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2020 Election Is a Choice Between Rule-Changing and Respect for Constitutional Norms
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
In traditional presidential campaigns, the two major parties offer contrasting ideas and policies. The Democratic and Republican candidates barnstorm the nation to make their cases. Not this year. The 2020 election is not just about Joe Biden sitting on a perceived lead and trying to run out the clock against barnstorming incumbent President Trump. It is really a choice between changing rules when they are deemed inconvenient and respecting constitutional norms and long-held traditions that have served America well for many years.

Joe Biden, the Son of a Used-Car Salesman
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
Biden sounds much the same today as he did as a cheat in law school, combining blustery dishonesty with boasts of his honor and character. The bluster is grimly comic: the more he lies, the more he insists that the doubting “look it up.” Once they do, such as on his easily refutable claim that he never opposed fracking or his bogus insistence that Trump has never condemned white supremacists, he just renews his initial lie. He has the dogged dishonesty of a used-car salesman. The only question now is, Will America buy his clunker?

Remember the South Vietnamese on Election Day, Joe Biden Doesn't
Craig Shirley, Newsmax
No one wants to talk about Biden’s dreadful treatment of America’s allies during the Vietnam War. Americans should know that, once upon a time before the media made him into the anti-Trump and covered for him, Joe Biden helped communist thugs kill hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in Southeast Asia — simply because the fashionable, procommunist Left in America wanted it that way. In the 1970’s when America and the South Vietnamese needed men of valor and courage, Joe Biden as AWOL. Think about that when you vote on Nov. 3.

Why Hunter Biden Really Does Matter… Big Time
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Besides telling us that the man who would be president is/was an atrocious parent, if the product of his parenting is even ten percent nurture on the nature versus nurture scale, the father is heavily enmeshed with the son in countries that wish to harm us. Visitors to these communist countries are constantly in the company of interpreters or guides who were obviously intelligence agents. Surely Hunter Biden knew this, but, from his actions, didn’t much care or thought he was under some kind of protection. No one could touch him.

Don’t Get Suckered By The Establishment Psy-Op
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Don’t buy the lie. We win this if we just take that last step, filling out our ballots straight GOP (even if that means marking it for intermittently annoying people like Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, and the insufferable Ben Sasse). That’s all you’ve got to do. Think about the liberal tears that will flow when the networks are forced to croak out the magical words “We project that *sniff* President Donald J. Trump has been reelected” followed by, “It appears that the GOP has kept the Senate and has won a majority in the House.”

What problems did Joe Biden solve during his decades in government?
Cal Thomas, Washington Times
The “60 Minutes” interviews of the presidential and VP candidates last Sunday were more revealing for questions not asked and for sidestepping than for what inquiring minds really want to know prior to Election Day. Ms. O’Donnell might have reminded him of Mr. Trump’s statement that he has done more in 47 months than Mr. Biden did in 47 years. What problems did Mr. Biden solve during his decades in government? Alas, the question wasn’t asked. Media credibility may be higher than that of Congress, but not enough to be encouraging.        

Donald Trump Is Again Going to Win
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator
56 percent of people polled by Gallup in late September affirmed they were better off now, amid a painful pandemic, than they were four years ago before Donald Trump entered the White House. Another 56 percent of Americans said the economy was the most important issue for them in the race. And still another 56 percent of Americans said they expected a Trump victory. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions, but I too am expecting a Trump victory. Apparently I am not alone. The only thing that could overthrow my calculations is voter fraud.

‘Look out for my family’ — Hunter’s biz partner tells all on meetings with Joe Biden
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Bobulinski exudes a sense of mission — and anger. It’s been building since he learned in September from a Senate report that Hunter Biden got $5 million in what appears to be a silent side deal from the same Chinese executives with whom he had been working. Then, when The Post published emails from the laptop Hunter left at a Delaware repair shop, Biden defenders, in and out of the media, quickly labeled it Russian disinformation. That infuriated Bobulinski further, feeling it was a smear on him and his family’s name. “How does that happen in our country?”

Promises made by Trump are promises kept, despite attempts to thwart him
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
Trump's vision is that America is the best place on earth, that it is not only worth saving but is being saved, and still stands as the shining city on a hill. We are the hope for humanity requiring a leader who looks up to us, not down on us. Trump represents that optimistic, confident vision and knows how to make it all possible. The first time we elected him it was on a wing and a prayer that he would be able to deliver what we thought he could. I now proudly vote for him because he is, still, exactly the right man at the right time.

Trump House: Pennsylvania woman gives Trump fans sense of belonging and hope of victory
Byron York, Washington Examiner
The visitor logs are huge, hundreds of pages in big loose-leaf binders, each page filled with signatures front and back. When Leslie Rossi first created the Trump House, she had no idea it would become what one local political leader called a "mecca for the silent majority" — a destination for 1,000 visitors a day, people who want to pick up a free Trump hat, or shirt, or flag, and who want to pose in front of the 14-foot high cutout of President Trump in the front yard. A reelected Trump would owe a lot to Rossi, and to the Trump House.

Is Getting Trump Worth It?
Walter E. Williams, The Epoch Times
The bottom-line question is whether our nation can survive the divisions that we see today. Too many people want to blame it all on Trump. Perhaps the most tragic aspect of today’s division is that much of it is a byproduct of our education system where young people are taught to hate our nation’s founders and founding principles. However, it is these principles, though practiced imperfectly, that have created the freest and richest nation in mankind’s history. The question is if our nation can survive the widespread anti-Trump hate.

All Signs Point To One Thing: We’re Reliving The 2016 Election
Christopher Bedford, The Federalist
Consider this scenario: After November 2016, Democrats wondered what they’d done wrong — what Her had done wrong. Had they forgotten white working voters? (Yep.) Had they sacrificed the concerns of the ordinary Americans for the luxury problems of the elites? (Yes.) Had they taken victory for granted, confident that voters would not support Donald Trump? (Mmhm.) Had they skipped Wisconsin? (Yeah, they did that). This Election Day could go either way, and nothing is for certain. Nothing, except for one thing: We haven’t learned a thing.

Democrats’ Contempt for the Will of the Voters
David Catron, The American Spectator
The Democrats and the ruling class they represents have nothing but contempt for the electorate, and their attempts to get rid of Trump are about nothing more than disfranchising the “chumps” who voted for him. Their actions since January 2017 have made it clear that they are motivated by power for the sake of power. They don’t care about social justice, equality, saving the planet, ending systemic racism, or any of the other causes they use to manipulate the voters they despise. For them, power is not a means to an end. It is the end.

Trump vs. Biden: A Rundown
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Whereas we know nearly all, bad and good, that there is to know about Trump, the newcomer to politics, we are discovering after 47 years that we know very little about the lifelong insider Biden. In the end, the supposedly illiberal and biased Trump has done more in four years for minorities and the muscular classes than the self-proclaimed liberal Biden has even attempted in five decades. In that context, Trump deserves another four years, and Biden should do what he does best and return to his lucrative retirement and family business.

A Biden Family Special Prosecutor in 2021?
Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators
If Joe Biden is elected, the incentive to cover for him and for Hunter vanishes. The old journalistic enthusiasm for the hunt to bring down another president will reappear, and more information will come spilling out. And as the claims and counterclaims, and allegations and counter allegations collide, pressure will build for Biden's DOJ to bring in an independent counsel to investigate and separate what is true from what is false and what is unethical from what is criminal. If Biden wins, son Hunter is going to have an exciting spring.

How Things May Look on November 4
Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times
The exact lineaments of what awaits us are unclear. We have to live our lives forward, after all. If Trump loses, he will leave office on January 20, as ordained by the Constitution. The country will then be in the hands of the radical Left and we’ll come to know first hand what authoritarian tyranny is really like. But if, as I expect, he wins, there will be much wailing and gnashing of liberal teeth, but widespread peace and prosperity will dull the pain and transform the anguish into the guilty pleasure of histrionic self-indulgence.

All But the Lamest RINOs Are Getting Conserva-Woke Now
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
It’s the ones who wanted everything to be peachy, who did not want to accept the existential conflict we are in, the ones who for so long wanted to believe that the real problem was that sometimes Trump tweets mean things, who changed. When the Facetwitt simply refused to allow news of the Biden Family to be spread, it finally got through to them. The other side is serious about making us into serfs. And we have got to wake up and get woke that its not whether we get into the fight of our lives, but only whether or not we will fight back.

Joe Biden's 'climate change' cult worship puts America's energy future at risk
Cal Thomas, Washington Times
Current technology does not support battery life sufficient to drive long distances. Americans should not be forced by a Biden-led government to accept such a radical lifestyle change that would have serious economic, political and worldwide implications. Risking our future on unproven claims and predictions based on wishful thinking has a bad track record. If Mr. Biden is elected and follows through on his promises, it would wreak havoc on an American economy that was booming before the virus struck and is on the verge of a major recovery.

Trumpism: Then, Now—and in the Future?
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Whatever Donald Trump’s fate, the NeverTrump faction will not succeed in rebuilding a new-old Republican Party under the Bush-McCain-Romney paradigm. Like it or not, Trump hit on a great truth that no leader can write off his country’s vast industrial interior, destroy his nation’s borders, willingly cede global leadership to a Communist dictatorship, manipulate intelligence agencies to destroy political opponents, prefer to manage decline rather than to seek renewal, and meanwhile, as he did all that, call himself moral and presidential.

There Is Still Hope in the Heartland
Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator
There are indications Trump has actually gained strength in Florida, wooing a greater share of the Latino vote since he carried the Sunshine State with a 110,000-vote margin four years ago. If Trump wins Florida, Biden’s path to the White House becomes a long shot, no matter what the national polls say. History tells us that Biden probably can’t be elected president without winning Ohio, and I don’t need to consult any polls on that subject. Some Republicans are already convinced Trump will lose, but there is still hope in the heartland.

The big Trump rallies you don't see
Byron York, Washington Examiner
Political strategists often refer to the ground game, the work that campaigns do to knock on doors and make personal contact with voters. Certainly the Trump campaign is doing a lot of that. But if the president wins PA, and that would mean he'd have a good chance at winning a second term, he might well owe his victory to his grassroots supporters' work on the road. Jumping in their cars and trucks and inviting others to come along has heightened the enthusiasm in oil and gas country. Look for them to keep driving all the way to Election Day.

Biden Is Wall Street’s Candidate
John Fund, National Review
Democrat Joe Biden is trying to reassure middle-class voters that he will “cut their taxes” and that his multi-trillion-dollar tax hike will hit only those with an income over $400,000 a year. But a new study reveals that the Biden-Harris plan is so top-heavy with spending that it would cost $30 trillion over the next decade. The major costs are the Biden health-care plan, which would dramatically expand government coverage. His green-energy plan has a price tag of some $2 trillion. You can’t pay for it just by taxing people you call rich.

I’m Ready to Be Reeducated, Mr. Reich
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Reich ought to reeducate (or educate) himself before he reeducates us. It’s more than a little ironic, in this era of the nauseating Hunter Biden videos, Antifa, and anti semitic violence by anti-Trump protestors on the streets of NY, when Biden is putting a “lid” on political discourse for the last nine days of a campaign, avoiding any possible embarrassing questions, that the left is telling the right how to behave. But don’t worry, Robert. If Trump wins, we’ll leave you alone. No reeducation camps or reconciliation of any sort required.

Why I voted for Trump in 2016 and will vote for him again
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
There are two main reasons why I’m sticking with Trump. One is because of what he has done, and the other is because of what his opponents have done to sabotage and overthrow him. First, the primary yardstick of a president is whether he produces peace and prosperity. Trump’s most admirable trait is that he has kept his key promises. That is remarkable only because voters have too long tolerated politicians who sell one thing and deliver another. For all his flaws, the president has largely delivered what he promised. Vote for America.

Slow Joe’s Oil and Gas Code Red
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
This isn’t just about Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. In the last 10 years perhaps no state in America has seen a bigger economic growth engine come out of the ground than New Mexico, as the Permian Basin play has turned the southeastern part of that state, along with the far western part of Texas, into a Saudi Arabia of domestic oil. If every oil company doing business in swing states isn’t on the air by the weekend outing Biden for declaring war on them and the jobs they produce, hundreds of thousands of them, then something is very wrong.

America: A Land of Ceaseless Conflict
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
The splintering of both parties has been made broader and deeper by the events of 2020. First, the battle over how to fight the coronavirus has created a new divide. These new divides in our society, manifest in 2020, are piled upon old divisions dating back decades. Now, not only are we fractured over ideology, religion, race, culture and morality, but also our country's history has become a cause of irreconcilable conflict. Unity disappeared in 2020 America. The future for this land of ceaseless collision and conflict seems not so bright.

Buoyed by the debate, some Republicans are bullish on Trump
W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner
Despite months of daunting poll numbers, many Republicans remain hopeful that the final presidential debate was only the beginning of a strong closing push by President Trump that will defy expectations and return him to the White House. It’s the flip side to Democrats who are nervous that the polls don’t tell the whole story of this election after Trump’s surprise victory in 2016: Republicans who look at big crowds and their own gut instincts are unconvinced that the president is really trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 7.9 points.

This is the President Trump we should have seen weeks ago
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
The appearance was a surprise because this Trump was a completely different person than the rude, snarling president who turned the first debate into a mess and jeopardized his re-election chances. This one learned from those mistakes and was consistently disciplined throughout the 95 minutes. Yet because most polls show him trailing Joe Biden, Trump was also eager to open another contrast, so he frequently brought up the email evidence that the former VP was directly implicated in son Hunter’s shady business dealings around the globe.

Trump Won the Debate—But Won Bigly the Post-Debate
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
President Donald Trump, after four years in the White House, nonetheless successfully returned to his role as the outsider cleanser of Biden’s Augean insider stables. His theme was can-do Americanism, Biden’s was timidity and caution and worries that there is little hope anywhere to be found, an attitude consistent with his own hibernation. The final question is to what degree Biden’s suicidal talk of ending fossil fuels and denial of the Hunter Biden evidence that cannot be denied implode his campaign early next week or not until Election Day.

What Do These Never Trump Losers Think Is Going to Happen to Them?
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Whoever wins on Election Day, the Never Trumpers lose. They will not be a part of a ruling Republican or Dem administration, nor will they be part of the future direction of either the Republican or Democrat parties. Everyone hates them. Conservatives hate them. Liberals hate them. And at some level, they quite rightly hate themselves, Want to really tick off these Toobinesque mediocrities? Support great actual conservative candidates who can claw back purple seats, like James Bognet in PA and Michelle Steele in CA. They can win if you help!

Swampy Joe’s Big Lies
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
The media is working overtime to isolate Hunter as the one bad apple in the Biden family. But the truth is that he picked up his grifting habits from his uncles, aunt, and pop. He also learned to lie from his father. They are still lying, except now the issue is influence-peddling. This, of course, hasn’t stopped Biden from whining about the problem of “money in politics” or moralizing about the danger Trump poses to America’s children. Swampy Joe continues to rattle on about the “soul of America” while losing his own in a stream of lies.

Will Changes to American Life Become Permanent?
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
The cultural currents are often contradictory. They defy easy analysis and seem contradictory. But there is one historical constant. When institutions and politicians cannot accommodate radically changed circumstances, people will no longer value institutions and politicians. In their place, citizens will seek to ensure their own livelihoods, leisure and safety in ways that are more reliable and affordable — with their circumstances in their own hands rather than in those of distant others. And their adjustments won’t always be calm or polite.

Hunter biz partner confirms email, details Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Because his role in the China deal has been credibly confirmed, it’s beyond dispute that Joe didn’t just know what was going on. At least in this case, Joe was a player and had his hand out. Bobulinski, a former wrestler at Penn State University who spent four years in the Navy, insists he has voluminous evidence to back up his explosive charges, reportedly including documents, emails, messages and other proof. He blasts much of the media and Big Tech for shielding Biden from questions after The Post published the China email and one on Ukraine.

Facing Iran in 2021
Clare M. Lopez, Real Clear World
A return to the July 2015 terms of the JCPOA (Obama Iran Deal) is neither advisable nor even feasible at this point. Instead, the U.S. should lay out firm conditions that build on the speech that Secretary of State Pompeo delivered in May 2018. Pompeo demanded that Iran improve human rights for its own populace. We must keep the pressure on, diplomatically, financially, and militarily, so that either the mullahs’ regime drinks from the poison chalice—or it collapses and the Iranian people at last achieve freedom from their murderous oppressors.

Meet the Bidens, the one family who made a fortune in the Obama economy
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Unlike the biased media, President Trump doesn't do mute buttons. He should practice mouthing the words clearly: “Mr. Biden, just how much money did you and your family rake in during the eight years of the Obama administration?” Mr. Biden will never answer of course. But that just means Mr. Trump can spend the rest of the campaign asking voters of every persuasion: “How much money did you and your family make under Obama? Joe Biden refuses to say, which probably means he is one of the few people who actually made a fortune in the Obama economy.”

After Seeing Biden’s Tax Plan, Rapper 50 Cent Hops On The Trump Train
Evita Duffy, The Federalist
It appears that, despite previous reservations, Fif has decided to vote with his wallet in the 2020 election. Fif isn’t the only one. Another rapper/actor, “Ice Cube,” also received backlash for joining with Trump to create a “Platinum Plan” for black Americans that includes creating neighborhoods with high policing standards and replacing failing schools with full school choice. Black influencers like these who make the taboo decision to align themselves with Trump are experiencing the social abuse that many black conservatives face everyday.

Will Black and Hispanic Voters Reelect Trump?
David Catron, The American Spectator
Harm from liberals' patronizing nonsense is obviously lost on the Biden campaign and the Democratic Party leadership. But the support is real, and it is concentrated in key battleground states without which Biden can’t win. There is virtually no possibility that the Biden campaign can turn these Black and Hispanic voters around before Election Day. Consequently, he will fall far short of Hillary Clinton’s dismal showing among these voters, and likely suffer the same electoral fate. This would constitute a delicious example of poetic justice.

Hunter Biden Was Trying to Tell Us Something
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
It’s a sad state of affairs, sad for La Famiglia Biden and sad for the USA, but forgetting the laptop wasn’t entirely a drug-induced accident. It was more, as we say, accidentally on purpose. It was a cry for help. But it took well over a year for Hunter’s cries of help to be heard. We're two weeks from an election with more information coming out almost daily. My assumption is that this scandal ends up revealing an astonishing web of corruption, especially regarding China where, when you do business, you are ultimately doing business with the CCP.

Media, Big Tech let Bidens sin and grin while vilifying The Post
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
The usual suspects — the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post — are shooting the messenger instead of doing their own reporting. If they were even modestly curious, they would learn that Joe Biden was helping his family get rich for years and even participated in setting up plans to partner with a Chinese firm in acquiring American infrastructure projects. That was the deal where Hunter, in emails and reportedly in other communications, referred to his father as “the big guy” and “the chairman.” Doesn't the media depend on public trust?

Why Is James Mattis Leading Military Critics of President Trump?
Elaine Donnelly, CNS News
Many of the retired flag and general officers and national security officials who have smeared Trump or endorsed Biden instigated or implemented the Obama/Biden administration’s left-wing social agenda for the military. The retired military campaign to defeat Trump is setting a bad example for active duty personnel who are duty-bound to follow legal orders. This includes members of the National Guard. Perhaps Secretary Mattis and other military critics should concern themselves with America’s ability to fight and win real wars, not political wars.

A Few Cracks in the Progressive Wall
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Joe Biden, the DNC, the media, Silicon Valley, the identity-politics industry, and the FBI were all shown to be not so much partisan and corrupt as, far more important, inept and ridiculous. The corrupt can tolerate charges that they are dishonest, because such an accusation implies a tacit compliment. When they become so brazen that they are exposed as silly and absurd, they begin to fear. The Left doesn’t mind being portrayed as Machiavellian or a little Rasputin-like. But they can’t tolerate being revealed as the buffoons they so often are.

Scully and Toobin scandals reveal a legacy media mired in ethics issues
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
Mr. Scully and Mr. Toobin have been viewed as respected, trustworthy journalists over time. Mr. Scully was defended as a fair, reasonable journalist who operates on dignity and has a character we can all trust. Instead, he is someone who appears to have presented one persona to the public while working covertly with one of the worst anti-Trump operatives available. Mr. Toobin is a natural part of the CNN brigade hammering home almost every day how morally awful the president is. It’s past time Mr. Scully and Mr. Toobin started looking in the mirror.

This election is the ballgame for ordered liberty
Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker
This election is about preserving the American tradition of the rule of law over not just society, but over government itself. On our side are those who agree with Calvin Coolidge’s 1926 Inspiration of the Declaration of Independence where he said, “If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions.” This election is the ballgame, folks.

Conservatism Now Means Defeating the Establishment
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
The Establishment succeeds in spite of its manifest incompetence and greed because of inertia. It perpetuates because we go along with it as if everything is normal. It counts on us thinking what we are witnessing are merely the occasional blips and problems inherent in any human endeavor instead of the systemic failure that it demonstrates. This rot is real and dramatic and, untreated, will be fatal to our country. Conservatism is no longer about conserving; it’s about ripping apart the corrupt system and overthrowing the garbage Establishment.

In Championing the Goodness of America, Trump Defines the Choice in This Election
Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times
This race is not a typical contest between conservatives and liberals. It is an existential battle between those who affirm the rudiments of the American dispensation—a dispensation that emphasizes individual liberty, limited government, and the separation of powers—and those who hate that dispensation and want to destroy it. The question is whether the president is also right that “the American people will never submit, we will never apologize, and we will not be controlled, and never be broken.” That, in the end, is what this election is about.

Trump still running as outsider
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
The surest takeaway from the past four years in politics is that whatever crimes people accuse President Trump of committing are, in fact, being committed by the accusers themselves. In this modern media age, information almost always finds the light. Any operation this sprawling and brazenly corrupt will stop at nothing to defeat an outsider vowing to clean house. This is not to say that Mr. Biden cannot win this election. He certainly can. Mr. Trump may be the actual incumbent in this race. But with an opponent like Mr. Biden, anybody is an outsider.

Can America Do It All?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Allies are our strength, we are told. They are also our dependents. Our resources are not inexhaustible. Already, United States GDP is receding as a share of global GDP, and the defense budget is receding as a share of U.S. GDP. We are being obligated to do more and more, at home and abroad, while our share of the world's wealth is less and less. can we overcome the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of 100 years ago, and deal with a national divide and racial crisis as bad as any since the 1960s, if not the Civil War? We're going to find out.

If Joe Biden lies and the media ignore it, does he make a sound?
Salena Zito, Washington Examiner
No matter who wins the election, the press will continue to not understand people who live and work and pray. They’ll parachute in every four years and spin yarns about their trip to a local diner, talk in hushed tones about how many guns these people own and the faith they practice, and once again never fully understand who they are and what matters to them. It is a problem with the national news because they don’t know anyone like Shawn Steffee or know anyone who's lived in a place like Homer City or been hunting with their fathers, sons, or daughters. 

The Unapologetic Bias of the American Left
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
We can sense not so much a brave new defiance, but a more calculated insolence that the Left is at last soon going to dominate and alter politics as they have the major American cultural and social institutions. They see their efforts bending in a preordained historical arc that ends with ultimate progressive justice—and retributions. And in that context there is no longer any need to play by the rules of fairness, or even to say that such rules need to exist or indeed ever existed. We will see whether they are justifiably arrogant or suicidal.

Biden’s Big Media Malarkey Machine
Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator
If the media were really so confident in “Landslide Joe,” wouldn’t they have confidence in his ability to withstand the damage from the Hunter Biden scandal? Maybe the Joe Biden campaign is working from some kind of genius four-dimensional chess strategy that we simple-minded “deplorables” can’t understand. Maybe the polls are accurate, but on the other hand, maybe they’re just a load of malarkey. Either way, the only way Biden can win this race is with the assistance of the media trying to drag his aging carcass across the finish line.

The Pollster Who Thinks Trump Is Ahead
Rich Lowry, National Review
The polling aggregator on the RCP website shows the margin in polls led by Joe Biden in a blue font and the ones led by Donald Trump in red. For a while, the battleground states have tended to be uniformly blue, except for polls conducted by the Trafalgar Group. If you are familiar with Trafalgar’s successes in 2016, when (unlike other pollsters) it had Trump leading in Michigan and Pennsylvania and, in 2018, Ron DeSantis winning his gubernatorial race, it is notable. It’s worth knowing why one pollster is departing from nearly everyone else.

Fire Chris Wray If He Doesn’t Turn Over Biden Laptop Info Immediately
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
It is imperative we know more about this before electing Joe Biden. Is it the usual cheesy corruption or is it something more? The Chinese undoubtedly know a lot about the former Vice-President’s activities that we don’t, but what? If the “big guy” of the emails is Joe—and for the moment that seems more than likely—just how far would this “big guy” go for his own ends? And does he have the mental capacity at this point even to understand the implications of his actions? You can bet Wray won't deliver the information. That is why he must go.

For conservative voters, down-ballot races mean everything
Editors, Washington Examiner
Redistricting plays a real role in shaping state and national politics for good or for ill. And control of redistricting is at stake once again in the 2020 election. If an increasingly radicalized Democratic Party makes significant gains, the ramifications will be much greater than they were in 2018. A Democrat-dominated redistricting process could make it very hard to undo some genuinely awful and destructive policies for many years to come, at both the federal and state levels. Conservatives voting in this election must keep their eye on this ball.

Biden's Historic 'Luck' With a Pusillanimous Press
Tim Graham, CNS News
Democrat nominee Joe Biden is blessed with loads of "luck" due to a press corps that has energetically avoided all its own sloganeering about holding public officials accountable. The media are laser-focused on one objective: sending Trump back to private life. As Axios admitted, "The media's obsession with Trump — and Trump's compulsion to dominate the news — allowed Biden to purposely and persistently minimize public appearances and tough questions." There's a word for a presidential aspirant who persistently minimizes tough questions: coward.

Shy Trump Voters, Pollsters, and the Appeal to Ignorance
David Catron, The American Spectator
If there is no “silent majority,” why aren’t the Democrats ahead in the phase of the election upon which they have placed so much emphasis? They are enjoying expected mail-in leads in other battleground states, like North Carolina, but they always do. In 2016, Clinton had a seven-point lead in North Carolina on October 25, but Trump won the state by more than 3 percent on Election Day. In Florida and Pennsylvania, it was closer but the story was much the same. In the end, the pollsters are clueless and the “experts” are wrong on shy voters.

Can Trump Pull a Second Rabbit Out of the Hat?
Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators
What's at stake this year? Without the abolition of the filibuster, a GOP Senate minority could block this agenda that is designed to create a new American nation unlike the one we have known. No, this is not the French Revolution. But nor is it the country that evolved over two centuries out of the American Revolution. The antifa and BLM radicals remind us of this as they go about smashing icons and statues of the men who brought the Christian faith and Western civilization to these shores and founded the republic that may now be fading away.

Hey, Joe Biden, what did you know about Hunter’s crook emails?
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
What Joe Biden must do now is start telling the truth. The whole truth. Joe knew a lot and the public deserves the truth about what he did to help his son monetize the vice presidency. Still, my sense of where this story is going in the next few days is that the Ukraine angle will not be the main focus. China will be. If the emerging pieces of the puzzle fit together as has been suggested, Americans will learn that the entire family was making money off Joe Biden’s prominence, including Joe himself, by making deals with elements of the Chinese government.

Twitter’s New Rules Worse Than Their Old Rules
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
This is actually more sinister than their previous approach—censorship. At least that was obvious. This is, in essence, thought control. You, the great unwashed, are not capable of analyzing for yourself. You need guidance—the same guidance they provided when publishing ad infinitum obvious disinformation about non-existent Trump-Russia collusion or propaganda from Javad Zarif, foreign minister of a country whose citizens are not allowed access to the internet but just happens to have 1.5 million Twitter followers. What is to be done?

A tale of two Bidens
Editors, Washington Examiner
The Left is much better organized now than it was when Barack Obama was elected, and it is a stronger part of the Democrats' coalition than ever before. Younger progressives are a larger part of the party. And Democrats have become radicalized by the disappointments of the Obama era and their outrage over the Trump presidency. In other words, Joe Biden is going to be under heavy pressure to deliver for the Left. That’s going to make it a lot more difficult for him to deliver on his promise of governing for all Americans, regardless of party.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Religiosity
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
Chasing Christians into the underground went out in the 4th century, but they've revived it. This isn’t just about Roe v. Wade. That subject arrives like the rain with every GOP nominee. What is reflected here is the profound incomprehensibility of Amy Coney Barrett to the caretakers of modern culture. There is something about her that is threateningly traditional— the big family, the unapologetic Midwestern wholesomeness, a faith that extends beyond going to church on Sunday to living her religious beliefs each day through People of Praise.

The Anti-Constitution of Joe Biden
George Neumayr, The American Spectator
Biden was the father of Borking. He turned hearings into tests not of the nominee’s legal credentials but of the nominee’s perceived political views. This week is simply a reprisal of Biden’s browbeating of Bork for not adjusting his jurisprudence to the “tradition of progress.” A Biden presidency would revive the raw activism of the Obama years and reduce the judiciary to a political appendage of the legislative and executive branches, a prescription for left-wing tyranny. This is the final installment of Obama’s “fundamental transformation.”

Democrats make fools of themselves at Barrett confirmation hearing
Tammy Bruce Washington Times
Democrats still can’t resist making fools of themselves. The good news on display during these hearings is America is still producing people like Amy Coney Barrett. The attacks on Justice Kavanaugh were meant to derail his nomination but a corollary agenda was to also frighten other good Americans from being willing to participate in our government. It’s people like Judge Barrett they were hoping to scare away. Thankfully, her love for this country and our Constitution eclipses any fear the jerks and bullies in the Senate had hoped to instill.

Trump's Momentum Is Back
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
The COVID hospitalization coverage hurt Trump, and that was the low point. 2016's low point came at about the same time – Access Hollywood. But Trump roared back then and he is roaring back now. Sure, there are a few Eeyores among the conservatives who will tell you that Trump is doomed, but most people in the biz don’t buy that. They know that the basics are all in Trump’s favor. Incumbents tend to win. The economy is improving. We are not in any stupid new wars. We’re confirming ACB. This is going to be a tough race. Vote, and get others to vote.

Big Tech is in the tank for Biden, Democrats
Miranda Devine, New York Post
Big Tech only suppresses information that reflects badly on the Biden campaign. Make no mistake: This is election interference by unaccountable global tech oligarchs to restrict information that might damage the Democratic Party. It is coordinated censorship by two of the largest multinational companies in the world. Their monopoly power should be broken up, once and for all. In addition, the fact that Biden’s son is embroiled in multimillion-dollar financial deals with Chinese state-owned enterprises suggests something more sinister may be afoot.

Destroying the Institutions We Inherited
Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
In this century, hallmark American and international institutions have lost much of their prestige and respect. Politics and biases explain the lack of public confidence in organizations and institutions such as the World Health Organization, the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pulitzer Prizes and the Academy Awards. The overseers entrusted with preserving these institutions all caved to short-term political pressures. Anywhere ideology trumps science, public service, history, art and entertainment, ruin surely follows.

Amazon Suppresses Terrific New Shelby Steele Documentary on Race
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
“What Killed Michael Brown?” has been rejected for its “content” (really censored or banned) by Amazon. The film is a mystery, not only in its title but in its structure. And like any good mystery, it has a McGuffin, a tell-tale device or event that motivates everything. In this case it’s an event and I don’t think I am betraying Shelby and Eli by revealing it, because I doubt it will destroy the film for viewers. It’s the Sixties. The ideology that dominated then and still does is what made poor Michael Brown into the lost human being he was. 

Democrats court the 'Moron Vote'
R. Emmett Tyrell Jr., Washington Times
In the last couple of months, Trump has opened up the economy anew and full employment is returning. People are working again. Biden is promising to close the economy down again. That is why the president’s urging to not be afraid of COVID-19 and not let it dominate our lives is sound advice. My guess is that even the Moron Vote understands this, notwithstanding what they have learned while at the university. It is better to have a job than whatever the Democrats can offer. Democrats have good reason to be anxious about the Moron Vote this year.

COVID Crimes Against Humanity
Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Now that we know lockdowns have prompted an international tragedy comparable only to miseries suffered in times of war, and that almost none of it was warranted, who pays? Will the unrepentant taskmasters of “social distancing” be forced to defend this disastrous Stone Age-era approach to a world in despair?The “science!” and the experts we heeded in a moment of crisis turned out to be dead wrong; the world will suffer the aftermath for years to come. And their legions of victims deserve answers and accountability or, at the very least, an apology.

What do Democrats have in store for Amy Coney Barrett?
Byron York, Washington Examiner
Democrats have so far sought to make the confirmation about the Affordable Care Act, which supports the idea that Democrats, given all of Barrett's strengths, have decided to make the hearings about the presidential race rather than the nominee herself. It wouldn't take a very long delay to make confirmation before the election impossible. And allegations don't have to be true, they don't have to be plausible, and they don't have to be supported by even a scrap of evidence to disrupt a confirmation's scheduling. What will the next few weeks bring?

Democrats can’t ‘Kavanaugh’ unflappable Justice-to-be Amy Coney Barrett
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Another Kavanaugh-like character-assassination attempt would have been risky business so close to the election, so it was politics, not decency, that stayed their bloody hands. Make no mistake, though, if they could have, the Dems would have trashed Barrett as too religious and too conservative and done everything they could short of setting the building on fire to stop her from joining the high court before the election. We live in a time of upheaval, but America is beyond lucky that such extraordinary people still answer the call to public service.

The Slippery Slope From Racial Self-Identification to Deception
Walter E. Williams, CNS News
Some years ago, I declared myself a springbok trapped in a human body. A springbok is a highly agile, cute, deer-like animal that resides in Africa. One might ask, "Williams, why in the world would you want to call yourself a springbok?" The reason is quite simple. There is nothing in the IRS code that says springboks have a federal tax obligation. If IRS officials were to demand that a springbok pay taxes, they could be referred to the U.S. Department of Justice for prosecution and reported to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Columbus and Biden
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
Biden has always offered the safe, stupid, establishment position. Which is why he simply could not be more unlike Columbus in the context of history. What does Biden represent? Columbus navigated the at-the-time-unknown Atlantic. Biden won’t address a crowd of more than 10 people. To mark Columbus Day and then to look at Joe Biden, the most craven, risk-averse, frail political figure in modern American history, is to note opposites so polar as those bloody Aztecs and the nameless Spanish courtiers whose advice would have precluded the Age of Discovery.

Why Is the Media Madness Intensifying?
Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator
It is a profound mystery (the media's behavior), although we can understand why people who have spent too much time inside the media echo chamber would behave irrationally. Immersing yourself in politics 24/7 — your emotions whiplashed by every poll, every press conference, every headline, every tweet — is not conducive to good mental health. The only way to stay sane is to ignore it. Turn off the cable news, find a good book to read, and hope for the best. Or as I have advised my Republican friends worried about the polls: Keep calm and vote Trump. 

The Fragments of a Civilization
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
We are in revolutionary times, even as we snooze about a recent systematic effort, hidden with great effort by our own government, to destroy a prior presidential campaign and transition, and now a presidency. We are asked to vote for a candidate who will not reveal his position on any major issue, because he feels it would enlighten the undeserving electorate and thereby cost him the election. So we continue to sleepwalk toward a revolution whose architects warped our institutions in 2016–2020, and they now plan to alter many of them beyond recognition in 2021.

We’re better off under Trump than before, so where’s the momentum?
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
It’s hard to see how Trump can energize his base more than he already has. If so, victory will come only if he can do what Reagan did and get the spotlight off himself and shine it on what a Democrat triumph would mean to voters’ lives and livelihoods. The gaps in the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris policy agenda should make it possible for the president to draw compelling contrasts between his policies, which produced that broad satisfaction Gallup found, and the foggy, far-left nostrums Biden and Harris are selling, many of which are widely unpopular.

Flying the Flag Is a Secret Trump Handshake
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
There’s no big patriotic holiday right now, unless people are getting into the Columbus Day spirit, and doing that usually takes the form of conquering North America. Yet there are a ton of flags flying. Why? Because it’s a hidden signal, a secret handshake. If someone has a flag up, he’s down for Trump. Period. And no, I am not spilling the secret to liberals (they don't read this). Like gay men on the down-low in old timey Hollywood would let slip they were a “Friend of Dorothy,” there are a multitude of ways to show you are a Friend of Donald.

No, Joe, There Was No Economic Boom Under Obama
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
People can debate Trump’s handling of the virus and the mistakes that have been made. It now looks like under any scenario, we would have seen the same or worse results. The question is which plan gets the economy and employment back to normal as quickly as possible. Biden promises a $4 trillion tax hike on almost all U.S. businesses and investors. That’s roughly 5 percent of everything we produce that gets snatched away in higher taxes. If you believe this will get America back on the fast track, you probably believe Obama caused an economic boom.

Is War With China Becoming Inevitable?
Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News
Tensions are rising between the U.S. and China, as the list of ideological, political and economic clashes continues to lengthen. And there is a transparent new reality: China seems in no mood to back down. Which is the party here that is engaged in bluster and bluff and which seems deadly serious as it views its vital interests and territorial rights as challenged? When this election is over, this country has to think through what we are and are not willing to fight China for. Xi Jinping dismisses our concerns and appears willing to fight. Are we?

Most Americans Still Believe Trump Will Win
David Catron, The American Spectator
That the voters view themselves as better off than they were four years ago and see the President as the best custodian of the economy are both clearly crucial factors in their assumption that Trump will win. There are, however, more subtle forces at play. When a voter says he’ll vote for Joe Biden but his neighbors will probably pull the lever for Trump, he’s talking about something that no statistician can measure — the prevailing atmosphere in the community. This is why most voters expect Trump to win and why they are almost certainly right.

I Didn’t Vote For Trump In 2016, But I’d Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote For Him Now
David Sound, The Federalist
In 2016, I was convinced Trump was just another New York liberal. On election night, however, I was happy at least Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be president. As president, Trump has largely kept his promises and fought against relentless opposition. I don’t care about the tone of his tweets nor if his opponents think he’s rude. I’ve seen that he is a patriot who genuinely loves the United States of America and its people. I misjudged Trump in 2016, but I will do everything I can to see that he is re-elected in 2020 — and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Were COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns worse than doing nothing?
Michael McKenna, Washington Times
Let’s think about lockdowns from a purely medical perspective. Would the Food and Drug Administration approve a drug, would any doctor recommend a course of treatment when there has been no assessment of its efficacy? Of course not. Yet that is precisely what the lockdowns were. the destruction of economic, social, personal and familial lives may have accomplished little or actually been worse than doing nothing. There is no convincing evidence to the alternative at the moment, and, interestingly, none has been asked for by anyone in authority.

Trump Is Now One With Countless Essential Workers
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Only a lost generation could transform a president who is willing to take risks to his person to get back on the job, to run the country, and to try to restore a normal campaign in a horrific year into some unpatriotic monster. A patriot struggles to keep the world’s greatest nation fed, safe, and viable in a dangerous world that watches America hourly for signs of vulnerability, fear, and mass hysteria. This election had always been about class. That’s why Joe Biden is scrambling to Xerox the Trump agenda with the zealotry of a late convert.

Democrats’ Silence on Court Packing Could Cost Them Senate Control
John Fund, National Review
If Democrats end up electing Biden, they will have succeeded in turning the presidential race into a referendum on President Trump’s personality. But if they fail to win the Senate, it will be because of an issue they wisely avoided endorsing in their party platform: overturning a 151-year-tradition of having nine justices on the Supreme Court. By stubbornly remaining silent on something that wasn’t even part of their agenda a few months ago, they may convince voters they really are the radicals they are accused of being. It could cost them the Senate.

China and Iran Want You to Vote for Biden
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
How would Joe Biden behave toward the Chinese communist regime once in office? There’s a great deal more reason, actual evidence of deals, to believe the Chinese have “special leverage” with Biden than there ever was that the Russians had something on Trump. When Trump called the Iran deal, “the worst ever,” it was an understatement. When Trump pulled out, the situation in the Middle East slowly began to improve significantly, resulting in the first peace deals. Now the key Middle East players are holding their breaths over the U.S. election.

Biden’s Pseudoscientific Masquerade
David Catron, The American Spectator
Joe Biden’s strategy for dealing with COVID-19 has nothing to do with “following the science.” To the extent that he and his Democratic accomplices even understand the scientific implications of mask mandates, lockdowns, and in-person education, they aren’t really interested. Their calculations are purely political. The pseudoscientic facade, phony statistics, and general fear-mongering about COVID-19 are an elaborate Beltway farce. It’s about getting rid of Trump and putting his “deplorable” supporters in their place. Time to end the masquerade.

The Presidential Debate Commission Should Resign Now
Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times
Compared to the dossier, the Commission on Presidential Debates seems like small beer indeed, but its real capability to upend Trump may prove to be considerably stronger, especially now that they are using COVID-19 to dictate terms. The Commission is a pure Deep State phenomenon and must be terminated for the sake of democracy. If Trump wins, he should address it for the future. The Commission should be abolished. If not “Lincoln-Douglas” debates, something approximating them should be instituted instead that does not rely on third parties.

Nancy Pelosi's obsession
Byron York, Washington Examiner
It is never over, at least not as long as Trump is in the White House. It is a fact that Pelosi's move to provide for the removal of a president under the 25th Amendment comes after her long effort to remove the current president by impeachment. Perhaps that is just a coincidence. But as each day and week and month have gone by, Pelosi has shown the signs of being obsessed with removing Trump from office. If he is reelected, and she remains speaker, it would be surprising if she did not try again. And now, she is making preparations, just in case.

Something seriously amiss inside the Democrat victory party
Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Why, if (according to media polls) this election is such a done deal, are Democrats so desperate right now? All that matters now is that a vote for Democrat Joe Biden is not really a vote for Joe Biden, but simply a vote against Donald Trump. That is — literally — all they have to offer. Maybe all the polls are right this time. Maybe the president really is going to lose by 20 points. He and his supporters damned well better campaign in these last three weeks like they are losing. But if the polls are right, why are the Democrats so terrified?


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