political purposes. For their part, the media and Democrat politicians enable the rioters by making sure they do get away with it – and since the left controls the media and the narrative, these terrorists know the American people cannot punish them. On November 3, let’s hope the American people – once and for all — destroy the Big Blue Lie with their votes. 

Good-bye to the Lakers: Confessions of an Ex-Fan
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
What we have in the case of these African American athletes and celebrities is black guilt. What LeBron James and others like him are expressing, in their fealty to “Black Lives Matter,” despite its obvious excesses and Marxist provenance, is guilt over their good fortune that has placed them head and shoulders above their peers. While this is understandable and quite human, LeBron and the others should be able to rise above it, say good-bye to the propaganda and put this behind them. Now, if ever, is the time. As for me, I’m putting L.A. and the Lakers on hold.

A Focused Trump Can Still Pull It Out

Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators

Trump needs to convert a Mr. Congeniality contest into a decision of whom you want to lead the nation in this perilous hour. Whom do you want in the Oval Office dealing with the current crises: Mr. Nice Guy or the guy who showed he could get the job done before the pandemic came ashore? With seven weeks left, Trump's agenda of issues appears more appealing than Biden's. Trump needs to stay focused on the issues where the divisions are clear and compelling. The debates will show whether Joe has lost it and cannot be entrusted with the destiny of the republic.


The Ruling Class’s Final Push Against Trump

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Only the ruling class could portray Biden’s party as a savior of “safety.” Under George McGovern, it was called the party of “abortion, amnesty, and acid.” For all of its talk about “health,” it is the party of heedless drug legalization. It is the party that sends Planned Parenthood into elementary schools to convert children to promiscuity. And for all of its talk about “science,” it is the party that refuses to look at sonograms, as it clings to the fiction that the child is not a life. The hypocrisy of the ruling class is only exceeded by its dishonesty.


The Democrats’ partisan damage

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Future historians will chart the decades-long path of how we got to this perilous point, but they must not ignore the incredible damage done by Democrats’ decision to reject the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. Now imagine if Dems had taken a different course. Imagine if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer had acted as responsible opposition leaders starting in 2017 instead of surrendering to the mob. They would have found a president eager to negotiate on almost ­everything. Trump prides himself on being a dealmaker and loves nothing more than a signing ceremony.


Expect Democrat Shenanigans, But Don’t Panic

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

A huge election night lead provides a psychological barricade against the “count until we win” strategy. It makes the cheating look like cheating, which will be important because every media outlet will be assuring us that Trump’s victory is really a defeat. Count on the networks refusing to project a winner election night no matter how badly Biden loses. There will be other antics, like lawsuits, elector games, and no concession by Biden, who is likely to go down in history as a thinner but equally creepy Al Gore. It will be a lot less ugly if the vote is not close.


Now Bahrain? Trump Really Does Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize!

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The Gulf States seem to be breaking with the noxious global tribalism trend, proving a lot of people wrong, including numerous so-called “Middle East experts.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Palestinians were able to break free of it as well? One thing is clear. Trump, unlike so many before him, really does deserve that Nobel Peace Prize. He is earning it for actual achievements on the ground. His predecessor, Barack Obama, won one before he did anything at all, just for “being cool.” Trump may soon have more Nobel Peace Prizes than Roger Federer has trophies.


Would President Hillary Be Blamed for Coronavirus Deaths?

Tim Graham, CNS News

Imagine, for a minute, if Hillary Clinton had been president when the coronavirus arrived from China. Would the press place a single death at the White House door? Any Republican trying to blame Clinton for a single American death from this persistently infectious disease would face the wrath of "Pants on Fire" and "Four Pinocchios" ratings from the "independent fact-checkers" for stating "without evidence" that the White House failed to combat the pandemic. A President Hillary Clinton would have expected the networks' servility...and they would have delivered.

Biden’s Lethal Latino Problem

David Catron, The American Spectator

That so many Democrats must be told that Latino voters are like everyone else is just one reason that Biden isn’t connecting with them. Another involves their violent leftward lurch. Many Latinos came to the United States to escape the empty promises of socialism’s false prophets. Watch Maximo Alvarez's speech to the GOP convention -- it will be clear why Latino support for Biden is so weak. They know he’s a hostage of the Left. When they watch him, they know he’s reading propaganda. They don’t want to join him in his captivity and will never cast a ballot for him.


Another stream of political toxic waste dumped on Trump

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

There has been a debate over the use of anonymous sources. While on occasion it can provide information to the public that could not be obtained any other way, its overuse can add to the declining credibility of all media, which numerous surveys have shown has been the trend. If anonymous sources believe they are trying to save the nation, rather than adding to its toxicity, there could be no better time for them to shed their cloak of anonymity so we might know their political associations and the target of their attacks and smears can confront his accusers.


The Silent Majority Isn’t So Silent, If You Just Listen

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Secret Signals For Trump Supporters: Sometimes you just meet people and you need to assess their conservative wokeness. Conservative males tend to look like they do push-ups; Biden-voting males look like they do crafts and often try to tell you about their Etsy store. Attractive women tend to be conservative. Nasty, bitter crones tend to be liberal, as that brand of daddy-hating feminism seems to cause physical deterioration. The husbands of these vicious shrews are likely secret Trump voters, but don’t tell their wives (“I’m not his wife! I am not a possession!”).

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